Welcome to Warsaw, Poland

On my recent business trip to Europe, I also went to Warsaw, Poland.

(This is the guy that said that the Earth rotated around the Sun. Previously, people thought that the Earth was the center of the universe, and other planets/stars rotated around it)

I had a day to myself, so I walked to the Warsaw Old Town, one of the most famous tourist attractions that Warsaw has to offer. Warsaw Old Town is a UNESCO Heritage site.

The day started off a bit rainy, but the weather cleared up before noon.

One of the most surprising things for me in Warsaw was that EVERYONE spoke English. In every single store that I went, the sales people and servers all spoke English with a high level of fluency. I realize that Warsaw is the capital of Poland (and consequently, has a lot of foreigners), but even compared to other cities I have visited in Europe, this was quite amazing.

The Old Town was completely destroyed during World War II. It was rebuilt using as many of the original materials as possible, including old bricks and old decorations.

This mermaid statue is at the center of Old Town. Although it is not a big statue, there were so many people trying to get a picture of it!

One of my female colleagues said, “If you are interested in makeup, perhaps you would like to try a cheap Polish brand called Inglot?”  I didn’t even know that Inglot was a Polish brand! I bought quite a few items at Inglot, which I hope to review soon!

Hope you enjoyed this trip to Warsaw, Poland!

xoxo, K

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