Throwback Thursday: Favorites from July

This month, I am revisiting my favorites from July 2014 and 2015.  It seems I didn’t do a favorites in July 2013.  Apparently I have a habit of skipping favorites in the summer!


All links go to my past reviews!

In July 2015, I liked:

L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup

I recently finished this foundation! I bought this because everyone was talking about it.  It didn’t feel special, but it blended beautifully, looked good on my skin, and lasted quite well.  I would buy it again!

L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup


Ahhh, this was one of my favorites in the summer for quite a few years.  It is a local Indonesian brand which I recommend.  It is also very affordable!
Martha Tilaar Caring Colours Everlast BB Cream
I never repurchased this, but I did like how it made my eyelashes look.
Maybelline Volum' Express Pumped Up! Colossal mascara


Milani Eyeshadow primer

I recently started using this again, after I ran out of the UDPP.  This is very affordable and works well on my oily eyelids. I also love how simple the packaging is!



Noevir facial wash

I never repurchased this because it is VERY expensive.  Although this is a Japanese brand, this particular product is surprisingly unavailable in Japan.

Noevir Cleansing Crystals


Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder

I loved the product, but I hated the packaging.  The lid broke in several places before I used up the product.

Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder



In July 2014, I liked:

Gatsby Ice Wipes

This is one of my holy grail products in the summer. I reviewed this in 2010 and I still use it.  I use it in the summer when I feel sticky but don’t feel like taking yet another shower, and it makes my body feel cooler and fresher.  Definitely a must have!

Gatsby body paper


Shirt Cool

This is a menthol spray that is applied to clothing, and will keep  you cool for about 30 minutes.  It is another must have for the summer!  I usually go through a bottle each year.

shirt cool


Biore UV Perfect Milk Sunscreen

This is one of my favorite sunscreens for spring and early summer. It is affordable, so that I can use it liberally.



Milani Shadow Eyez eyeshadow pencils

This was my favorite cream shadow for such a long time!  I tried to find it again when I was in New York, but I wasn’t able to.

Milani Shadow Eyez


Hope you enjoyed a look at my past favorites!

xoxo, K

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Empties for September and October 2015

Wow, I used up a lot of products in the past few months. I usually go for months and months without doing empties posts, but I just did one 2 months ago!


Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation for Oily/Combination Skin

This was the first liquid foundation I bought (obviously not the same bottle!) and I keep going back to it. It is sold in Japan with a pump, but the price is more than twice the price in the US!



NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien (link goes to my review)

This was part of the birthday gift from Sephora. Although it was not a full sized product, it was enough to last for a long time! I wish all brands sold lipsticks in smaller amounts than they do today.



Jordana Color Tint Blush Stick in Blushed (link goes to my review)

I bought this in New York 1.5 years ago, and I can’t tell you how many times it has made it into my favorites since then. I loved this product so much! If you are interested in trying out a cream blush, this is the one I recommend, especially since the price is so affordable!



Martha Tilaar Caring Colours Everlast BB Cream (link goes to my review)

This is a local Indonesian product that I bought when I lived there. Although it didn’t have heavy coverage, somehow it managed to make my skin look better. I really enjoyed using this product in the summer.



Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel SPF 50 PA+++

During the summer, I go through tons of sunscreen!



Noevir Cleansing Crystals (link goes to my review)

This was a powdered facial cleanser that did a fairly good job of promoting cell turnover. However, this is quite a pricy product, and there are other facial cleansers that work well at a lower price.



Kose Softymo blotting sheets

Not my favorite blotting sheets but they got the job done. I’m glad I am through with these!



Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Energy Orange Ginger shower gel (link goes to my review)

This is probably my favorite scent from Bath and Body Works!



Gatsby Ice Deodorant Body Papers (link goes to my review)

These are a must have for me in the summer. I even kept one package at home, one package at work, and had a travel pack to carry around in my bag!



Rohto Z! eye drops

Who remembers when these were all the rage on the beauty community? These eye drops deliver MASSIVE menthol coolness, and are not for the light hearted!  Actually, Rohto has come out with an even stronger line recently!



Hope you enjoyed my empties!

xoxo, K

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Monthly Favorites #55: July, 2015

Although I mention this every year, June is not summer in Japan. From mid-June to mid-July is the rainy season, where temperatures drop to the late April range, it is humid, and it RAINS.  Unlike most of Southeast Asia where rainy season consists of a few hours of crazy rain, the rainy season in Japan means that it will be drizzling for days and days.  Yes, we do have downpours, but they are usually in early August.

My favorites this month reflect this “in between” temperature. While I want to transition into shorts and flip flops, sometimes it is still too cold!


On to my favorites!

L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup

I picked this up in February because I had read so many blog posts about how great of a foundation it is. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it blends well into the skin and looks very natural.

L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup


Martha Tilaar Caring Colours Everlast BB cream (link goes to my review)

I mentioned this product in a recent Throwback Thursday, where I revisit my previous favorites. I rediscovered how much I like this BB cream, and that I need to use it up very soon.



Maybelline Volum’ Express Pumped Up! Colossal mascara

This was a gift from a friend, and I very much like this mascara! It gives me good volume and does not leave black smudges under my eyes.

Maybelline Volum' Express Pumped Up! Colossal mascara


MAC Honey Lust eyeshadow (Center top eyeshadow, diagonally across from the pink eyeshadow that has hit pan)

This was one of the first MAC eyeshadows I ever purchased, but I had forgotten all about it. It gives a nice metallic finish to my eyes and the color is very flattering.



Milani eyeshadow primer (link goes to my review)

Every year around late May, my eyeshadow starts creasing even with primer underneath. I switched to this Milani eyeshadow primer this year, since I had noticed before that it was drier than UDPP. This really keeps eyeshadow from creasing on my oily eyelids, and I’ll be sure to pick up another tube next time I’m in the US.



Noevir facial wash (link goes to my review)

I hadn’t used powdered face cleansers in a while, and I’m loving how this one keeps my skin smooth.



Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder

I usually use the MAC Blot Powder in the summer to keep shine at bay. I bought this product to see if I could find a similar product at a drugstore price. I’m loving it so far!

Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder



What were your favorites this past month?

xoxo, K

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Review: Noevir Cleansing Crystals

This is a review of the Noevir Cleansing Crystals. Although Noevir is a Japanese brand, I received this as a gift from a non-Japanese friend. This product itself is not available in Japan!

Noevir Cleansing Crystals

What it does: (from the Noevir website)

Cleansing and masking has never been this easy or convenient. Noevir has formulated gentle cleansing crystals based on an enzyme exfoliation method, it’s very effective and gentle to the delicate facial tissue. The crystals are nonabrasive and contain various enzymes to digest protein and dissolve excess oil to leave skin looking radiant. A unique combination of squalane, herbal and botanical extracts replenish essential moisture to keep skin fresh and glowing. For all skin types. For those with excess sebum, dull complexion, uneven skin texture, blackheads, whiteheads, and clogged pores.


Price: $33





  • This is a powdered cleanser. With a facial net, it produces a good lather
  • With regular use, I felt that the skin on my face had a better cell turnover than before.
  • I usually suffer from acne in my chin area in the summer, but I had less acne than usual when I used this product.



  • It’s pricey for a product which is simply washed off of the skin


Would I repurchase? maybe.  While I liked the product, I felt that I could find something similar at the drugstore.


It was very surprising that I couldn’t find this product in the Noevir Japan line! I’m glad I had a chance to try it, and that it helped my skin to be clearer!


xoxo, K

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