Night time stroll in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Many people who visit Japan say that they want to visit Tokyo. In reality, Tokyo is a city which has an area of nearly 2,200 square kilometers (nearly 850 square miles). As a city, it is half the size of the US state of Rhode Island. In reality, although it is called a city by foreigners, it is more like a state.  Just like Londoners refer to parts of London as though they are different cities, the different parts of Tokyo are very far apart.

Although I lived in Tokyo for around 10 years before moving to Kobe, there are parts of Tokyo which I am more familiar than others. One of those locations is Shibuya.

See the mass of people on the other side of the street?
This is the area in front of Shibuya station. And yes, it is always this crowded.

Even “Shibuya” is not a specific name of where I went. Most Japanese people will explain where they went in relation to a major train station. However, Shibuya Ward includes not only Shibuya station, but also Harajuku, Omotesando, Daikanyama, Ebisu, and Yoyogi, just to name the major areas.

Shibuya 109
One of the most iconic shopping buildings in Shibuya, it carries mainly clothing and accessories for teens/early 20s.

Shibuya was the place where I hung out when I was in high school and college. It is fairly close to the schools I went to, and the place where I lived. I’m pretty sure this is where I went on my first “real” date.

Shibuya Center Street
Apparently it was renamed to “Basketball Street” in September 2011, but I have yet to hear anyone call it that.  See the large Forever 21 advertisement in the background? F21 is pretty new in Japan and is still a trendy place.

It has been at least 5 years since I last went to Shibuya. Some of the stores have changed, but there are still quite a few that I used to frequent a lot. Overall though, it seems that I have grown up – I felt that Shibuya was almost “too young” for me! I guess it is time that I step away from the glaring lights, and into the back streets of Shibuya, where there is still a lot of things for me to see. Maybe I should venture further away from Shibuya station, and toward places like Omotesando, which is considered more upscale.

I went to this store a lot when I was in high school. It is inexpensive and has lots of cute things.

Going to Shibuya brought back a lot of memories. I hope that next time, I’ll get to see more places I used to go to, as well as some new places!

xoxo, K

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Meetup with Nic Nic & Barry M Dazzle Dusts!

I’m back from my trip to New York!  All the other bloggers I got to meet up with have made blog posts already, so I’m trying to catch up!

Day Zero began with a meet up with Nic Nic from bang bang she shoots!  Although she lives in Tokyo, this was our first time meeting up.  We had a FANTASTIC time chatting about just about everything!  I really enjoyed meeting her and I hope we can meet up again!

Nic Nic was a such a sweetheart and gave me GIFTS!
(Excuse the poor quality of the pictures!  I took them in my Tokyo hotel room with VERY BAD LIGHTING!)
Silk Whitia masks!  I love them!!!

Shiseido Samples!
These came in handy during my trip!

Bath bombs!
A GOOD bath is one thing I really love about Japan!

Fun & Games blush from the MAC Hello Kitty Collection!

Thank you SO much for a great time, Nic Nic!
I really wish we lived closer, so that we could hang out regularly!
Hope to see you again SOON!!!!!

I also pressed my Barry M Dazzle Dusts before I left!
I am REALLY bad with loose eyeshadows, and I can never seem to make them work for me!

Barry M Dazzle Dusts are fantastic!
They are super pigmented, and really cheap!
They are 5 GBP (less than $8) and each little pot is STUFFED FULL TO THE TOP!
I pressed a full pan of each, and the pot is still half full!

39 – Tan

24 – Old Gold

51 – Mushroom

97 – Dark Chocolate

From left – Dark Chocolate, Mushroom, Old Gold, Tan

I really recommend you pick them up if you are in the UK!
Otherwise, you can get them on the Barry M website (which charges SUPER HIGH shipping), or on Jamilla’s site!

Stay tuned for more blogger meet up posts!

xoxo, K

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Japan Powow!

Today I traveled to Tokyo to meet up with some wonderful beauty bloggers!
Tokyo is more than 500 km (300 miles) from Kobe so it’s quite a trip!!! It was SOOO nice to meet some other bloggers based in Japan!

However, I forgot to take pictures… so I’ll wait a bit for the other ladies to post their pics…

Also, I got some nice samples and some VERY NICE goodies from the other ladies. I really want to post those, but I am super super tired today from my travels and from all the walking around that we did…

I think I’ll go soak in the bathtub and go to sleep…

xoxo, K

PS: Lady L, what was that blue medicine you gave me? It worked GREAT.

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