SWAP with Diana (paperdollrevenge)!

This is a swap I did with Diana (paperdollrevenge)!

LOOK at all of this stuff!!!!!
This beautiful card had some very sweet messages inside it…
It meant so much to me!!!

L’egere White Multi BB cream!
I had wanted a full tube since I got a sample from Mel and fell in love!
I thought this wasn’t available in Japan, but look at the Japanese writing on the panel…
Oh and Sabine – I NEED foundation!!!! Trust me!!

Wet & Wild Dual Pencil Sharpener!!!
L’Oreal De-crease!!!
The pencil sharpener may seem weird but it is SO SO SO important to me!
I couldn’t find a pencil sharpener which fit my NYX jumbo pencils!!!
Now, thanks to Diana, I can use them again!!!

L’Oreal De-crease is the first lid primer that I’m going to use!
UDPP is a whopping $30 online in Japan!!!!

Ecotools foundation brush and blush brush!
I mentioned in my video that I’ve been using the same brushes for 10 years…
It’s clearly time for an overhaul!!!

MAC 239
MAC 217

I am soooo excited!
These are actually prizes that I won in Kristine’s contest which Diana sent to me!
(you might remember my entry here)
Wow, that was back in March!!!!

Oh wow, Diana has really SPOILED me!
She got me body lotions & shower gels in
Butterfly Flower (a new scent!)
Sensual Amber (this is the first B&BW scent I tried, and I LOVE it!)
Black Amethyst

Do you know what the B&BW website says about the scent Black Amethyst????
“A scent inspired by chic, sensual, and confident women”
Um, yeah, now I’ve got a lot I have to live up to! hahaha


xoxo, K

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quick love from JeSMakeup!

I’m gonna say this in advance…
I MIGHT be MIA from May 23 – June 6.
I am going to China on a business trip, and I’ve heard rumors that the Chinese government is blocking blogger. Yes, they block internet sites quite often. Wikipedia is very often blocked.
Additionally, even if I can get through, the internet in China is very, very slow. I may not be able to post just because of the lack of a fast connection.

My company has decided to restrict travel in/out of Japan due to the recent outbreak of Swine Flu. Unfortunately, I am not able to fly through Seoul (and meet Miumiu, SOOOOBBBBBB), but I’m lucky that my trip got approved at all.

On the bright side, guess what’s in the department store across the street from my hotel? SKIN FOOD. Yes, one of only 6 or so in Mainland China! I don’t know if I will haul though, imported cosmetics are EXPENSIVE in China!


This past Monday, I got a bit of love in the mail from JeSMakeup!
She said she had a sample of BB cream that she was willing to give away, and she gave it to me!

You can see the Missha perfect cover BB cream sample!!!
BUUUUTTTT look at what she also got me!
(and not just the cute Hello Kitty bandaid!!!)

It’s a Bath & Body Works Shower Gel!!!!!!!

Thank you for remembering that I LOOOOVE B&BW!!!!

WOOHOO for blogger love!!
Thank you again!!!

xoxo, K

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EDIT: SWAP with JeSMakeup!

When I came home from work on Monday, there were TWO packages waiting for me at the post office!


I brought them both home, but I only opened one… from Jess (Fun and Makeup)!
She wanted some Kit Kats (see here for the wonderful post on it)!

Here is the package!!!!

Look how many goodies are inside!!!

So colorful and bright… even the twisties are AMERICAN!!!

Yummy American candy!

LOOK at how cute this case is!!!

This case had candies shaped like HK heads inside!!!!

A love note from Jess… awwww….
Conditioner & HK solid perfume??? I think lipgloss (thanks Jess for clarifying!)

Jess took a look at my wishlist!! THANK YOU!!
HOW did Jess KNOW that I LOOOOOVVEEEEE this one!!

oooh look… bubble wrap!!!

What could be inside????


My very first NYX trio!
And CG Cheekers in Golden Pink!!!!

Thank you to Jess for this GREAT swap!!!!
xoxo, K
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