Review: Kate Powder Gel Liner

Today’s review is for my everyday eyeliner from Kate!!!

What it does: (from the Kate website) “Goes on smoothly and is easy to blend. This new powder gel liner dries quickly”

Price: 1575 yen (about $16). A tip from me: Never buy Kate at full price in Japan! Many drugstores sell them at 20-30% off normally!

Review: BK-3 (on the left hand) is black with metallic blue sparkles, and GN-1 (on the right hand) is olive green. Both go on smoothly and the brush it comes with is quite nice. It will smudge, although I consider that a normal part of wearing eyeliner and I touch up my makeup during the day to get rid of the smudges!
I like to line my eyes and then blend them with some dark eye shadow. An unblended line on my eye tends to look very harsh!
One warning is that if you wear hard contacts (like me!), please be careful applying BK-3. If the glitter gets into your eyes IT WILL HURT LIKE HELL (I know from experience!!!!)

Will I buy it again? Honestly I’m not sure. I like this product but it’s not total love. Then again, I’m still on a search to find an eyeliner I’d buy over again!

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