Things to do before I’m 30!

It’s a month until my 28th birthday.  I’ve past the halfway mark between 25 and 30, and it made me think – what do I want to accomplish in the next few years?

Thinking of how far I need to get to my “ideal me” makes me really depressed, so I started off with thinking about all the things I wanted to accomplish when I was 20, which I have already done.

What I have accomplished in my 20s:

– Be able to drive (which I didn’t need to do when I lived in Tokyo)

– Live by myself

– Have a job which makes me want to go to work everyday

– Know what it’s like to be in love again

– Graduate

– Visit the Great Wall of China

(Yes, I took this picture by myself with a point and shoot, and it is untouched!  It turned out pretty well!)

– Work in a country where I didn’t understand the language

– Have people report to me at work

– Be able to cook, and have a few dishes and desserts that I’m confident in making

– Learn to scuba dive

– Go surfing (not well… but I’ve done it!)

– Travel to India

– Figure out my values in life

The last item was BY FAR the most important thing I have ever done in my life.  It really made my life so easy.  Now, it is so easy to make choices in my life, even life-changing ones, because I know that as long as I stick with my values I will be happy.

So now…  a few things I want to accomplish before I’m 30…

– Move “to the next level” at work

– Go scuba diving some place new (a picture of the Maldives, below)

– Go Trapeze Flying <– this I am planning to do SOON… in NYC

– Go to the Grand Canyon again, now that I’m old enough to appreciate it

– Travel to eastern Europe
 – ride a motorcycle

– get properly fitted for a bra (this I’m also planning to do in NYC)

– Travel to some state in the US which is NOT on the ocean

– save $100,000 (USD equivalent) in the bank

If you google these kinds of lists, you will notice that most of them are about either traveling to some place, or about learning to do something.  I guess we all want to to be able to do something new!

Now, off to make some plans to accomplish these things!

What do you want to accomplish?

xoxo, K

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Here are some of the questions I got on!

If you want to ask me a question, please go here!

What is your favorite lip product? by NotARichGirl

Right now, it’s Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Nude Blush (from Mel)! I also LOVE my MAC Viva Glam V (from Jamilla)!!!

What would your perfect day look like?

Right now it’s a day of shopping, talking and eating in NYC with blogger girls! Yes, it’s coming up in April!!! Or it could be a day of diving and surfing in Hawaii, or just walking around and talking with my best friend!!

If you had to wear only one color for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Black. Actually, most of my clothes are black, followed by navy blue. My friend likes to tease me about how when I see him, I’m ALWAYS wearing black. If I had to wear only black and navy blue for the rest of my life, it would not be different from how it is now! If I had to give up navy blue… aww, that means I need to give up my jeans!

what is your secret to be always in great mood? Because you always happily smile and looks amazing!

Awww, what a sweet comment! Actually, I often complain! But I believe it’s all about the mindset you put yourself in. I believe there is always a way to make things better for myself, and that it will happen as long as I take action! It’s all about taking power for yourself!

I love your blog! What made you start up blogging?

Thank you for the sweet comment! I started because I really enjoyed reading beauty blogs and I wanted to be part of the beauty blog community!

if money was no issue, would you rather buy high end items or just-as-good drugstore items?

That would totally depend on the product. I believe that some drugstore items are better in some cases. For example, I’ve never met a high end mascara that I loved. Lots of drugstore facial scrubs are good as well.

For other items, I truly believe that what you pay is what you get, such as with whitening formulas.

 what are your absolute favorite lipstick and lipgloss?

Right now, Viva Glam V and Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Nude Blush. I don’t have a favorite lipgloss since I haven’t met a lipgloss which was mindblowing! Everything I’ve tried has been between “oooh pretty!” and “ugh…”

  r u ever gonna take a vacay to cali? by jesscuhz

I want to! Just too scared to drive!!

What is the one make up product you can’t live with out? by amynaree

What a tough question! That’s a toss up between my eyebrow pencils and my mascara! Like many Japanese girls, my eyebrows are pretty non-existent!

What is your favorite BB cream? by iyah
Right now, I’m using the Face Shop Oil Free BB cream! It’s pretty good! I also really like the BRTC whitening BB cream for more coverage!

What do you think of FTC? Does international blogger have to do it too?
I am not familiar with the specifics of the FTC ruling, but all my reviews are my honest opinion!

What is your the most favourite movie? by Anastacia
“When Harry Met Sally”! I love that movie!

How did you find out about formspring?
from my friends’ twitterings!

Most overall recommended brand for skincare?
I don’t have a favorite brand, in that I can’t recommend every product from their line. For toners, I recommend Hadalabo. I do not yet have a favorite moisturizer. I really like the SkinClarity cream I reviewed on my blog. I’ve recently tried quite a few scrubs that I liked. I really like the RoC line for retinol creams. I’m still trying to find things that work!

is the Hadalabo toner suitable for oily skin?
I recommend you use the light toner. The regular Hadalabo toner is very thick!

Do you have a favorite blush?
Milani Luminous has been the best one so far. I love the peachy sheen it gives me! I use an angled brush to apply it because it doesn’t show up on my skin with a regular brush. I bought the MAC 168 for this purpose!

Thanks for all the great questions!
xoxo, K
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BIG ANNIVERSARY!!! ::applause::

This past weekend was a big anniversary for me.

My 1 year smoke-free anniversary!

Yes, it’s been a whole year since I picked up a cigarette!!!

I’ve never been a big smoker. I used to smoke a cigarette when things weren’t going so well in my life and I was really stressed. I’d have 1-2 cigarettes a day for about a week and then I’d throw the rest of the pack away. I’ve never smoked an entire pack of cigarettes.

The legal age to smoke in Japan is 20, but…yeah, you get my drift. I’m 27 now. You can do the math.

My best friend has a huge impact on my life. He is the one person I can talk to about anything, good or bad. He would tell me he was proud of me when I did well, something no one has every said to me, even my parents (yeah, typical Asian parents – I know you guys understand!)

One day, when I was having a lot of trouble at work, I told him I wanted to smoke again. He then told me something I didn’t know before – that a few years ago he had lost his father to lung cancer. He said to me, “I’ve lost one person I love to cigarettes. I don’t want to lose another.”

That was all it took.

A few days ago, someone at work who I used to smoke with offered me a cigarette. They were really expensive cigarettes (like x10 the normal cost) that someone had given him. I realized then that I hadn’t smoked in an entire year. I could look him in the eye and say, “No thanks, I’ve quit smoking and I’ve been smoke-free for an entire year.”

If you are one of the lucky people who has never given in to the temptation of smoking, I applaud you. Staying smoke-free has been very difficult to me. I did not think I was hooked on to nicotine since I was never a heavy smoker and I never had trouble throwing away a pack of cigarettes. What I didn’t realize was how the addiction was really in my head more than in my body.

It’s still hard not to smoke when someone offers me a cigarette. But I know that my best friend will be there for me so that I don’t give in. And I know I will not smoke again.

You know who you are…
If you ever come across this…


xoxo, K

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A quick meme about me!

What’s your favorite eye shadow color to wear?
brown & taupe! I just recently learned what “taupe” looks like… it’s not something you learn at school!

What’s the one product you wouldn’t leave your house without?
vaseline or a similar lip moisturizer. I will buy one if I forget it.

What’s your favorite makeup look – high drama OR natural?
Natural. I still need to build my makeup skills before I can go high drama!

Which feature do you play up the most?
Eyes. The first makeup item I ever bought was mascara.

Which feature do you try to downplay/cover up?
the redness around my cheeks and nose. EDM intensive concealer does a great job!
(yes, a review is coming!!!)

Your favorite makeup brand, if you could pick only ONE to exist?
Kate. Yeah, I know I should say some high end brand, but with Kate I am never disappointed.
I am looking forward to reviewing my Kate eyeshadows, eyeliners, eyebrow mascaras, etc…

Which product have you re-purchased OVER and OVER again?
Clinique moisturizer (the yellow one) in gel formula : Japan doesn’t seem to have non-oily moisturizers…
Hadaken keshosui (“beauty water”) : the big difference between Asian skin care and Western skin care. I really want to do a post about keshosui.

Which product would you NEVER repurchase again and why?

I don’t really remember products that I hated…

One beauty treatment you would always PAY to have done?

One beauty treatment you would NEVER pay to have done?
I am not a fan of facials!

One beauty trick you can share with everyone:
Blast your eyelash curler with air from your hair drier, or run the curler through the flame of a lighter before using it. It will help the curl to keep longer. 5-10 seconds will do the trick, and remember to check the temperature with your hand/wrist before using it. Those things can get hot quickly!!!

Best advice you’ve ever been given regarding beauty and makeup?
Wear sunscreen! Although I have been wearing sunscreen religiously since college, I didn’t wear it in high school and now I have a lot of sun damage.

Hoped that helped you know a little bit about me! xoxo, K

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First Post!!

Hello Blogger world! Welcome to Bihada Diaries!
This is my small blog where I’ll be sharing my makeup and skin care finds from Japan with the world!

Here’s a small intro for me:
I’m K, a 26 year old girl in Kobe, Japan. I love playing around with makeup and skin care things and drugstore finds in general! I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope I can make lots of friends here!!

xoxo, K

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