Thank you! Meet up with Wuzzy

I’m still sorting through my diving pictures and haul pictures from Hawaii.  I didn’t really take many pictures since the scenery is familiar for me, but here is a picture of a Christmas tree in Waikiki.

I haven’t been in the US during the holiday season in a long time, so I was really overwhelmed at everyone buying so much. I think it was a lot less crazy (=people bought less) when I was a child in the 80s-90s! 

I got to meet Wuzzy during my recent visit to Hawaii!  I had such a great time hanging out and chatting with her.  It really was like meeting an old friend! 

Wuzzy kindly gave me some gifts!

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion – Twilight Woods
This is one of my favorite scents!

La Belle Femme Cosmetics Desert Rose Blush, Goddess Bronzer
Fashonista eyeshadow
I had a great time! Thanks so much!!

xoxo, K

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Review: Rimmel Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer

This is a quick review of the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Foundation PrimerDiana kindly sent this to me!

The shade is 001 Apricot (but there is only one shade available)

What it does: (from Rimmel’s website)

Create a perfect canvas for foundation application. – Skin Perfecting primer smoothes and evens out your complexion – prolongs the wear of your foundation – Minimizes Pores

Price: approx $7.59 (from

– This REALLY worked!  It made my face feel smooth and was a GREAT base for my foundation!
– Very easy to smooth onto my face.  The texture is somewhere between a cream and a silicone gel
– The shade made it almost like a tinted moisturizer for me.  If I had less flaws, I would probably be able to wear just this.

– The color.  If you are light-skinned, your face may look orange.  It did not leave any noticeable orangeness on my skin.  For reference, I’m around an NC25.

Swatched heavily (yes, it really is this orange)


My thoughts:
I loved this, but I can easily see why it would not work for many people considering the color of the product.  I was very surprised when I first squeezed out the product since I was expecting something clear or white.  It blends into nothing for me, but I would be wary of the color if my skin were lighter.
However, other than the color, I have nothing bad to say about this product!  It worked fabulously for me!  I love the texture even more than the Monistat Chafing Gel I’ve been using.  It makes my foundation last very long and keeps it from getting oily!

I could not find this in the UK.  This is very strange, because as far as I know, Rimmel is a UK brand.  Please let me know if you can find it!

Would I (re)purchase: Yes!  I’m planning to buy a backup when I’m in Hawaii (in a few days!!!!)


I’m going to Hawaii in a few days.  What do you suggest I buy at the drugstore?  What about at Sephora?

xoxo, K

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Quick Love and Pearl Milk Teas

A very kind subscriber sent me a love parcel before I left Japan.  Thank you so much!

Queen Helene Gentle Oatmeal and Honey Scrub
I had been very interested in this product for a while, so thank you for sending it to me!
She also sent me this lovely package of gifts from Canada!
Thank you so much!
I’ve been tweeting about the pearl milk teas I’ve been enjoying in China. Something from Starbucks is about $4-5 here, which is about the same as in the US. I didn’t consider it expensive until I saw what local girls drink… Pearl Milk Teas that start at 5 RMB (about $0.70 USD) .

I only remembered to take a picture after I started drinking this!
You may think that things in China are cheap. However, as the economy has gotten better, the cost of everything has gone up. Clothing is the same price as in Japan. Everything that is imported comes with a 30% price increase. I wouldn’t consider it cheap to live here. Food is the only thing which continues to be cheap!

I’m so excited about my trip to Hawaii!  What do you I suggest I buy from the drugstore?

xoxo, K

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Sleek Twitter prize

In mid-August, I won a twitter giveaway hosted by Sleek Makeup.  Sleek is a drugstore brand in the UK which is well known in the blogger world for their eyeshadow palettes.

The original prize was a set of 20 brushes and an eyeshadow palette with Swarovski crystals.

The brushes with a brush belt
I haven’t had a chance to use these yet.  Sleek hinted that these were going to be released soon.  At this point, I don’t think Sleek has any brushes available.
Sleek i-Divine Palette with Swarovski crystals

Inside – the Graphite palette
I’m curious why they decided to decorate this palette.  The Graphite palette is a limited edition palette which has already been discontinued and is not available on the Sleek website, nor did I see it in any stores in the UK.

Due to some mishaps at Sleek, the prize package wasn’t sent out for a month.  Sleek kindly apologized to me, and added to my prize as a way of making up.  The extras were a couple of lip glosses and one of each of i-Divine palette that they had in stock!

Pout Polishes (lipglosses)
I slipped these in a package for someone!
i-Divine Original palette

Storm palette

Sunset palette

Chaos palette

Acid palette

Circus palette (Limited edition, already discontinued)

Bohemian palette (Limited Edition, already discontinued)
Many thanks to Sleek for their generousity.
Separately, I bought the Safari Palette, which is also limited edition and has already been discontinued.  Surprisingly, I was able to buy this at almost the retail price.
Safari palette (Limited Edition, already discontinued)

I’ll be getting a lot of use out of these palettes!

xoxo, K

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Thank you! Love from London Blogger girls

The London blogger girls gave me a bunch of gifts when we met up. Thank you so much!!!

This Foot Salve is from Yinnie.  She also gifted me with some yummy biscuits, but they are long gone.
This mud mask is a gift from Eve, all the way from Iceland.

Jamilla gave me a whole stash of goodies, including a bunch of Barry M Dazzle Dusts.  I’ll post about those together with the ones that I got for myself.

Barry M Nail Paint 
Urban Decay Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder
Some lovely samples

Barry M eyeliners

MAC Studio Moisture Tint in Medium
Nars Illuminator in Orgasm

Thank you so much for your love!!!

xoxo, K

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