What I learned today at the MAC counter

  • I’m a NC 25 (darker than Mona & Diana expected)
  • The most common shade in Japan is NC25
  • I was also told I’m the “normal Japanese shade” at the Dior/Lancome/RMK/Clinique counters
  • The concealer that the MUA used on me was NC 20
  • The 239 brush which I want is $42 in Japan (vs $25 in the US)
  • The 190 brush that I also want is $59 in Japan (vs $32 in the US)
  • Back 2 MAC in Japan : 10 containers, only exchangable for lipglasses
  • But trust me, the service at the MAC counter was SUPERB even considering that it is Japan
  • Shu Uemura #18 is more expensive in Japan… why? ($63 vs $39 in the US)

I am going to have to stop myself from hauling at MAC in Guam…

I’m going to be in Guam from May 7-9. Who would be interested in a meetup????
Right now, we are talking about having dinner together on May 7. Let me know!!!!

EOTD: my first attempt to wear blue! (REALLY)

I’m getting a lot of new traffic, thanks to Wuzzy and KT! Thanks so much!!! But I’m sure my new readers are thinking, “is this really a beauty blog? I only see stuff about food!!”

SOOOO today I’ll finally post another EOTD!!
I don’t usually wear bright e/s, but reading all these beauty blogs has stimulated me out of my rut!!

Wearing blue scared me! No one wears brights to the office!!

Ooooh blurry pic, sorry!!

What I used:

– cream eyeshadow as base (not pictured)
– B all over, blended out with C (but it doesn’t show up…)
– D on the outer corner
– A under browbone
– Kate gel eyeliner in BK-3

I have NEVER worn blue eyeshadow before! I am really unsure of how to use it!!

Is there a look you’ve never done, or a color you’ve never worn before?

xoxo, K

HK, Rilakuma, and other Japanese goodies

Golden week has officially started. This is a two week period where we have 4 National Holidays. Basically the entire country is on vacation.

I have to go to work on Wednesday (on a holiday) since I’ve got a global review with really high-up folks in my company who work in the US… A high-pressure conference call at night on a holiday… OH JOY.


I haven’t done a post all weekend long. You can blame blogtv for that!

BIIIG thanks to paperdollrevenge, M, Wuz, Kasumi, L, KT, Jen, Danni, Mayaari, Sanny and all the other girls who spent time chatting with me! It gets kinda lonely in Kobe sometimes!!!

But as a good blogger, let me give you a goooooood taste of Japanese goodness…

Here is a shelf in my nearby grocery store

Yes, you heard me right. Tons and tons and tons of HK stuff in the grocery store (NOT a supermarket!)

This picture does not nearly show how long this shelf was. The shelves were stocked from head to toe, and it would have taken 3-4 more pictures of this size to show how big the selection was!

LOOK at this very very very very very cute HK mirror!!!

In the bath / shower section, I saw these REALLY cute pump bottles…

This for all of the Rilakuma fans out there!!!

And what would a Japan post be without some sweets?

Espresso Kit-Kats
I hear ya Jess…

And of course…
It’s green tea season again, so green tea cookies!!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

xoxo, K

SWAP with Wuzzy!

Here is the OTHER package that I got in the mail the other day!!

I am so so so so SOOOOO sorry I wasn’t able to post this sooner… I feel terrible…

It’s a package from our favorite Hawaiian girl, Wuzzy!!!!

I saw something I wanted from her Aloha Swap, and she asked me for some Japanese candies in return! I am so nervous when someone asks me for Japanese sweets… what if they don’t like them?????

How cool is it that you can call your sale “the Aloha Sale”???

If I do one, should it be called, “the Konnichiwa Sale”????? hahahaha

Anyway… I get off track too often!

Here’s the package!

Wuzzy put everything in this cute box! How thoughtful!!!
(and what bad photography!!! hahaha)

LOOK at everything she sent me! WOW!!!!

This is what we swapped for!
Clinique mini shadows in Sparkling Sage and Strawberry Fudge
Everything else is Wuzzy’s GENEROUSITY!!!
I am SOOO gonna get you back for this, Wuzzy!!!!

HK chocolate filled marshmallows & Hurricane popcorn!
Mochi Crunch & Nori??? WOW!!

Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream & a NYX trio in Guru!!!
I did not realize this was a NYX trio!
Neutrals are a staple for me and I am so eager to try the BB cream!

Hawaiian HK magnet and Hawaiian cell phone strap!
HK in a grass skirt playing the ukulele??? SOOO CUTE!
I LOVE getting touristy stuff from where you are!!!

Blueberry Swirly Twirly Soap
Jess’s Girl Eye Dust
Hollyberry Liptint

You have SPOILED me!!!

xoxo, Kay

EDIT: SWAP with JeSMakeup!

When I came home from work on Monday, there were TWO packages waiting for me at the post office!


I brought them both home, but I only opened one… from Jess (Fun and Makeup)!
She wanted some Kit Kats (see here for the wonderful post on it)!

Here is the package!!!!

Look how many goodies are inside!!!

So colorful and bright… even the twisties are AMERICAN!!!

Yummy American candy!

LOOK at how cute this case is!!!

This case had candies shaped like HK heads inside!!!!

A love note from Jess… awwww….
Conditioner & HK solid perfume??? I think lipgloss (thanks Jess for clarifying!)

Jess took a look at my wishlist!! THANK YOU!!
HOW did Jess KNOW that I LOOOOOVVEEEEE this one!!

oooh look… bubble wrap!!!

What could be inside????


My very first NYX trio!
And CG Cheekers in Golden Pink!!!!

Thank you to Jess for this GREAT swap!!!!
xoxo, K