New York Vacation: Part 1

In mid-April, I went on a vacation to New York! As many of you know, I grew up in New York, and I like to visit every 1.5 to 2 years.

Since I grew up in New York, I don’t do many touristy things. However, I decided it would be a great place to try out the new DSLR that I bought!

Canon EOS 600D, called the Rebel T3i in the US and EOS Kiss X5 in Japan
This camera has 3 separate names. Things were difficult until I realized this, because I was looking at reviews from the US, Japan, and Hong Kong, and each country uses a different name!
(stock photo)

I have no experience with photography what so ever, so it’s been exciting to learn. Thank you to all the bloggers who have been giving me advice!

Since I last came to New York, there were a few new places to visit.

National September 11 Museum and Memorial
The memorial opened on Sept 11, 2011, but the museum is still under construction.
Please read the visitor guidelines before going. Reserved tickets are necessary to get in.  Same day tickets are available, but I thought it was a waste of time to wait in line for the tickets. I simply booked my tickets online.
The security checks were even more exhaustive than at the airport. I went on a day with very few visitors – I would hate to think what happens on a busy day.
One World Trade Center, still under construction.
I like taking pictures of buildings for some reason.
The High Line
The High Line is an elevated park that runs on the west side of Manhattan, through the Meatpacking and Chelsea districts. It runs from Gansevoort St (one block below 12th St) to 30th St. It is built on a historic freight rain trail.
No pictures of the High Line itself, but it seems to be a great place for a run. You can see from this picture how high up we are. 
I also met up with a few blogger girls.  Thank you so much to Jenn, Jenn, Vijaya, Joey and Mona for meeting up with me!
Mona and I had dinner one night at Upstate in the East Village.
95 1st Ave (at 14th St)
New York, NY 10003
(Yelp Reviews)
In short: I really enjoyed eating here. It was delicious! I would definitely recommend it!!

 The oysters were delicious!! Really sweet and they did not have the typical oyster smell.
And yes, I’m playing around with depth of field…

This bouillabaisse was fantastic! We asked for extra bread to sop up the broth. 

The seared scallops with brown rice risotto were delicious as well. The scallops were NOT overcooked – fabulous!

I have obviously not mastered taking pictures in low light.

Next up: some more “typical” places to go in New York…
xoxo, K
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Bra Fitting by an Expert!

 I went bra fitting in New York.
If this is TMI for you, please skip this post.  This was such an amazing experience that I had to make a separate post on it!

I went to Orchard Corset Center on the Lower East Side after reading reviews on Yelp!

The store looked pretty seedy from the outside, and the inside was also pretty shabby.  I swallowed my doubts and told the lady I wanted a T-shirt bra.

She took me aside, told me to take my shirt and bra off, and handed me a bra.  It fit perfectly!!  Without even measuring me!!!

She fixed the straps, saying,  “I don’t trust anyone with the straps.  You and every other girl that walks in here wear their bras too low!”  She told me to put my shirt back on.

OMG.  I looked totally different!  I looked thinner, and my boobs just… looked better!  AND the bra was REALLY comfortable.

I asked her for 2 more of exactly the same one, and also asked if I could wear the one I had on.  She laughed and told me that most girls do that!

AND the bras she had were all affordable.  There are other bra stores in New York, but I’ve read that the bras they sell you are pretty steep.  These were very affordable, in fact, I found that they sell the exact same ones on Amazon for the same price.  She is FAST, too.  I was in and out of that store in less than 15 minutes.  I think I waited the longest for my credit card to go through!

Basically, the lady takes the guesswork out of figuring out the different types of bras, and helps you to find the correct size!  Apparently she’s been doing this for 28 years!

This was TOTALLY different from being measured at Victoria Secret’s or any department store.  I seriously recommend you to get fitted by an expert!  I just searched for “Bra Fitting” on Yelp!

(Oh, and read the reviews for Orchard Corset Center on Yelp.  They are pretty funny, but they are DEAD ON accurate!)

That’s it for my New York posts!  Now back to writing reviews!

xoxo, K
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Hauling in New York – Part Two!

Here is Part 2 of my haul!

I realized I didn’t take pictures of some of the things I bought that I’ve already started using! I’ll try to find some pictures online!

I collect Starbucks City Mugs!
The one for New York was a bit boring, so I got this mug instead at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

I went to Lush and got some things!

Angels on Bare Skin
Brazen Honey Fresh Face Mask (I love this so much I got two!)
Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask
I realized that these containers leak… especially Brazen Honey!

New! Solid Shampoo
I went to Bath & Body Works and got 5 full sized items!
Velvet Tuberose Shower Gel and Body Lotion
This is a new scent for me, and I really like it!
Twighlight Woods Body Lotion
I love this scent so much…
 …that I got the body splash as well!
Twilight Woods Body Splash
Moonlight Magic Shower Gel
I’m not sure yet if I like this one!

I went to MAC to Back 2 MAC
They were snotty again!  Either I don’t have the confidence to pull off shopping at the MAC, or I have too high standards from living in Japan!!!

 Silver Ring Eyeshadow

Goldmine Eyeshadow

I went to Target…
I’m not going to bore you with the multitude of other things I bought, but here are the beauty things!  Looking at it now, it’s not much!
(Mona kept wanting me to go to CVS with her!  I should have, because I did not get half the stuff on my wishlist!

NYC bronzer

L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner

 Neutrogena Makeup Remover wipes
These are SO much better than any wipes I can find in Japan!

Milani Liquif’ Eye Eyeliner
I got the black one, and it’s seriously LOVE!!
I should have gotten more!

Brush Cleanser
I’m pretty sure I got this at a drugstore somewhere!

Band-Aid Friction Block Stick

This is such a fantastic invention!  I buy one every time I go to the US!
ROC Deep Wrinkle Night Cream
This is the only anti-aging item I bought… even though I was planning to buy a LOT more!
The Sonia Kashuk Beauty Blender Dupe
I’ve tried both, and I like the Beauty Blender more.  Then again, I think this is pretty good for $10!

Isn’t it funny how American girls buy Japanese magazines, and I like to buy American magazines???
Real Simple is my LOVE.  Too bad it’s not shipped here!
That’s it!  Not too much!!
I really was planning on going crazy, but something held me back…
I think that when I went to Target, I didn’t buy everything I wanted, but then I got over my urge to haul!  Oh well!!
Next up: My bra fitting experience
xoxo, K
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Hauling in New York – Part One!

Someone very kindly helped me get some things from the Sephora Friends and Family / Urban Decay Friends and Family sales!

I FINALLY jumped on the Beauty Blender bandwagon!
I’ve tried it a few times already and I really liked it!
I’ll do a full review of it soon!!!
(The red tape is to stop the cleanser from spilling in my luggage)

Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector
Hopefully my skin tone will improve with this!
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Can you believe I FINALLY got my hands on this?
I’ve wanted it since I started blogging a year ago!

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner
I haven’t tried this yet since I’m still using my Milani Liquif Eye liner (which is LOVE)!

Stella by Stella McCartney
This is a perfume which really brings back memories for me.
I LOVED it, but after I finished my bottle, I could not find it anywhere in Japan!
Imagine my surprise when I found out that Diana also bought the same perfume!

See?  Not much!
Part 2 is going to be the rest of the stuff I bought!
(Trust me, it was surprisingly little…)

xoxo, K

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Eating out with Mona!

Mona took me out to eat on my last day there!
What better way to end my trip than to go food hopping!!!
(Yes, I did get to meet Charlotte as well!)

Pommes Frites with Mango Chutney Mayo!
Lobster Rolls!
Crab rolls!
Crab claws!
Mona generously gave me some gifts!

Lush Snowcake soap!

Lush Smitten hand cream, which smells like Snowcake!

Bath bomb!

EOS lip balm!



These will be my first American falsies!
I wonder why the lashes are so different from Asian falsies?

An Eyeko palette!


MAC creamstick!

Stila Lip and Cheek Stains!

MAC Oh Baby Lipglass!

Thank you so much, Mona!
I had a great time with you!
Next up: My haul, part 1 (I bought surprisingly little!)
xoxo, K
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