First off, thanks to KT & L for your very kind words this morning. It means a lot to me that you’ve accepted me in the beauty blogger community!

My package from DSK (Steph) came on Saturday!

I bought the MAC Fafi Quad #1 from her!

Ooooh, what a professional looking business card!
Get your DSK jewelry here!

Here’s the Fafi Quad!!!
My very first MAC item!

I can’t seem to justify buying MAC shadows in Japan…
This quad is so versatile that I know I’m gonna love it!

OOOOOH, but there’s something else in the package!


I love earrings…

(that’s why this ear has 5 piercings hahaha)

Thanks again to Steph for the fantastic sale!!!

xoxo, K

Advice: EDM?

I washed my EDM FTK & LHK brush recently and it took nearly a day to dry… I was so tempted to blow dry them!!! hahaha

Today I need advice from the lovely beauty blogger community.

I am thinking of placing an order to EDM for their Personal Custom Kit Full and I need your help to chose a few more products!

I switched to MMU about two months ago after ordering a sample kit from EDM and it is SO much easier for me!!! Their samples are very generous and they last about a month on me!!

For those of you who haven’t used Everyday Minerals yet (yeah, I know everyone and their mother has used EDM, but who knows?), they have a kit which allows you to pick 6 products for $34+shipping.

Considering most of their full-size foundations are $12 and most of their brushes are around $10, this is a big savings! If I buy more than three things, I should just get a custom kit!

I’m going to get the following things:
– Full-sized foundation (Light Olive Intensive)
– Full-sized blush (Waffle Cone)
– Flat Top Brush (I LOVE my FTB, but I want another one as a backup)
– Full-sized Concealer (Intensive Medium)
Any more suggestions?

– Natural Reflections Light
– Blush – Snuggle
– Golden Light Intensive Foundation (I have one already)

Things to think about:
– I am thinking of getting the EDM e/s brush, but since it is less than $6 ($34/6 items = around $6 per item), I think I’ll get it separately
– I am a little wary of highly pigmented blushes, especially red/berry colors.
– The Mint Concealer did not work for me. It washes me out and makes me look ill!
– I’m wary of their e/s since I do not think I can use them up. I have the Golden Globes Palette which I LOVE, but not sure of the Sandcastle eye palette.

Thank you in advance for your help!!!

xoxo, K

YUMMY! Empanadas!


Don’t these look YUMMY????

I tried my hand at making empanadas! I guess empanadas are stuffed pastries made in Latin America and other countries…??? Please correct me if I’m wrong!

One of the non-beauty blogs I read is smitten kitchen. This recipe was taken from there!

The filling contains ground beef, onions, tomatoes, chopped olives, and chopped hard boiled eggs.

I also made the pastry, but I couldn’t take any pictures. Taking pictures when both of your hands are covered with flour is just too difficult for me…

Apparently I have a thing for dumplings!!!

Hmmm… what to make next week???

xoxo, K

BIG ANNIVERSARY!!! ::applause::

This past weekend was a big anniversary for me.

My 1 year smoke-free anniversary!

Yes, it’s been a whole year since I picked up a cigarette!!!

I’ve never been a big smoker. I used to smoke a cigarette when things weren’t going so well in my life and I was really stressed. I’d have 1-2 cigarettes a day for about a week and then I’d throw the rest of the pack away. I’ve never smoked an entire pack of cigarettes.

The legal age to smoke in Japan is 20, but…yeah, you get my drift. I’m 27 now. You can do the math.

My best friend has a huge impact on my life. He is the one person I can talk to about anything, good or bad. He would tell me he was proud of me when I did well, something no one has every said to me, even my parents (yeah, typical Asian parents – I know you guys understand!)

One day, when I was having a lot of trouble at work, I told him I wanted to smoke again. He then told me something I didn’t know before – that a few years ago he had lost his father to lung cancer. He said to me, “I’ve lost one person I love to cigarettes. I don’t want to lose another.”

That was all it took.

A few days ago, someone at work who I used to smoke with offered me a cigarette. They were really expensive cigarettes (like x10 the normal cost) that someone had given him. I realized then that I hadn’t smoked in an entire year. I could look him in the eye and say, “No thanks, I’ve quit smoking and I’ve been smoke-free for an entire year.”

If you are one of the lucky people who has never given in to the temptation of smoking, I applaud you. Staying smoke-free has been very difficult to me. I did not think I was hooked on to nicotine since I was never a heavy smoker and I never had trouble throwing away a pack of cigarettes. What I didn’t realize was how the addiction was really in my head more than in my body.

It’s still hard not to smoke when someone offers me a cigarette. But I know that my best friend will be there for me so that I don’t give in. And I know I will not smoke again.

You know who you are…
If you ever come across this…


xoxo, K

My favorite magazine – ageha

There is one magazine that I buy religiously every month. It is called “Koakuma (little devil) ageha”

What makes this magazine different is that most of the models are “Mizushobai” girls. What is mizushobai? Please look here:
Basically they provide companionship to men in special bars and clubs.

Of course they are very beautiful girls!!! I love this magazine because it is so outrageous. The hair and makeup is waaaaayyyyy too out there for me to wear everyday.

Still, there are a few tips I can get here and there and I LOVE this magazine!!!

How this girl puts on makeup…

A comparison on different girls’ eyeliners



Hair color…

This magazine is becoming so popular now and it has a big impact on mainstream Japanese makeup/fashion. For example, falsies are very popular for everyday use because these girls use falsies all the time!

Isn’t it interesting how we all want what we can’t have? I’ve seen American girls buy Japanese magazines ($8 in Japan) for $15 in the US, and some of my Japanese friends buy Cosmo & Glamor for $10.

Me? I have a yearly subscription to Allure. Yeah, we all want what we can’t have!