Guam Day 3: Day trip in Guam!

I’m planning on getting something from Coastal Scents. Other then their silica spheres, is there any Coastal Scents product that you suggest I try? Leave a comment and let me know!


I am FINALLY getting around to posting my final day in Guam!!!!

I took a day trip around the island of Guam. It was a tour organized by my travel agency, but actually it was quite nice! I got to see Guam outside of downtown, and it was SOOO beautiful! I just wish we had more time to stop and look at the scenery, instead of stopping at the stores…

I didn’t watermark these because the scenery was just too beautiful…

“The Women of the Island – Three Generations”This is a statue depicting three generations of women in Guam.
“A tribute to all Chamoru women” was what was inscribed.
Isn’t it nice to have a statue for women for a change????

The picture on the right is the ocean just behind the Three Generations statue.
This picture does NOT do justice to the beautiful scenery I saw!!!

The Statue of Liberty!!!
What is this doing in Guam????
I heard it is there because Guam is the first US territory where the sun rises every morning (it is on the Japan side of the international date line) !


Some guys in Guam keep water buffalo as pets.
Yeah, you heard me.
Water buffalos as pets!!!
The guy who owned this one let me ride it!
He said, “she’s the most reliable four wheel drive in the jungle!”
And yeah, I got to ride it around for a bit!!!

A peace memorial.Guam is a site of VERY INTENSE fighting during WWII (click here).

Two Lovers Point
A typical love story…
Two lovers wanted to get married but the girl was promised to someone else…
They were going to escape by canoe but were found out…
They tied their long hair together and jumped off of the cliff…

But anyway, the scenery was very beautiful!!

xoxo, K

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Guam Day 2: HAUL in Guam!

To all the sweet bloggers in Seoul…
I will be in Seoul on May 23 (Saturday)
Anyone up for a meetup?
I will get in around noon, and am free the entire day
I know I told everyone that I’m gonna do some MAJOR hauling in Guam.

In all honesty, I didn’t haul as much as I was planning to. Some of the stuff I wanted couldn’t be found, and MAC/NYX was priced a lot higher than the US prices I’ve seen on the internet. Since Guam has a low population and it is very far away from mainland US, I am not all that suprised.

Also, I guess I went to K-Mart at a bad time because they were not stocked well. For example, most of their black mascaras and black eyeliners were sold out. I think I must have picked up the last Lash Blast Waterproof mascara in Black.

BUT don’t worry…. I did do enough damage…

Revlon Color Stay Quads in Neutral Khakis / Nude Elements / Azure Mist
Maybelline Expert Wear Shadow Quad in Emerald Isle
Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow 8 Pan
Rimmel Colour Rush Quad Eye Shadow in Smokey Brun / Smokey Blue / Almond

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara in Very Black (why don’t they have a waterproof version of this???)

Cover Girl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara in Very Black (I wanted to stock up on this… but they had only 1 Black one!!!)
Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner & Liquid eyeliner
Posh Domed Eyeshadow Brush

Rimmel Colour Rush Eyeshadow in Taupe / Spun Gold

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Not Just Metals
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Life’s A Peach / Nude Lustre
Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze in Lasting Shimmer

Milani Minerals Blush in Luminous

You can kind of tell that I love my neutrals, can’t you???
I’m trying to branch out in terms of eyeshadow colors, though!
Hence, the green and the blue palettes…

I went diving on Day 2 in Guam, but someone else has my pictures!
Oh well!!!!

Hopefully I’ll get Day 3 out quickly!!!

xoxo, K

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Guam Day 1: Blogger meet up!!!!!


Missed me???

I’m back from Guam!

I had a blast and hauled a lot (although not as much as I was planning to…), so it will take me some time to get through my posts.

REWIND to about 2 weeks ago…

After I had made my reservations to go to Guam, I was browsing through my recent followers. I stumbled upon Cheysser, who actually LIVES in there!!!

I commented on her blog that I was going to Guam, and I emailed her too. Apparently some of her friends had wondered if I was just messing with her or if I really was going to Guam! I totally understand… I’d wonder if someone suddenly sent me an email asking for a meet up!!!

Cheysser was kind enough to invite some of her friends, Shantee and Shar, to also come and meet me!! (side note: Shar actually works for the travel agency I booked through!! What a coincidence!!!!)

It was the first time for the Guam Girls to do a blogger meet up!!!!

WOOHOO! I feel SO SO SO special!

The girls were so sweet and so kind! I sent SO many emails asking for info on Guam, but they were so nice in answering them!

Shantee, Cheysser, and Shar!

Food porn!!!

Of course we had to take a picture at the DFS!

The girls absolutely SPOILED me with gifts!!!!

From Cheysser & Shantee…

LOOK at all this stuff!!!!

A Milky Way fun pack (everyone knows I like this now, don’t they???)

Revlon Creme shadow in Va Va Va Bloom
NYX eyeshadow trio in Princess Pink/ Flamenco/ Violet
5 different ELF lippies!!!!!!
2 empty ELF quads (which I have wanted for a long time!!!)
And the cutest HK card!!!!

Shar sold me her MAC paint pots…

In this ultra cute box!!!

Look at the extras she threw in!!

2 more ELF lippies and an I love Guam keyholder!

Let’s take a look at the paint pots…
Fresco Rose

My first paint pots!!!
I already used the Fresco Rose every day of my trip to Guam!!!

Thank you again to the girls for coming to meet me!! I had a blast!!!

xoxo, K

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