Throwback: Favorites from February

I am getting tired of the cold weather.

I feel like I am constantly cold, and I’m always trying to find a way to warm myself up. I realize that I don’t dress warmly enough, mostly because many warm weather clothes make my skin itch.

And speaking of itching, my skin is driving me crazy. I have to SUPER DUPER moisturize, or else I unconsciously scratch myself to the point that I’m bleeding. The skin around my joints (the inner part of my elbows, my armpits, and knees) are the worst, but I also itch on my arms and lower legs as well. Hey, that’s almost everywhere!

Okay, let’s take a look back at my favorites from February 2016 and 2015, and hopefully I’ll feel a little better!


In February 2016, I liked:

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Yes, this is definitely a staple.  I’ve been using the Milani Eye Primer for a while, but maybe I’ll buy another UDPP next time I place an order to Sephora.


Daiso Silicone Mask

I don’t own this anymore, but I do recommend it if you need extra moisture from your face mask.


Muji Jojoba Oil

I never repurchased this.  Recently, I’ve been using plain baby oil on my skin, which is cheaper and more hydrating.

Zombies, Run app

After moving to Tokyo, I’ve been using this app to run almost every day! The storyline is great, and it makes running a lot more fun.  It’s free to use, and although I do pay for a premium subscription, I used the free version for over a year.


In February 2015, I liked:

L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow Crayon in Everlasting Gold

I didn’t repurchase this after I used it up. I think it’s a pretty good product, but I realized that I don’t really enjoy using chubby pencils on my eyes.


Nichido 7x Volume Curl mascara (link goes to my review)

This is a local product from the Philippines. If you have a chance to buy it, it’s worth it – and very cheap. I bought a bunch of drugstore products when I visited Manilla, and this was definitely the winner.


Airless pump for foundation

Definitely the best way to pump out foundation. And I can get this pump for 100 JPY at Daiso!

Hope you enjoyed this look back to my old favorites!

xoxo, K

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Monthly Favorites #76: November, 2017

I recently went to an all-you-can-eat barbecue place. I don’t usually go for these kinds of places – I tend to eat too much, and the food isn’t always the greatest. However, this place was pretty popular, and a girlfriend suggested we go.

The food was pretty good. I noticed that their salad bar was very good, which is probably a good way for them to cut costs!


On to my favorites!

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I’ve been rotating through all of my palettes recently, and I think the original Naked palette works the best for me!


MAC Blonde Mineralized Skin Finish

I usually like wearing bright blush, but recently I have been wearing the Blonde MSF.  It barely shows up on my skin, which seems to go well with darker eyeshadow looks.

Apparently, this collection was from 2008 – almost 10 years ago! I guess I probably shouldn’t be using a product from then, but it is a powder product…


Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume

I realize this is considered a summer perfume, but I really like it. I guess I’m already longing for warmer weather!


Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+

Another oldie. This works best on my skin in October. As it gets colder, I’ll have to start mixing it with a moisturizer.


What were your favorites this month?

xoxo, K

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Monthly Favorites #73: August, 2017

Ack, I’ve been away from blogging so much!  I realized my last post is from… March!!! Oh wow.


An update on my life? A lot has changed.

  • I got a new job
  • I moved to Tokyo

The move was a little unexpected, and my new apartment is about half the size of my old one.  I’ve had to downsize a lot!


Here is what I have been loving in August!

MAC Stereo Rose MSF

This is a much hyped product which was last released in 2010. I rediscovered it while I was moving and have made an effort to use it more! It is a VERY shimmery blush.


Shirt Cool by Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals

This is a spray that you apply to your clothes, and it keeps you cool for about 30 minutes.  This summer has been pretty cool, but it is still humid and I find lots of uses for this.


Urban Decay Naked Palette

Another old favorite which I rediscovered during my move. I have the original Naked palette, as well as the 2 and 3, and I think I like this the best.


What have you been loving this month?

xoxo, K

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Throwback: Favorites from March

It’s the time of the month to revisit some old favorites!   Here is a look back at my favorites from 2014 and 2015!

In March 2015, I liked:

Barry M Dazzle Dust in Rose Gold
(picture from my Instagram)

I used up this eyeshadow a while ago!  I haven’t bought a new Barry M Dazzle Dust in a few years, and I hope they are still as good as I remember!


L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga mascara (link goes to my review)

While I initially liked this mascara, it ended up smudging under my eyes.  I really like that L’Oreal mascaras click shut, so if I recommend them if you can find a formula that works for you.



Putting foundation into little squeeze tubes for traveling
(picture from my Instagram)

This is still the way I carry my foundation when I am traveling. I use bottles which are intended to put into bentos, which don’t leak and are 8 for $1!


In March 2014, I liked:

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Foundation (link goes to my review)

This was one of my favorite foundations for a very long time. However, Revlon foundations have gotten really expensive, and I can find better foundations at a department store.


Dejavu Lasting Fine R Pencil eyeliner (link goes to my review)

I haven’t repurchased this in a while, but it is a great long lasting pencil eyeliner.

Urban Decay Naked 3 palette

Between the Barry M pigment I liked in 2015, and the Naked 3 palette I liked in 2014, apparently I like rose gold in March!  I still own this palette and I use it regularly.

Wow, this month I am only using  2 of the 6 products I used to like!


xoxo, K

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Monthly Favorites #68: October, 2016

Wow, somehow I hadn’t blogged in a month!  I guess things were pretty hectic around here.


Here are my favorites for October 2016!


Nars Orgasm blush (link goes to my review)

The weather has cooled down a little, so I am back to using powder blush.  This is a great color for my skin tone.



Urban Decay Naked 3 palette

Although this isn’t my favorite Naked palette, I seem to be using this a lot this past month.



L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

I bought this when I was in the US.  It is SUPER matte, and I like to mix it with other foundations to make them last longer.



What were your favorites last month?


xoxo, K

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