Up & Down #7 / A Piece of Me… in October 2010

It’s time for my monthly Ups & Downs!

– Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous

This was a gift from Sarah.  I like how it gives me full, long lashes without clumping.

– Pressing the Barry M Dazzle Dusts that I acquired in London (My haul is coming up!)

I went a little crazy and got a BUNCH of Barry M Dazzle Dusts.  I loved the ones I bought last year so I needed to get more!  They are VERY pigmented.

– Getting to meet lovely blogger ladies!

– Moving!  How exciting!

– That my move is SOOOO RUSHED.

It’s the time of the month to join Notes from the Toothfairy in A Piece of Me!

This month…

I like: that my life is exciting!

I don’t like: nothing.  Things are going well for me!  Wow, how often can you say that there is NOTHING in your life that you don’t like!

I want you to know: that I’m bringing my MAC MSFs and eyeshadow palettes by hand.  I am NOT going to be shipping them to China and risk losing or damaging them! (I’ve got interesting priorities… MSFs and eyeshadow palettes are among my “irreplaceable valuables”)

I’ve planned: to continue blogging even after I’ve moved.  Hopefully I’ll find a VPN that works for me!

What products have you loved this month?

xoxo, K

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Tag: Would you rather…

Kat of Mai-Kat Oshaberi tagged me for this “Would You Rather” tag.
I’ve seen many girls do this on youtube, and it’s interesting to see the different opinions.

1.Would you rather go out with messy hair and nice makeup or nice hair and no makeup?
I would rather go out with nice hair and no makeup, but in reality, I often go out with messy hair and nice makeup.  I have to tie up my hair at work, so I don’t really do much with it.

2.Would you rather shave your eyebrows or have your eyelashes fall out?
I would rather shave my eyebrows.  I think almost all the people who have done this tag have answered the same way.  Mascara was the very first makeup item I started using, and I haven’t stopped using it since.

3.Would you rather be forced to only shop at MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life?
I can’t really chose, considering MAC is VERY expensive here (the 187 is over $80 here, vs $42 in the US), and Sephora left Japan quite a few years ago.  I’ve only ever bought 1 item at Sephora, and 2 items at a MAC store.

4.Would you rather wear lipgloss/lipliner look or 80’s perm?
Lipgloss/Lipliner.  Actually, I don’t regularly wear lipliner, and I’m not that into lipglosses either.

5.Would you rather leave the house with an obvious foundation line or overdone blush?
Overdone blush.  I once blogged about a girl at work who had an obvious foundation line…

6.Would you rather wear mc hammer pants or biker shorts in public?
Biker shorts.  Tapered pants do not work for me.

7.Would you rather have a bad orangey spray tan or really weird tan lines that cant be covered?
Weird tan lines.  When I was a kid, I wore a one-piece striped bathing suit, and I got striped tan lines on my tummy.  Ahhh good memories!

8.Would you rather have a bad haircut or bad hair color?
You can re-dye hair color, and you can tie up a bad hair cut.  If I had to compare between having a bad hair color that I couldn’t do anything about, and a bad haircut that I couldn’t do anything about… a bad haircut.  A bad hair color could make my skin color look off, and will probably affect my makeup and my clothing.

9.Would you rather have YOUTUBE or TWITTER taken away forever?
This is REALLY hard for me!  Youtube is what I watch instead of TV, and I’ve gotten close to a lot of girls through chatting with them on twitter…  I guess I’d choose Twitter!

10.Would you rather give up using makeup brushes or mascara?
 Makeup brushes!  I could NEVER give up using mascara.  I’m picky about my mascara as it is!!  I’ll never end my search to find the volumizing mascara that doesn’t flake, clump, or give me raccoon eyes!

Hope your week is going well!
xoxo, K

PS: Remember my Ume Syrup?  This is what I did with the Ume fruits that were left over:

Ume Jam!  This was delicious!
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Up & Down #5 / A Piece of Me… in August 2010

Wow, can you believe that it is already August?  I haven’t gone on summer vacation yet!  I hope everyone is enjoying summer!

Here are my Ups & Downs for this month!

– Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Brush

I haven’t been able to post this yet, but Sarah kindly sent this to me!  It is the BEST foundation brush for me so far.  I’ll review this soon!

– Arubian Coral Mica eyeshadow from Coastal Scents

Blair kindly sent me a sample of this, which I pressed.

My go-to everyday eyeshadow right now!  It is actually much pinker than it appears in this picture.

– booking my trip to London and Manchester!  
I’ll be there in mid-September.  Please let me know if you would like a meetup!
– Being incredibly exhausted due to the heat.  
On the plus side, it has forced me to go home earlier since I don’t want to fall asleep while driving!
– Food spoiling easily, even in the refrigerator.   
Since I only go shopping once a week, I run out of things to eat by Fridays!


It’s the time of the month to join Notes from the Toothfairy in A Piece of Me!

This month…
I like: that I realized I’ve grown a lot stronger than I thought I was.  I WILL get through this. 

I don’t like: that I’m exhausted all the time

I want you to know: this month, I’ve realized more than ever how kind and generous blogger girls are.  THANK YOU for lending me an ear, for giving me a hug, for comforting me when I spent so many days depressed.  I don’t know what I would have done without all of you!

I’ve planned: YES I’ve booked my tickets to Hawaii & London!  But I haven’t found hotels yet (except for London)!!!

I want to say to someone special: BIG HUGS!!!

I’ve ranted so much on twitter that I had a few big changes in my life recently.  It was really hard on me for a little while.  Surprisingly, after a week or two, it got a lot easier.  I was seriously down for that week, and then it wasn’t so bad.  I have all my wonderful blogger girls to thank for that!!

How was your July?
xoxo, K

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Shout out! / Ume Syrup Update / A Piece of Me in July 2010!

A week or so ago,  I got a lovely shout out from one of my favorite blogs, Nouveau Cheap!
(Her lovely post is here)

This is the first time my blog has gotten a mention on another blog (I have gotten personally been mentioned before, but not my blog), and I am completely overwhelmed and grateful!!!  Thank you to the Recessionista, and thank you to all the people who have decided to stop by my blog.  Thank you also to my long time friends who have mentioned me personally on their blogs!  I find a lot of great blogs due to the recommendation of my friends, and I’m hoping that some of you also feel the same way!

As requested by the Recessionista… 

Here’s a quick update of the ume syrup I made previously!
(Here is my original post)


After 3 weeks:

All the liquid is from the plums!  I tasted the syrup today and it is sweet and tart – very refreshing for the summer!  I’ll drink it diluted with club soda!

I really consider July to be the start of summer here in Japan.  Summer vacation starts in July, plus it doesn’t get really hot until July.  How have you been enjoying summer so far?

It’s also the time of the month to join Notes from the Toothfairy in A Piece of Me!

This month…

I like: that I’ve lost nearly 5 kg in the past year… according to my annual health exam.  That explains why I have been asked on 3 different occasions if I have lost weight recently.

I don’t like: that I didn’t do anything special to lose the weight – because that means I lost it through stress. 

I want you to know: that I REALLY appreciate any mentions and any links to my blog from yours!  Thank you so much!!!  It really helps me to understand what kind of posts my viewers like!

I’ve planned: to go to the UK in September and to Hawaii in December!!  Let me know if anyone is available to meet up!!!

I want to say to someone special: Thank you for being such a fantastic friend, and for understanding my problems!!!

xoxo, K

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Up & Down #4 / A Piece of Me… in June 2010!

It’s June!!!  June in Japan is rainy season (called Tsuyu)!  Unlike rainy seasons in other parts of the world, it rains for ENTIRE DAYS during Tsuyu!  We will have 3-4 days of consecutive rain, and then a sunny day.  I prefer rainy seasons where it just rains HARD for a few hours each day!

– Barry M Dazzle Dusts.   Now that I’ve pressed them, they are SO easy to use!  I love how pigmented they are!

 Swatches are from my blogpost here.

nail polish!  I’m very bad at painting my nails, plus I do too much stuff with my nails.  That’s why I have never grown my nails long, and I was never a nail polish wearer.  Recently, I’ve been getting into nail polish… I blame the beauty blogger community!!!

(Not my picture – this was the first picture on google image search)

finally “getting” how to use eye primers.  Eye primers never really worked for me, until I finally figured out that I was using it wrong!  I guess I never learned correctly since Youtube videos typically skip over this part!

– really tough days at the office.  ‘Nuff said.

– people problems.  Did you know that 80% of people who quit their jobs do so because of people problems (boss, coworkers, etc)?

It’s also the time of the month to join Notes from the Toothfairy in A Piece of Me!

This month…

I like: that I was able to write a creative blogpost.  Even though many people have compared the Beauty Blender and the Sonia Kashuk sponge, I’m glad I could contribute something new by showing the difference in density!  Thank you for your support! (see my post here)

I don’t like: that I have continued to have people problems.  It is emotionally draining.

I want you to know: that I really, really appreciate all the love I receive on twitter and through comments on my blog.  Thank you so much for letting me know you care!

I’ve planned: nothing much!  I’m starting to get the itch to go somewhere!

I want to say to someone special: Thank you for your love and support!

xoxo, K

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