How to travel with foundation

I travel regularly for work, and I’ve realized that about 1/3 of my luggage is makeup and beauty products. I have a lot of bottles and tubes, and I realized that foundation takes up a lot of space.


The Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ foundation is probably the smallest bottle of foundation I currently own. It is much smaller than the palm of my hand… but still, who needs to bring a full bottle of foundation? I’m not going to use it up even if I go away for a month or so.  Isn’t there a better way to travel with foundation?


I considered squeeze tubes and jars which are sold in the travel section.  But I still thought they were too big!

As I was browsing the 100 yen store, I saw these small tubes. They are used to store soy sauce to put into bentos. They are tiny, cheap (I bought 8 for $1), and they don’t leak.  Score!


This is how I have been traveling with foundations. Each tube lasts me well over 2 weeks!


Do you have any tips when you travel? Please let me know!

xoxo, K

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Welcome to… A park in the middle of Hong Kong

I have been to Hong Kong so many times that I keep doing the same things. Buy makeup, eat, go shopping… I wanted to do something different.
The International Finance Centre Mall (IFC Mall) is an integrated shopping mall and business center near Hong Kong’s Central Station. The shopping center is high end, with an Apple Store and a movie theater.
When I checked in on Foursquare, I saw an interesting tip… to go to the roof.  I had no idea that there is a park there!

The tips suggested I buy some food at the Supermarket and go to the roof for a great view of Kowloon!

I didn’t know there was such a green place in the middle of Hong Kong!  I hope you enjoyed this visit to IFC mall in Hong Kong.

xoxo, K

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Welcome back to… Hong Kong

Ahh Hong Kong…

I love being here, even if the weather is crappy…

Maybe it is somehow similar to Manhattan in that it is a major city crammed into a small location…

And that there is construction everywhere…

Although I would still rather live in New York than in Hong Kong…

It’s hard to beat Bonjour and Sasa though. These are two of the biggest drugstore chains in Hong Kong, and watch out, they are CRAMMED full of stuff! This is where I pick up my samples of high end skin care, and you can also get all sorts of Asian beauty products here as well.

The inventory depends on the store but the price is the same at every store. These stores are ALL OVER Hong Kong!

Go to Sasa if…
  • You are looking for color cosmetics. The selection is much better than at Bonjour.
  • If you are looking to buy sheet masks individually, or you are looking to buy a limited edition set
  • You are looking for VOV or Skin Whitia sheet masks. You can find My Beauty Diary at both Sasa or Bonjour, although the selection is slightly better at Sasa.
Go to Bonjour if…
  • You want to save even the slightest bit of money. The same stuff is slightly cheaper at Bonjour compared to Sasa
Watch out because…
  • Some of the stores are EXTREMELY crowded, with stuff crammed everywhere
  • In Hong Kong, plastic bags cost money. Bring your own bag to put your stuff in.
I did head out to some place new in Hong Kong, which I hope I can post soon!
xoxo, K
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The result of 3 years abroad…

During the 3 years that I lived abroad, I bought a lot of stuff each time I came back to Japan. Many Japanese things are available in China and in Indonesia, but since I wasn’t able to get stuff sent to me, I always bought certain things each time I was in Japan. Now that I’m back in Japan, I realize that I have hoarded a lot of stuff… and I’m not talking about makeup!

This is a picture of a shelf in my bathroom. I have a TON of cotton that I brought abroad!  You can see 2 rows of 3-4 bags each in this picture, but there are actually 2 more rows behind them.  Each bag contains a box of cotton, which is about 1.5 months’ worth.  That is more than 2 years’ worth of cotton!
This is another shelf in my bathroom. You can see multiple refill pouches of lotion, toothbrushes, contact lens solution, and razors.  These are also things which I brought abroad with me.
Like many other beauty lovers, I have more eyeshadows and blushes than I can use, and many of the colors are very similar. However, the amount of skin care backups that you can see in these pictures is excessive! These are all staples in my skin care routine, but still… Hopefully I’ll be able to get through these soon!
xoxo, K
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Welcome to Abruzzo, Italy

I posted recently about going on a business trip to Europe. I first went to a small area of Italy called Abruzzo, around 200 km from Rome, on the Adriatic Sea.

Summer is definitely the best time of the year to visit Europe!  The days were incredibly long – with sunset nearly 9 PM.
Before I went to Italy, I headed to the blog Beautiful With Brains.  It is one of my favorite blogs, and Giorgia   is from Italy!
On some of her previous blog posts, she has recommended a store called Limoni and a brand called Kiko.  I found both of them near my hotel.  I bought quite a few things at Kiko, which I will review soon!
Oh, and of course I ate a lot of delicious things! (all pictures are from my Instagram account)
Caprese – so simple, so good.
I got lemon and cream, which was incredibly simple and REALLY delicious.
I ate more prosciutto, pasta, and cheese than I should.  This part of Italy still observes Siesta, and most stores were closed between 1 and 4 PM. Perhaps because of this, people eat dinner at like 9 PM here!
The best part of Italy?  All the Italian men got my food, poured my drinks, and made me comfortable in every possible way!  This was such a big shock to me, since these are things that Japanese society expects women to do for me. No wonder Italian men are popular!
I had a great time on this trip, and although it was for work, it was a nice break from my normal routine.  Next stop – Warsaw, Poland!
xoxo, K
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