Empties from August 2016

It’s pretty rare that I do an empties post two months in a row. It seems I’ve been using up a lot of the stuff in my stash!


MAC Blot Powder

Wow, I’m surprised that I don’t have a review of this product, especially considering how many times I have repurchased this! I’ll buy a new one next time I go to the US.



MAC Studio Fix Concealer

Amazing how I used it all up! This is a thick concealer, and I found that it works best when pressed into the skin using a Beauty Blender.



Shu Uemura Skin Primer Makeup Remover

I really, really hated this makeup remover. It stung my eyes, was greasy and did not rinse clean, and had a strong scent.



Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Eucalyptus Tea Shower Gel

This was a new Bath and Body Works scent that I tried.  It was a pleasant scent.



Bath and Body Works French Lavender and Honey Shower Gel (link goes to my review)

This is one of the Bath and Body Works products that I picked up in the US. If you like sweet, floral scents, this might be good for you.



Bath and Body Works A Thousand Wishes shower gel (link goes to my review)

This was significantly sweeter than what I usually purchase, but it was a good change.



Gatsby Ice Deodorant Body Paper (link goes to my review)

This is one of my go-to products for the summer. This is a travel sized packet that I bring with me on vacation.



Hugo perfume

This is a men’s perfume that I tried out. It was an interesting scent for me to wear.



Shirt Cool (link goes to my review)

Another go-to product for the summer. This is a menthol spray that is sprayed on the clothes.



L’Occitane Hand Cream (link goes to my review)

This is a famous hand cream, and I like using it more in the summer than the winter.



Hope you enjoyed seeing my empties!

xoxo, K

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Empties for July and August, 2015

Here are my empties from July and August. There is a TON of sunscreen since I apply it religiously, especially during the summer.


Lush Olive Branch Shower Gel (link goes to my review)

This was a gift from a co-worker. This product smells of bergamot, which is a citrusy scent without being sharp. It is a very unisex scent which I think appeals to many people.


Stella by Stella McCartney Eau de Parfum

This is my go to perfume, and has been for many years. It is a rose scent with amber notes, making it feminine without being old fashioned. I cannot find it in Japan, nor can I buy it at the airport duty free, so I need to wait until my next trip to the US to buy it. I heard that it has been reformulated recently – I need to get the travel spray so that I can find out before I buy my next bottle.


Sea Breeze Deo + Water deodorant (link goes to my review)

This has been my go to deodorant for many years. It is a very strong menthol spray, so I can also apply it to cool off. The orange bottle (the soap scent) is the one I normally buy, but I found this new line of blue bottles which are supposedly even more cooling.  I transfer this to a spray bottle before using it, because this bottle is extremely hard to use for such a liquidy product.



Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum (link goes to my review)

I liked the product itself, and I loved that it has a pump. However, I didn’t like how heavily scented it was, and also it is quite expensive for a drugstore product.



Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Hand Creme (link goes to my review)

This is a great hand cream for me all year around, except in the middle of summer. It is absorbed without leaving any residue, leaves my hands feeling very moisturized, and is affordable.



L’Occitane Honey hand cream

This was a travel-sized hand cream that I kept in my purse. While I liked the hand cream itself, the honey scent is quite strong. I don’t like applying such strongly scented products in public because it may offend people around me, so it took me a while to get through this product. I can’t find it any more on L’Occitane’s website, so I assume it has been discontinued.


Biore UV Perfect Milk Sunscreen SPF 50+ (link goes to my review)

This used to be my favorite sunscreen year round, and it is still my favorite for the cooler months. I’ve realized recently that I prefer gel formulas for the summer though, as even this milky product feels sticky. If you dislike alcohol in your skin care products, I still recommend this one.



Menturm The Sun UV gel SPF 50+

This has been my favorite sunscreen this summer, but unfortunately it is not easy to find. I usually stayed away from Menturm sunscreens because they were thick and left a white cast, but this one was pretty good!



Nivea Protect Water Gel Super SPF 50+

This was an OK product. Some gel sunscreens pill on me or flake off, but this one did not.

Nivea Sun Protect Plus Waterproof UV Milk SPF 50+

Between this product and the one above, I prefer the other one. It also has more product!




It’s still summer here in Japan, so I’ll be using up a few more sunscreens. SPF is important all year around!


xoxo, K

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Empties for January to March, 2015

Empties are a very interesting type of blog post for me to read.  What is it about people’s trash that is so exciting? Maybe it is because I want to see what people really use up and what people weren’t able to use up… as apposed to some favorites posts and videos that seem a little too commercial-y.

At the same time, I’m always amazed that people can use up so many products in only 1 month. I think I use up only a few skin or body products each month.  Don’t get me started on makeup – it takes FOREVER for me to use up a powder product!

Here is what I used up in January, February, and March.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place makeup

This was a gift from a friend, and I totally loved it! I also randomly found a pump which fit as well. Interestingly, I also found that the shade name is different in some parts of the world.  I have already repurchased this product!



Revlon Colorstay foundation for Combination/Oily skin in Sand Beige

This was my go-to foundation for a very long time. Although it looks thick and cakey if I apply it normally, it looks very natural when worn sheered out. The product shown here is the American version – the Japanese version comes with a pump, and costs more than twice the cost of the American one!



Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

This is the second bottle of this that I have used up.  This helps my makeup to last, although it is less effective in the summer when I sweat it all off. I still haven’t found anything like an antiperspirant for the face, so please let me know if such a product exists!



L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

This is one of the small tubes sold at Sephora. I like it better than the full sized tubes because it is easier to squeeze out product from these. This product smells pretty strongly of shea butter.



Bath and Body Works Shea Cashmere Hand Cream

This product has a very strong scent.While I liked how it kept my hands moisturized, I didn’t like how strong it smelled.



ROC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Filler

I usually pick up a retinol cream when I go to the US. This was just the level of moisture that I wanted in the winter.



Lush Hot Toddy shower gel
(link goes to my review)

This was a limited edition shower gel that I picked up for the holidays. It smelled like cinnamon and had biodegradable glitter!



Bath and Body Works Velvet Tuberose shower gel

I usually only buy travel sized shower gels because I get tired of the scent before I can finish it…and as expected, this took FOREVER to use up!!



The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Home Fragrance Oil
(link goes to my review)

This is a home fragrance that I picked up when I visited Hawaii last winter. The Ginger Sparkle scent is a line of products that comes out each Christmas at The Body Shop. I enjoy how the scent smells like the holidays without being a sweet scent.



Bath and Body Works Lanikai Coconut Candle

This is a 3-wick candle from Bath and Body Works. I typically stay away from 3-wick candles because I don’t burn them long enough for them to burn evenly. You can see that the soot accumulated on the container because of this.


Bath and Body Works Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut Candle
link goes to my review)

I bought this candle during my recent trip to the US, and I was surprised at how much I liked it! I usually stay clear of overly sweet candles, but this was spicy enough that I enjoyed burning it.




Hope you enjoyed seeing my empties!  Are there any products you used up recently that you would recommend I try?


xoxo, K

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Favorites of 2012

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2013 is a fantastic year for you!

Here are my favorite products of 2012. Can you believe it is the 3rd time I’ve done these yearly favorites?

As with each yearly favorites, I’ve tried to only include products which were new to me this year, or that I newly reviewed this year. Please check out my past favorites (2011, 2010, 2009) as I still love and recommend most of them!

Best new Skin care item

 I loved the bergamot scent!
This is a super convenient product – just apply it to your face and go to sleep.  Great for lazy people like me! I also loved that my skin quickly absorbed this and it did not leave a sticky residue.
 This is an incredibly moisturizing hand cream. I loved that it did not leave a strong scent on my hands. It is well worth the price!
Yes, I know – this is not a new product for me. In fact, this is my favorite make up remover! 

Best new makeup items

I’m probably the last person in the beauty blogger world to review these. HUGE thanks to my kind blogger friends who sent me these!
 I loved how this made my lashes look. I loved how this product lasted. I also loved how this clicks shut. L’Oreal has a few more mascaras in its Voluminous line, and I hope I have the chance to try them out soon!
 This is the ONLY nail polish I am buying from now on. I am a total klutz who can not keep nail polish from smudging, so this is totally the way to go! Plus, I love the different colors and designs available.
This is my favorite non-silicone face primer, and it does not have the orange undertone of the original Rimmel Fix and Perfect

Best tools

This is fantastic to quickly apply a thin layer of foundation. AND it’s only $10!!!

Favorite new tips/tricks

Having a regular schedule helped me to commit to blogging. I strongly recommend it to any busy blogger!

Most reviewed brand on Cosmeddicted in 2012

Lush (12 times)
Anyone surprised? I didn’t think so. 
This is the 3rd consecutive year that Lush was the most reviewed brand on this blog.
Out of 46 reviews that I did this year, Lush was by far the most reviewed brand. The second most reviewed brand, L’Oreal, had only 4 reviews.

Favorite new Lush item

I wasn’t planning to include any limited edition items, but I really liked the smell of this shower gel. It reminds me of oranges and spices.

Favorite blog post of 2011

There are quite a few reasons why I loved this vacation. 
1.  I grew up in New York and I love the city. I need to go back every few years
2. I bought a DSLR just before this trip and I had fun learning how to use it.
3. This vacation put a lot of things into perspective for me

Most viewed blog post

I was really surprised at how popular this blog post was. It quickly became my number 1 viewed post, and I get tons of views daily.

In some ways, I was more surprised at how many views I got for this product, since it had been released quite a while before I got it, and it is more widely available compared to Baby Foot.

Please leave a comment letting me know what you would like to see more of this year!

Thanks again for your love and support to this blog!

xoxo, K

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Project 10 Pan, Round 7 – Just in time for my move!

I’ve finished yet another Project 20 Pan! 

In case you are not familiar with the concept of Project 10 Pan, it is a project that challenges you to use up 10 products before buying anything new.  I have expanded this to cover 20 products.

If you think you don’t have the willpower to finish Project 10 Pan, please check out my tips on how to get through Project 10 Pan.

Project 20 Pan usually takes around 6 months for me. This round took around 4 months (Round 6 was posted in May).  This round was faster probably because all of the products are either skin care or bath stuff, which tends to be easier for me to finish up.  I’m also trying to use up half-used products before I move.

On to the products! (If I’ve reviewed the product before, you can click on the product name to go to the review)

The over-hyped MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
 The background is super pinkish.  Sorry I didn’t correct the color!

Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Black Amethyst
Most of the time, I only buy travel sized bottles from Bath and Body Works. They still last me nearly a month.

Dior Addict 2 Eau de Toilette
 This was my go-to fragrance for a long time, but it does not last well on my skin.

Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel
You can see the difference in quality between this and the previous picture.  From this picture on, I used my DSLR!

Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Lotion
This smells like caramel to me, which is not surprising considering it’s “warm vanilla”. This would probably have been a better scent to use in the autumn and winter.

Seabreeze Deo + Water
I’ve mentioned this in a favorites post last year, and only just realized that I don’t have a review on it!

Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque
 I finally finished this after reviewing it 2 years ago! I liked the results of the chemical exfoliation but the price was way too high.

This was a very sweet fruity scent, much more suited to summer than any other season. I’m glad I only bought the mini bottle since I could quickly use it up.

 This was the first My Scheming mask that I tried and I liked it. It provided just enough moisture for my summer skin.

I will admit I cheated a little on this product – I used it on my body as well. Just a reminder to myself never to buy such a big bottle of face moisturizer!

Loved the smell, disliked the texture/packaging/price!

This is probably my favorite shower gel from Lush so far.

Bath and Body Works Moonlight Magic Shower Gel
I didn’t do a review on this because it was a limited edition scent and had been discontinued by the time I got around to using it. It took forever to use up.

I loved the scent! I wonder if it will be rereleased this holiday season?

This is a great moisturizer. I wish I could have seen significant results from it.

 If this had also helped my makeup last longer, I would probably have enjoyed it a lot more.

To be honest, I bought this by mistake when I wanted to pick up the Brazen Honey mask which I love so much. I’ll have to pick up a Brazen Honey mask next time I’m in the US!!

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2
Clinique’s website suggests this for Dry to Combination skin, but I really don’t think anyone with any dry skin should use Lotion 2. It works well for my skin in the summer. In fact, I can tell when the seasons are changing because this stops working for me.
On a separate note, I realized recently that the Japanese version and the American version of this toner are dramatically different.

Pond’s Oil and Blemish Control Beauty Powder 
 I like the product, but I like silica powder better (and it’s cheaper)

 As I said in the review, I loved the product but hated the packaging. I can’t really squeeze out all the product from a metal tube!

I have done so many Project 10 Pan posts that I have a routine for the process!
(1) I take pictures of each product as I finish it, because I don’t like hoarding used products (=garbage)
(2) I edit each picture and keep it in a folder inside my blog posts folder. This way, I can keep track of how many products I have used up
(3) When I write the post, I keep my blog open on another tab so I can find the reviews quickly
(4) Sometimes I need to reread the review to remember what I thought of the product!

One thing I learned: Taking pictures of empty products is harder, because the container is light and unstable, and because the empty container easily reflects light.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I’m laying off on Project 10 Pan for a while so that I can enjoy new products while I’m in Japan!

xoxo, K

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