London Day 1

Here is a belated post about my trip to the UK! The first day was a day of purely sightseeing.

Westminster Abbey
I was in London during the Pope’s visit, so I’m glad I went to Westminster Abbey early.  There were a few days when it was closed.
You can see Big Ben in this picture

The houses of Parliament
I went to Camden Town for some shopping and sightseeing
It’s a quirky town north of central London.
For some reason, most of the food stalls had Chinese food.

Although there is art like this on the walls, the area is big for alternative & goth clothing.

I also went to the Tower of London
They have guided tours there.  Our guide was a pretty good actor with tons of British humour.

The Tower of London is probably best known as the place where the Crown Jewels are held.

I’m still a bit groggy from jet lag, but I’m going to try and get some more posts about London up within this week!  Yes, including my UBER HUGE HAUL.

xoxo, K

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Final haul in London!

I hauled a little bit more before leaving London!

I debated with myself on whether to haul some more…
Many thanks to my best friend who urged me to go back!!

I went back to Lush with the intent of buying just one thing.
Of course it didn’t end up like that!

Here’s what I got!

Mask of Magnaminty
The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask
Brazen Honey Fresh Face Mask sample

I am really liking the Brazen Honey Fresh Face Mask so far!
This was a VERY generous sample.
I’ve used it 3 times so far and it’s only half finished!

Am I the only one who wishes that Lush would sell their Fresh Face Mask in smaller containers?
Especially since they have to be used up in 3 weeks?

I also got some more of the L’Oreal 6Hour Glam Shine lipglosses.
I LOVED the one I bought the other day!!!
AND this was a 3 for 2 (or BOGO half off in American terms)!

105 Hold On Rose
102 Always Pink
300 Golden Tattoo

I also bought some things at the MAC counter at the duty free!!!!!
168 brush
187 brush
Scrumptious Olive Eyeshadow
Fashion Groupie Eyeshadow
Dreammaker Eyeshadow

Fashion Groupie and Dreammaker are from the Starflash collection!
I was looking for a gold eyeshadow and a purple eyeshadow.
These two just happened to be the ones I liked.
Who cares if they are from an old collection!!!

AND it was only 8.50 GBP ($14) at the duty free, which is the same price as an eyeshadow refill pan at the MAC Pro store in London!
(Can you tell that I had a bad experience at the London MAC Pro store? I’m not going in to that but I guess it’s true what people say about certain MAC SAs!)

I’ve been wanting the 168 brush since Nikki from Askmewhats reviewed Nars Orgasm blush.
The blush I’m using now hadn’t been showing up properly on my cheeks even though it was well pigmented when I swatch it with my finger.
Nikki said that she uses an angled brush, so I wanted to get the 168.
Yay, I LOVE it!!!!

The 187 was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper at the Duty Free than in Japan, where it is a whopping $70!!!!

Ooops, I guess I babbled too much!
Next post – my day in Cologne, Germany!

xoxo, K
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London Day 3!

London Day 3!

I’ve left London a week ago and gone on to Germany.
I’ll get back to Japan tomorrow, but first, here is my final day in London!

I stayed in this small hotel near Goodge Street.
It was a really small Bed & Breakfast type place.
There were some rooms with a separate bathroom, but the shared bathroom was perfectly fine!
It’s like staying at a friend’s house, since the bathroom was just down the hall.

The room was TINY, but who cares?
I’m in London to walk around the city, not sit in my hotel room!

The entire street was filled with little hotels just like mine!

I went shopping at Topshop but I couldn’t find anything I liked!

I also went to H&M.
Can you believe there are THREE H&Ms near Oxford Street (a major shopping area in London)?

Here are some street views of the area around Oxford Street.

Here is Canaby Street (which is also where the MAC Pro store is!)
Here is a view from the top level of the bus!
The highlight of Day 3 was going to the British Museum!!

I LOVE museums!
The British Museum is free!
Compare that to the “recommended” admission of $20 at the Metropolitan Museum in New York!!!

I LOVE the Met as well, but the “recommended” admission is really high!!!

This is what greets you at the entrance:
The Hoa Hakananai’a

Elgin Marbles, also known as the Parthenon Marbles,
are disputed – but really beautiful.

These mosaics are displayed along a staircase.

There were several mummies on display as well.

I love this model!

I did a little bit of shopping on my final day in London, which I’ll show in my next post!

xoxo, K

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London Day 2!

Day 2 was a day of shopping!
Sorry for the delay in posting this!

I went to London Westfield with Jamilla and Eve!

As Jamilla blogged, my haul was kind of small!
Don’t worry – I made up for it the next day!

From Boots & Superdrug!
Barry M dazzle dusts in 24 Old Gold, 39 Tan, 51 Mushroom, 97 Dark Chocolate
Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon No. 1
From Lush
Angels on Bare Skin
and a sample of Dark Angels

Other drugstore things:
Gosh Twin Eyeshadow sticks
L’Oreal 6 hr Lipgloss (recommended by both Eve and Jamilla!)

Sleek Divine eyeshadow palette in Storm
This was also recommended by a lot of people.
Wow, this is really great, especially for the low price of 5 GBP (about $8)!
I have been using this everyday of my trip and doing a different look everyday!!!

And every blogger meet up has a lot of gifts from all the wonderful ladies…

Pretty earrings from Eve!

I asked Jamilla if I could buy her MAC Nylon eyeshadow.
This is what she gave me:

Oh wow!!! And she wouldn’t let me pay for the eyeshadow!!!

MAC paints!

A Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Nude

MAC cream base in Root

Dior Addict High Shine lipstick in Casual Beige
Not pictured: MAC lipstick in Roleplay

MAC eyeshadows in Nylon and Mulch
Day 3 is coming up!!!

xoxo, K

PS: I’m sorry I haven’t posted the winner of my giveaway yet! I will post it very soon!!

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London Day 1

I’m in London and I’m having a blast!!!!

On Day 1, I went on a biking tour of London with Fat Tire Bike Tours.
If you go to London, DO IT! It’s AMAZING.
I went on a bike tour (with another company) when I went to Paris last year.
You get to see all the sights and it’s so much more fun than going on a bus!!
You also talk a lot more with various people who are on your tour with you, so it’s a pretty cool way to meet new people!

The whole entire tour is about 4 hrs long, but ours took a bit longer than that.
It really isn’t hard biking at all, so try it!! We had a lot of kids on our tour!

Kensington Gardens…

Home to Diana, Princess of Wales
(still very much loved 12 years after her death)

Changing of the horse guard

Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner

Buckingham Palace
(which was REALLY crowded since we got there for the changing of the guard)

The changing of the guard was my least favorite part of this tour.
Too many people, not very impressive.
I remember that I didn’t like it the last time I came to London, either (10 years ago!)

All the lamp posts near Trafalgar Square have this icon stamped on them:

I heard that Coco Chanel had a love affair with some royal person, who gave her the “gift” of having her initials stamped on all of the lampposts.
If I had a rich lover, I would rather have something more substantial!

Since I’m traveling by myself, I asked Dylan (our guide) to be in a picture with me!
He was a BIG hit with all the kids in the group!

Many people went to a pub for lunch, but my stomach was still on Japan time!
I went to Pret-A-Manger!

Swedish Meatball Ragu Hot Wrap – surprisingly yummy!

But the highlight of my lunch was this!

I LOVE real ginger beer!
All natural ingredients, and “No Nasties”!

This is for REAL ginger lovers!!!!
This is nothing like normal ginger ale!
My mouth was HOT from the spiciness of the ginger!

Back on our tour…
I forgot where this was… I think it’s near 10 Downing street…

Westminster Abbey!

St. James’s Park!

Later, I went to Camden Town, but I didn’t take any interesting pictures.
Camden Town was FUN!
It reminded me of a lot of Asian markets, but with lots of alternative shops – think piercings and tattoo parlors on every corner!
Oh, I tweeted about meeting a very cute guy!
Unfortunately, no pictures with him – He was with his parents and younger brother!
I did get to head out to Camden Town and have an early dinner with them.

Why I didn’t ask him for his email? Because he’s 17!
Ugh, maybe I should have asked him for it!!!! He was CUTE!

Today, I’m headed out to go shopping with Jamilla and Eve!

xoxo, K

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