Welcome to Singapore Changi International Airport

There are very few direct flights from Jakarta to other countries, even those within Asia. Transiting through another airport means that I need to spend a few more hours traveling compared to if I were traveling directly. To offset this, I always try to go through a “fun” airport.

According to the World Airport Awards, the top 5 airports for shopping are Heathrow (UK), Dubai, Amsterdam Schiphol, Singapore Changi, and Hong Kong. Yay for having 2 in Asia!

Singapore Changi airport is definitely a good airport for shopping. It is FILLED with shops. In addition to the duty free shops, there are free standing stores for brands such as MAC, Kiehls, Tiffany’s, and many more.

However, they tend to be in the center of each of the terminals. The shops are not in front of the boarding gates, and there may be up to a 15 minute walk from where the shops are to where you need to board.  You’ll need to watch the clock to make sure you have enough time to board.

Changi also has some relaxation spots, such as the koi pool shown above. I have never seen such spots in airports before!  Changi has some other interesting things to do, such as an airport-sponsored tour of the city.

Changi is different from other airports that I have been in since the security checks are done at the boarding gate. For example, in Hong Kong airport, the security checks are done before the shopping areas, immediately after clearing immigration. If you are transiting, security checks are done immediately after you leave the aircraft, before you get into the duty free shopping zone. Because the security checks are done at the gate, be sure to gate to your gate early.

As with most other airports now, Changi has free internet access throughout the airport. Yay!

Hope you enjoyed this travel post, and please let me know if I should do a review of other airports that I frequent, such as Hong Kong and some airports in Japan.

xoxo, K

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