A Piece of Me – in May 2010 & My Medicine Cabinet

I was tagged by Tammy to take a picture of my medicine cabinet.  However, I don’t have one!

I keep my daily skin care items (minus my toner) on the table near my bed.  This is because since I want to dive into bed after getting my makeup off, I need to put stuff near my bed to remind myself to use it! The same goes for the morning – I tend to forget to put sunscreen on my body unless it’s by my bed!

From left: SK-II serum, Bath & Body Works Body Lotion (in Japanese Cherry Blossom, which I don’t particularly like!), Skin Food Pomegranate Sleeping Mask,  Biore Sunscreen (one of the first reviews I did), The Face Shop Eye Cream, Tiger Balm, and Vaseline

I keep my makeup in a pouch like this:

Everything that is in my rotation is in here.  I keep all the other stuff in a box where I don’t see it.  That way, when I rotate my makeup, everything seems new!  More about my rotation here.

Now on to the A Piece of Me tag!

This month…

I like:

I don’t like:

  • that I didn’t buy enough in New York!!!!!
  • that it’s not quite warm enough to wear sandals!  (Death to socks!)

I want you to know

  • that I’m really trying to get better!  Sorry for the ranting on googlechat!

I’ve planned

  • nothing much, for May!  Oh dear, I guess I need to plan something!

I want to say to someone special

  •  Thank you.  That’s all I can say!

xoxo, K

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Tag: 40 questions!

I got tagged for the 40 questions tag!

But before I start… Yes, I’ve changed my layout!!!  What do you think?

1) How many times do you wash your face daily?
Twice a day, in the morning and at night.

2) What skin type do you have?(dry, oily, combo) 
Combo. It becomes quite dry in the winter, and pretty oily in the winter

3) What is your current facial wash? 
The Face Shop facial cleanser that Anastacia kindly gave me

4) Do you exfoliate? 
Yes, twice a week

5) What brand do you use? 
Lush Herbalism cleanser, from Diana

6) What moisturizer do you use? 
I used the Fair & Lovely Skin Clarity, from Blair, until a few days ago. Now I’m using the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle cream. Yay to retinol!

7) Do you have freckles? 
I have a lot of sun damage!

8) Do you use eye cream? 
Still searching for one that I like!  Any recommendations?

9) Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
I get a huge pimple every once in a while. When I was in high school and college, I would get small pimples every summer. After a few years, my dermatologist told me that my immune system got shot every summer due to the heat!  I was so so SO happy when I outgrew that, but I still get nervous every summer!

10) Did you ever have use Pro-activ? 
No, I don’t think it was available here back then

11) What foundation do you use? 
Lioele BB Cream and/or EDM Light Olive Intensive

12) How about concealer? 
Maybelline concealer or EDM concealer

13) Do you know your undertone color? 
I used to think I was warm, but olive seems to suit me better

14) What do you think of fake eyelashes? 
I LOVE THEM and would use them every day if I could get away with it at work!

15) Do you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months? 
Yes, I’m very careful about this.  I wear contacts and used to get styes very easily.  

16) What brand of mascara do you use? 
Covergirl Lash Blast.  Surprisingly, I like the non-waterproof version better!

17) Sephora or MAC? 
None, we don’t have Sephora in Japan (they left like 5-10 years ago) and MAC is too overpriced (like 2.5x the US price)!  

18) Do you have a MAC pro-card? 
No! I wish I did!

19) What make-up tools do you use in make-up applicaion? 
Brushes, sponges, Q-tips, my fingers… anything that works! I also use sponge tip applicators sometimes! They are the best for mineral eyeshadows!

20) Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes? 
Yes, TFSI that Mona kindly gave me. I tried a sample of UDPP recently and I LOVE IT.

21) For the face? 
Monistat Anti-Chafing gel. Seriously. It has the same ingredients as some brand-name primers (*cough* Smashbox Photo Finish *cough*) Lulu kindly sent me this AND I LOVE IT.

22) What is your favourite eye shadow (color or shade)? 
I love my neutrals! I haven’t found ONE color that I absolutely love and would buy again and again, though!  What color do YOU love?

23) Do you use pencil or liquid liner?
Right now, I don’t use eyeliner very often, but I like liquid better. I haven’t found a pencil eyeliner that I love yet. I REALLY want to try Milani Liquif Eye!

24) How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
Not anymore. I can’t do winged eyeliners, though!

25) What do you think of pigment eyeshadows? 
They are pretty but I have a hard time blending them!

26) Do you use mineral makeup? 

27) What is your favorite lipstick? 
MAC Viva Glam V!Jamilla kindly sent me it , and it is truly LOVE!!!

28) What about lipgloss? 
I don’t have a favorite lipgloss. They are usually too sticky or too pigmented.

29) What is your favourite blush to use? 
I realized recently that I have too many blushes, but my favorite is the Milani Luminous blush. I assume I would love the Nars Orgasm, but my $7 Milani blush gets my love… for now.

30) Do you buy your make-up on e-bay? 

31) Do you like drugstore makeup? 
Yes! In any country I visit, I always go to the supermarket and the drugstore!

32) Do you go to CCO’s? (Cosmetic Company Outlet) 
No, but I really want to go!

33) Did you ever consider taking make-up classes? 
I really would like to try!

34) Are you clumsy in putting on make-up? 
Yeah, I hope I am improving!

35) Name a make-up crime that you hate? 
Since makeup is affected by the trends at the time, something that looks hideous now might be totally “in” 5 years from now. That said, there is a girl at work who wears foundation that makes her look ashy and it stops directly at her jawline. Every time I see her, I want to whip out a foundation brush, blend her jawline, and apply bronzer/blush!!!

36) Do you like colorful shades of make-up (lipstick, eyeshadow) or neutral colors? 
I love colorful shades on other people, and I’ve started to experiment on myself!

37) Which celebrity always has great make-up? 
Jennifer Aniston always looks very natural and very pretty!

38) If you could leave the house using just ONE make-up item, what would you use? 
Eyebrow pencil. Like many Japanese girls, I trim my eyebrows to be very short, and they need to be filled in. Please don’t ask me why we trim them when we have to fill them in… it’s just another “in” thing!

39) Could you ever leave your house without any make-up on? 
Yes, but I always always ALWAYS wear sunscreen!

40) Do you think you look good even without any make-up on? 
I have more confidence with makeup on! But then again, the first time a guy tried to hit on me was when I didn’t have makeup on… and after a long flight, too!

41) In your opinion, what is the best make-up line? 
I don’t have just one favorite. I like a lot of different products from many different brands.

42) What do you think of make-up? 
It’s a tool which gives every girl confidence to be everything she wants to be!

Wow, I mentioned so many bloggers in this tag!  It just goes to show you how much the beauty blogger community means to me!

I tag all the girls I mentioned in this tag:

And a love link to Anastacia who has already done this tag!

xoxo, K

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A Piece of Me… in March 2010!

It’s the time of the month (no, not THAT time of the month!) to join in with Notes from the Toothfairy!

This month….
I like: collecting state quarters (US money).  I know that they stopped making them in 2009.  I still have a lot to collect!  Can someone help me?????  LOL!

I don’t like: that I ran out of the Fair & Lovely Skin Clarity moisturizer I received from Blair.  It REALLY evened out my skin tone and got absorbed REALLY quickly!

I want you to know: that I seriously appreciate ALL the blogger love I received on my birthday… which I continue to receive!  Thank you SO MUCH for your generosity!

I’ve planned: BLOGGER MEETUP IN NYC!!!!!!!!!!  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!
I also realized that for the past year, I’ve been scheduling vacations around places where I can meet up with other bloggers.  I guess this means I need to go to California next? (Diana? Sarah?  Cat? Who else?)

I want to say to someone special: I am scared of my cell phone bill this month!

How was your March?

xoxo, K

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Pieces of me… in March 2010!

First off, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for their sweet birthday wishes!  
My birthday was Mar 7, this past Sunday!! Your love means so much to me!!!!

I jumped on this tag bandwagon hosted by Notes from the Toothfairy!

I like: one month until I’m going to NYC!!!!  The best part?  Meet up with blogger girls!!

I don’t like: the incredible, incredible stress I’ve been under.  I need to destress!

I want you to know: that as long as I can plan my actions, I’ll be OK even under stress

I’ve planned: to have MAJOR fun during my NYC trip!

I want to say to someone special: Thank you to all the well wishes I’ve received when I started complaining about this stress!  It really means a lot to me!

xoxo, K

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Tags: Over the Top / Awesome Girl!

The lovely Mona made me a new banner!
I didn’t name my blog after the Bihada Ichizoku line but the girl is certainly cute!!
Now I have to find a new layout for my blog… someone want to help me???

TAG: Over The Top!

I was tagged by Amy Naree ! One word answers to the following questions!

Where’s your cell phone: purse

Your hair: cut

Your mother: called

Your father: overprotective

Favorite Food: dumplings

Dream last night: bestie

Favorite drink: water

What room are you: bedroom

Hobby: traveling

Fear: robbery

Where were you last night: work

Something that you aren’t: athletic

Muffins: small

Wish list item: here

Where did you grow up: NYC

What are you wearing: Uniqlo

Your pets: none

Friends: LOVE

Something you’re not wearing: socks

Favorite store: random

Favorite color: black

Last time you laughed: yesterday

Your best friend: LOVE

Place you go to over and over: USA

Person who emails you regularly: work

Favorite place to eat: random

TAG: I think you are an awesome girl!

I was tagged by Anastacia for this one!

I’m supposed to share 10 facts about me… so I took a look at my previous tags to see what I hadn’t yet shared! I’ll share 10 random things about me and beauty blogging!

1. Most of my posts are scheduled posts. Sorry!!!! I work more than 12 hours a day on weekdays (closer to 14 hours most days…) so I try to make blog post when I’m inspired!

2. I’ve been reading beauty blogs and watching youtube videos for such a long time! It still amazes me that the girls whose blogs I’ve been reading for so long know who I am and leave such kind comments!!! Wuzzy, Mona, Diana (Paperdoll Revenge and Mayaari), Anastacia, Nikki, Yumeko, Elvira, Jamila, Sarah, and so many more girls!! I’m still in shock when I get an email / tweet from you girls!! I’m just a fangirl!!!

3. I’m making it my personal mission to meet as many bloggers as I can! I’ve met up with bloggers from Tokyo, NYC, Guam, and London so far! Too bad I didn’t start blogging a few months earlier than I did – I went to Hawaii and Hong Kong just before I started!

4. My makeup collection has grown from one bag to three boxes over the past 6+ months. I blame traveling and beauty blogging!

5. Beauty blogging introduced me to MAC, Skin Food, The Face Shop, VOV, mineral makeup, and so many other great things! At the same time, I’m so surprised that all of the American girls know about Kate/Visee/Sekkisei/Canmake/etc!

6. Speaking of MAC, I have 5 MAC brushes. 6 months ago I had none!! Ooooh the power of blogging!

7. I recently broke my no-buy. Shhhh!!!! I’ll go back on it soon!

8. I haven’t done a blog post about my favorite skin routine. I had been planning to since I started blogging, but for some reason, it hasn’t happened yet!

9. That blue striped background you see on most of my pics? Yes, it’s my blanket! It’s a more interesting background than the floor!

10. I STILL haven’t mastered taking a good EOTD picture! The picture always washes me out!! I really want to learn how to take good pics!!

I tag: Blair, Izumi, Eki, Tammy, Lane , and anyone else who wants to do this!!

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