Empties from June and July 2016

Here are my empties from June and July.  This month, I made some great progress!

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L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup (link goes to my review)

I bought this foundation after reading several positive reviews online. This product blended very well and made my skin look great.  However, it is extremely liquidy, so I recommend putting it into a pump.



Urban Decay Primer Potion (link goes to my review)

Wow, I used up a UDPP! I wish they still came in squeeze tubes like this one. Currently, I’m using the Milani eyeshadow primer, which is very affordable and works well for my oily eyelids.



Bibo Eyeful Eyebrow Pencil in Light Brown

Because most Japanese people naturally have dark hair, it is hard to find eyebrow products for lighter hair. I have been using this light brown eyebrow pencil for a long time.



Escada Turquoise Summer Eau de Toilette (link goes to my review)

This is a berry-scented eau de toilette, and a very interesting scent for early summer.



Chloe Eau de Parfum (link goes to my review)

This is a sweet, floral scent, which I enjoyed using in the spring.



MKB cleansing oil

I seem to be using one of these every 2 months. Although it is a store-brand product from Matsumoto Kiyoshi (a major drugstore in Japan), I like it better than other cleansing oils.



Curel Ultra Healing Intensive Lotion

This is a very rich moisturizing cream for the body.



Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel

This is my go-to facial SPF.  I like it because it does not make my skin greasy. However, this product has alcohol in it, so some people may not like using it on their face.



Biore UV Perfect Milk sunscreen (link goes to my review)

This used to be my go-to sunscreen for the body.  It is a little greasy, so I like it better in the cooler months.



Kose Sun Cut Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 Waterproof

I really did not like this sunscreen. Although it is called a gel, I felt it was very thick. It also left a white cast on my skin.


Hope you enjoyed seeing my empties!

xoxo, K

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Review: Escada Turquoise Summer Eau de Toilette

This is a review of the Escada Turquoise Summer Eau de Toilette.

What it does: (from Sephora’s website)

A bright and fruity floral, this summer fragrance is an invitation to break free. Escape like a butterfly to enjoy the brightness of sunshine, the fragrance of ripe fruit, the dewy essence of fresh flowers, and the warm, heady freedom of the perfect summer.

Notes: Raspberries, Blackcurrant, Violet.


Price: $46 for 1 oz

Availability: This perfume is widely available, at speciality stores such as Sephora and Ulta, as well as department stores such as Macy’s.


Scent: This perfume smells mostly of berries. I thought at first that I just couldn’t pick up on the other notes, but after reading Sephora’s description of the scent, I realized that this perfume is composed mostly of berry notes.


What I thought:  This is a very different scent from what I usually pick up. I don’t wear many fruity scents, and I’ve never worn a berry scent before.  I think this perfume works better in the hot months, from late summer to early fall.


Would I repurchase?  Probably not.  It is not a bad scent, but it is very different from what I normally wear.


Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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