Empties from June and July 2016

Here are my empties from June and July.  This month, I made some great progress!

(all links go to my reviews)

L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup (link goes to my review)

I bought this foundation after reading several positive reviews online. This product blended very well and made my skin look great.  However, it is extremely liquidy, so I recommend putting it into a pump.



Urban Decay Primer Potion (link goes to my review)

Wow, I used up a UDPP! I wish they still came in squeeze tubes like this one. Currently, I’m using the Milani eyeshadow primer, which is very affordable and works well for my oily eyelids.



Bibo Eyeful Eyebrow Pencil in Light Brown

Because most Japanese people naturally have dark hair, it is hard to find eyebrow products for lighter hair. I have been using this light brown eyebrow pencil for a long time.



Escada Turquoise Summer Eau de Toilette (link goes to my review)

This is a berry-scented eau de toilette, and a very interesting scent for early summer.



Chloe Eau de Parfum (link goes to my review)

This is a sweet, floral scent, which I enjoyed using in the spring.



MKB cleansing oil

I seem to be using one of these every 2 months. Although it is a store-brand product from Matsumoto Kiyoshi (a major drugstore in Japan), I like it better than other cleansing oils.



Curel Ultra Healing Intensive Lotion

This is a very rich moisturizing cream for the body.



Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel

This is my go-to facial SPF.  I like it because it does not make my skin greasy. However, this product has alcohol in it, so some people may not like using it on their face.



Biore UV Perfect Milk sunscreen (link goes to my review)

This used to be my go-to sunscreen for the body.  It is a little greasy, so I like it better in the cooler months.



Kose Sun Cut Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 Waterproof

I really did not like this sunscreen. Although it is called a gel, I felt it was very thick. It also left a white cast on my skin.


Hope you enjoyed seeing my empties!

xoxo, K

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Monthly Favorites #66: July, 2016

People are predicting that this will be the hottest summer on the record in Japan.  It was EXTREMELY hot in 2013 when I moved back to Japan from Indonesia – I am NOT looking forward to that again!

Here are my monthly favorites:


NARS Orgasm Blush

I picked up this cult favorite a few years ago.  There are a ton of dupes out there for this blush, but I feel that the NARS Orgasm blush is less powdery and stays on longer than the dupes.



Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

I’ve started rotating my eyeshadow palettes again, and I still think that this is my favorite out of all the Naked palettes.



Beauty Blender

I still love the Real Techniques sponge, but this month I have been going back to the original Beauty Blender.  One thing I don’t like so much is that the color of the sponge bleeds.



Milani Eyeshadow Primer

After using up my UDPP, I have gone back to the Milani eyeshadow primer.  It is creamier, but still does extremely well in keeping my eyeshadow in place.  It’s also very affordable!



What products have you been loving this month?

xoxo, K

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Monthly Favorites #62: February, 2016

February is usually the coldest month of the year in Japan, and there were a few days with extremely cold weather.  The humidity during this season tends to be very different depending on where you live as well.  If you live along the Sea of Japan, you’ll have almost non-stop snow during the winter. However, the humidity hits the Japan Alps, causing the area along the Pacific Ocean to be extremely dry.  My favorites this month are all related to how I kept my skin moisturized!


Urban Decay Primer Potion

While everyone loves UDPP, I prefer the Milani Eyeshadow Base.  I pulled out my UDPP again this past month because it is a little bit creamier, which works better during the dry months.



Daiso Silicone Mask

This is a face-shaped mask made of silicone, which is meant to go over your sheet masks, to keep them from evaporating as quickly. It even has ear holes to keep it in place. The mask itself is a little big for me, but since it is only $1, I am thinking of cutting off the excess to make it fit better to my face.

Daiso Silicone mask


Muji Jojoba oil

This has been my go-to moisturizer.  It is fairly light and does a good job at hydrating my skin.

muji jojoba oil


Zombies, Run app

This is my current favorite running app. It lives up to the hype!


What were your recent favorites?


xoxo, K

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Empties for January to March, 2015

Empties are a very interesting type of blog post for me to read.  What is it about people’s trash that is so exciting? Maybe it is because I want to see what people really use up and what people weren’t able to use up… as apposed to some favorites posts and videos that seem a little too commercial-y.

At the same time, I’m always amazed that people can use up so many products in only 1 month. I think I use up only a few skin or body products each month.  Don’t get me started on makeup – it takes FOREVER for me to use up a powder product!

Here is what I used up in January, February, and March.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place makeup

This was a gift from a friend, and I totally loved it! I also randomly found a pump which fit as well. Interestingly, I also found that the shade name is different in some parts of the world.  I have already repurchased this product!



Revlon Colorstay foundation for Combination/Oily skin in Sand Beige

This was my go-to foundation for a very long time. Although it looks thick and cakey if I apply it normally, it looks very natural when worn sheered out. The product shown here is the American version – the Japanese version comes with a pump, and costs more than twice the cost of the American one!



Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

This is the second bottle of this that I have used up.  This helps my makeup to last, although it is less effective in the summer when I sweat it all off. I still haven’t found anything like an antiperspirant for the face, so please let me know if such a product exists!



L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

This is one of the small tubes sold at Sephora. I like it better than the full sized tubes because it is easier to squeeze out product from these. This product smells pretty strongly of shea butter.



Bath and Body Works Shea Cashmere Hand Cream

This product has a very strong scent.While I liked how it kept my hands moisturized, I didn’t like how strong it smelled.



ROC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Filler

I usually pick up a retinol cream when I go to the US. This was just the level of moisture that I wanted in the winter.



Lush Hot Toddy shower gel
(link goes to my review)

This was a limited edition shower gel that I picked up for the holidays. It smelled like cinnamon and had biodegradable glitter!



Bath and Body Works Velvet Tuberose shower gel

I usually only buy travel sized shower gels because I get tired of the scent before I can finish it…and as expected, this took FOREVER to use up!!



The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Home Fragrance Oil
(link goes to my review)

This is a home fragrance that I picked up when I visited Hawaii last winter. The Ginger Sparkle scent is a line of products that comes out each Christmas at The Body Shop. I enjoy how the scent smells like the holidays without being a sweet scent.



Bath and Body Works Lanikai Coconut Candle

This is a 3-wick candle from Bath and Body Works. I typically stay away from 3-wick candles because I don’t burn them long enough for them to burn evenly. You can see that the soot accumulated on the container because of this.


Bath and Body Works Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut Candle
link goes to my review)

I bought this candle during my recent trip to the US, and I was surprised at how much I liked it! I usually stay clear of overly sweet candles, but this was spicy enough that I enjoyed burning it.




Hope you enjoyed seeing my empties!  Are there any products you used up recently that you would recommend I try?


xoxo, K

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Current Beauty Rotation: March, 2015

I tend to wear similar makeup almost everyday, unless there is a special occasion where I want to wear something different like a smokey eye. Some months, I make an effort to change out the products that I am using so that I try different products in my collections. Over time, what I use tends to change – whether it is because of the change in the seasons, because I used something up, or because I just wanted to use something different.

Here are the makeup products that I am using on a daily basis!


Rimmel Stay Matte Primer 
(link goes to my review)

I start off my makeup routine by wearing an SPF 50 gel.  On top of the SPF, I wear this primer. This product is different from most primers which claim to keep your skin matte in that it is not a silicone-based primer.



Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Combination / Oily Skin in Sand Beige and Rich Tan

My skin has not quite returned to its original shade after my trip to Hawaii. Normally I wear the shade Sand Beige, but I have been mixing in Rich Tan to get the correct shade. I like putting my foundation in these small containers (to put soy sauce in bento boxes).  I am still enjoying using the Real Techniques Expert Face brush to apply my foundation.



MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Many people say that this product is too thick for concealing under the eyes, but that is exactly what I use it for. This product has the level of concealing I want, and does not crease. I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to buff this concealer under my eyes.


On to eye makeup!


Urban Decay Primer Potion

I use just a dot of this on my eyelids, so this tube of UDPP has been lasting forever! I probably bought this a few years ago, and it is still about half full. It is still creamy as the day I bought it.



Eyeshadows that I’ve been using

This is the collection of eyeshadows that I have been using recently, a collection of MAC eyeshadows and pressed Barry M Dazzle Dusts.
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner

I like using brown pencil eyeliner on both my top and bottom lash line, and this is the one that I am currently working on.  I find that black is too cool toned for my eyes, and gives them a very harsh look.



L’Oreal Infallible Eye Crayon in Gold

I have been using this to line the inner 1/3 of my lower lash line. I also like to use this on my eyelids for a quick look when I am in a hurry.



Daiso eyelash primer

I have been using this eyelash primer for years.  It gives my lashes length and volume, and is super cheap.  I find that it does the same thing as mascara primers which cost $15 or more!



L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga mascara

I purchased this mascara last time I was in the US because I heard so much about it on Youtube. It gives me really great volume for sure! A review is coming up soon.


Bibo Eyeful Eyebrow Pencil in Light Brown and Amber Brown

Because the majority of Japanese people have naturally dark hair, it is less common to find lighter colored eyebrow pencils. The light brown pencil was the one I used when I colored my hair, but I still use it with the darker color to give dimension to my eyebrows.



And here are the final touches to my makeup!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

Wow, these blushes were HUGE online a while ago. I have been playing around with this palette recently. One thing I noticed was that these blushes look totally different on my skin versus in the pan!



 Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural in N9, Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee

The MUFE lipstick was the Sephora birthday gift from last year. I love the formula, which is moisturizing on my lips and still lasts for a while. The color is a little too red for my everyday look, so I enjoy layering the Revlon Lip Butter on top to mute the color a little.

Please let me know what products are in your everyday makeup look!

xoxo, K

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