Welcome to Muro-ji, Nara

In the fall, I went to Muro-ji in Nara. Muro-ji was built in 8th century, and is famous as being one of the few temples which was open to women in that era.

This five story pagoda is quite famous in Japan, as it was damaged significantly during a typhoon in 1998. It was restored thanks to many people’s donations.

As with other Japanese temples, the best place to pray is at the top of the mountain… so I walked all the way up. I thought Fushimi Inari was a tough walk, but this was REALLY tough. It was much shorter than the 2.5 hour mountain hike, but it was much steeper.  This is definitely NOT for anyone who is not used to walking, or who does not have the willpower to make it to the top!

I thought this was steep enough…

But um, no…  the stairs continued for some time!

With steps as steep as this, going down was even scarier!

One watch out about Muro-ji is that it is in an extremely remote location. It is a bus ride from the nearest train station, which has seriously nothing there. There is one bus every hour. There were actually only two taxis there, which were taking turns bringing people to Muro-ji!

Side note: This is near Ohno temple, which is quite well known among Arashi fans. As you might guess from the name, there are coincidentally 5 temples/shrines in the Kansai area which each have the same name as one of the Arashi members. By the way, Ninomiya temple happens to be in Kobe!  Of course, these temples have absolutely no relationship with Arashi!

Hope you enjoyed this visit to Muro-ji in Nara!

xoxo, K

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