Project 10 Pan, Round 6

I’ve finished yet another Project 20 Pan!

In case you are not familiar with the concept of Project 10 Pan, it is a project that challenges you to use up 10 products before buying anything new.  I have expanded this to cover 20 products.

If you think you don’t have the willpower to finish Project 10 Pan, please check out my tips on how to get through Project 10 Pan.

On to the products! (If I’ve reviewed the product before, you can click on the product name to go to the review)

For a product that wasn’t very pigmented, this product took forever to use up!
Canmake Cover & Stretch concealer
This is my go-to concealer. It is cheap and covers well. I wish I could find something that lasts longer on my skin, though!
Clinique Clarifying Moisture Lotion
This is an Asia-only formula of the famous Clinique toner. Unlike the traditional formula, it does not smell like alcohol and does not sting my skin.
A great moisturizer & hand cream, but I realized I should stick with cheaper moisturizers!
 Kate Face Powder N
This face powder is really just mediocre. It sets my foundation, but does not make it last very long, and it is not very finely milled. Be careful when you buy it – the “glow” version is very shimmery!
I really liked the minty-sweet scent of this soap and I hope Lush brings it back for this year’s holiday season!
Bath & Body Works Travel Size Twilight Woods Body Lotion
As I’ve mentioned before, I really like the travel sized body lotions and shower gels. I can use them up in about a month, before I get tired of the scent.

The packaging is very cute, and I wouldn’t mind spending the money just to get this tin!  The product is pretty good as well. 

This was a great moisturizer, but the pump dispenses too little product.
It currently comes in a pot, which I think is unhygienic for a hand cream.
The Face Shop Wrinkle Stop Neck Cream
This is a great moisturizer, but the square design of the pot made it very hard to get product out.
This bottle dispenses a fine mist, which is great! I think the product itself is not quite worth the $20 price tag, though.
This soap is one of the most popular Lush soaps.  It is also one of my favorite Lush scents!

Bath & Body Works Travel Size Sweet Pea Shower Gel
This is a great scent if you like sweet florals.

Bath & Body Works Travel Size Sweet Pea Body Lotion

Clarisonic Nourishing Care Cleanser
Yet another mediocre Clarisonic cleanser – so mediocre that I really couldn’t think of what to write in a review!

This is a good primer if you like silicone based primers. The pot is inconvenient, though.

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Gold
 It is now so small that I can’t sharpen it in my pencil sharpener.
Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector
Not sure if this helped even out my skin tone, but it is a nice moisturizer.

  Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX
This was a great sleeping pack which provided plenty of moisture.  A review of this is coming up. 

Bath and Body Works travel size body lotion in Black Amethysts
To me, this lotion smelled berry-ish. I liked it a lot.

Now, on to playing with the stuff I got in New York!

xoxo, K

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Yet another Project 20 Pan

I seem to be doing a Project 10 Pan every 6 months. The reason is that I no longer buy cosmetics.  It sounds horrible to be saying that as a beauty blogger!

Many of you may know the reason why I do not buy many cosmetics anymore. I live in a part of the world where mail is very unreliable, so I no longer buy things on the internet. I could buy local cosmetics, but all of the good brands are either from Japan, Taiwan or Korea, and are heavily marked up.

I do buy a few things every time I am back in Japan, and some of my very kind friends send me a few things when I am on vacation.  It’s a little sad not to be able to try out all of the new products on the market, but it also gives me a chance to really think about what products I really want. For example, right now I’m really coveting the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. But since I can’t get it, I’ll wait until my next trip to the US. By then, I may have forgotten all about it!

I have a separate blog post where I shared some tips on how to complete Project 10 Pan. Please take a look if you are interested in Project 10 Pan but don’t know how to make it work!!

On to the products! (If I have reviewed the product before, you can click on the product name to go to the review)

As I mentioned in my review, I loved the scent of this product but I thought it was severely overpriced.
Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Twilight Woods
I have several bottles of this product, and so I’m still getting through my collection!

 Yet another bottle of Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Twilight Woods.
This is the travel sized bottle, while the bottle above was full sized. It still takes me over a month to go through the travel bottles!

As I mentioned in my review, I loved the lemongrass scent of this product. It is still strange to me that Lush considers lemongrass to be a winter scent.
This product was a limited edition product for the holidays.  It is currently being rereleased!

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Enchanted Orchid
I did not enjoy this scent as it was too floral for me.

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny
One of my favorite youtubers, emilynoel83, highly recommends this product. It is not highly pigmented, plus it is very cheap, so I recommend it if you are new to bronzers.
As I mentioned in my review, this is a great dupe for a silicone-based face primer such as Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, at 1/9 the price.
I have also reviewed this product before. This is my favorite non-silicone face primer. I heard that Rimmel has a new Fix & Perfect primer, so I’m looking forward to trying that out!

I loved the product, I loved the scent, but I did not love the price for something I could easily make at home!

I had an interesting time trying to use both sides of the soap evenly!
H2O+ Marine Daily Hydrator
This was an oil-free moisturizer that I received as a gift. It was a great light moisturizer, but I did not feel it was anything special.

This is currently my favorite foundation and was on my 2010 favorites list. This foundation is light on the skin, but has pretty good coverage.

This shower gel was very popular when it came out, since it supposedly smells similar to the Lush Honey I Washed The Kids soap.  It was originally limited edition, but has now been made permanent.

I reviewed this product quite recently. It is a great hand lotion, but I prefer not to scent my hands so strongly.

I received the largest size bottle (17 fluid ounces) as a gift, and it took nearly a year to use up! Of course, I didn’t use it continuously.  Still, it reminded me of why I always buy the smallest bottle.

I also reviewed this product recently. If you have not used one of Lush’s solid shampoos before, I suggest you try this one.

As I mentioned in my review, I felt this product was really overpriced for what it did. It also smelled cheap.

Another cleanser I reviewed recently. Hint: Cetaphil is very similar and less than 1/4 of the price!

The Face Shop Wrinkle Stop Eye Cream
This was a great hydrating eye cream, but I really did not see any difference in my eye area.

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Butterfly Flower
I remember not liking this scent so much, but it wasn’t so bad this time. It is a little too much like perfume, though.

Bath & Body Works Shower Gel in Butterfly Flower
Yes, I’m slowly getting through my stash of Bath & Body Works products!

What products have you used up recently?

xoxo, K

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Nail of the Day???? The Face Shop Nail Polish in BR805

You might have noticed that there are almost NO Nail of the Day (or Week, or anything!) posts on my blog.
That’s because I am a TOTAL FAILURE when it comes to painting my fingernails!  My toenails are painted as long as the weather is warm (about April – October), but my fingers – never!

Why don’t I paint my nails?  Because I’m really uncoordinated with my left hand!  I’ve also never had long nails in my life, and I can’t stand having more than a week’s growth on my fingers.  I bump and cut my fingers too often to wear nail polish!

However… I decided to start getting into the world of nail polish thanks to the love I have received from some bloggers!

The Face Shop Nail Polish in BR805
(a gift from Dina)

This is a beautiful mauve nail polish that I was excited to try!

One coat…
VERY sheer, and not very glossy!

Two coats…
Getting better, but still paler than the color in the bottle!

Three coats!!
Looks pretty good!
(Yes, I did nick my pinky finger.  I told you I bump my fingers too often!)
At this point, it was getting difficult for me to get a coat on without getting streaks!
Although the formula is thin, I needed a fair amount of it on the brush so that I could avoid the streaks.
It’s a very nice color, and it’s great for work!
Thanks again, Dina!
xoxo, K
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Love from Anastacia / Empanadas, Coleslaw, and Kit-Kats

I got some love from Anastacia!

She very kindly sent me the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack!
 Wow, I’ve been really interested in trying this!
She also included some face masks from the Face Shop!
Thank you so much, Anastacia!
Some quick food porn:
This is the newest LE Kit-Kats  (Strawberry & Cranberry flavored)
I’ve been making this really easy, really tasty coleslaw lately!
Just shred cabbage, blanch it, and mix with oil-free dressing.
Blanching it (or alternatively, microwaving it for one minute) will reduce the volume and make it easier to eat, while retaining the crunchy texture.
I really like Japanese oil-free dressings (like this one) because they are really fresh-tasting and not overly sweet!
I also like to add a bit of ponzu and concentrated soba sauce!
I can eat up a whole plateful of this!!  
I’ve been making empanadas again!
THESE ARE SERIOUSLY GOOD!!!!!  The filling contains ground beef, onions, tomatoes, chopped olives, and chopped hard boiled eggs.  I’ll add more olives and more boiled eggs next time!
I’m also getting better at making the pastry!
I love to stash them in the freezer so that I can pop one into the microwave in the morning.
Hope you’re having a great week!
xoxo, K
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Thank You – Birthday Presents from Dina!

Some more birthday gifts!
These are from Dina!
Thank you so much!
NYX round lipstick in Thalia

A pretty mauve nailpolish from the Face Shop!
I love these notes she put on everything!

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter
I really like the scent of shea butter too!

The Face Shop face masks!

Tea!  Candy!
Thank you SO much for your generosity, Dina!
Tired of these birthday present posts yet?  Hahaha, I’m OVERWHELMED by the love and kindness I’ve gotten from blogger girls!
xoxo, K
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