Thank you Iyah / EOTD: Green!?!?

I’m going on vacation to Guam from Wednesday and will be back Sunday.
Don’t know where Guam is? Here, it’s a US territory FILLED with Japanese tourists.

I’m going to be the typical Japanese tourist, but it IS a US territory… which means I’m gonna do some MAJOR HAULING off of my wishlist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

AND… I’m going to meet up with some beauty blogger ladies from Guam!!!!

PS: Where is the cheapest place to buy NYX in Guam? The fragrance outlet at the GPO?


Most people who have been reading beauty blogs recently will know “she who must not be named.”
You can read about her here / here / here (any other girls want to add their link?)

But today’s post is not directly about her.
Iyah very kindly sold me the 6 NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow pencils that were mentioned in this post.

SOOOOO I got to try out the NYX Jumbo Pencils that I’ve been LEMMING for… and for such a very sweet price!!

The package came only 5 days after posting! This has got to be a record!

Wait a minute…
Iyah has thrown in some extras!!!!!!!!!

Awwww what a sweet note! And what cute stationery!

I used to live in the suburbs of NYC.
Which means that I don’t have a I heart NY anything…
This would be pretty cool to flaunt here in Japan!!!

BB cream samples! Yay!


(from left, Gold / Lemon / Strawberry Milk / Pots & Pans / Yogurt / French Fries)

I did an EOTD with the Lemon because I’m so scared of green.
After blue comes green!!!

As Wuzzy commented, “the beauty bloggers are helping each other crawl out of their shells!!”

All of the next three are the same, but under different lighting.
Which looks the most realistic?

What I used:

  • NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Lemon up to crease
  • Blended out with light brown e/s
  • Dark brown e/s blended into outer corner
  • Lined eyes with Olive Green Gel Liner
  • Mascara primer + Mascara

Maybe I should try orange next, like Jamilla suggests!

xoxo, K

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What I learned today at the MAC counter

  • I’m a NC 25 (darker than Mona & Diana expected)
  • The most common shade in Japan is NC25
  • I was also told I’m the “normal Japanese shade” at the Dior/Lancome/RMK/Clinique counters
  • The concealer that the MUA used on me was NC 20
  • The 239 brush which I want is $42 in Japan (vs $25 in the US)
  • The 190 brush that I also want is $59 in Japan (vs $32 in the US)
  • Back 2 MAC in Japan : 10 containers, only exchangable for lipglasses
  • But trust me, the service at the MAC counter was SUPERB even considering that it is Japan
  • Shu Uemura #18 is more expensive in Japan… why? ($63 vs $39 in the US)

I am going to have to stop myself from hauling at MAC in Guam…

I’m going to be in Guam from May 7-9. Who would be interested in a meetup????
Right now, we are talking about having dinner together on May 7. Let me know!!!!

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EOTD: my first attempt to wear blue! (REALLY)

I’m getting a lot of new traffic, thanks to Wuzzy and KT! Thanks so much!!! But I’m sure my new readers are thinking, “is this really a beauty blog? I only see stuff about food!!”

SOOOO today I’ll finally post another EOTD!!
I don’t usually wear bright e/s, but reading all these beauty blogs has stimulated me out of my rut!!

Wearing blue scared me! No one wears brights to the office!!

Ooooh blurry pic, sorry!!

What I used:

– cream eyeshadow as base (not pictured)
– B all over, blended out with C (but it doesn’t show up…)
– D on the outer corner
– A under browbone
– Kate gel eyeliner in BK-3

I have NEVER worn blue eyeshadow before! I am really unsure of how to use it!!

Is there a look you’ve never done, or a color you’ve never worn before?

xoxo, K

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My dark pigmented lips…

I have a small problem with my lips, or rather, with choosing lip products.

Apparently my lips are super sensitive. When I use a product which does not work for me, the skin on my lips peels like hell until the product is gone.

I guess I’m lucky that it doesn’t make me break out or bleed or anything like that. My skin just sheds!!!

This makes looking for lipsticks a huge pain. Some lippies just make me shed so much that I cannot use them. Most long-lasting lipsticks are like this. Max Factor’s Lipfinity? The first time I tried it, my lips shed and the color flaked away like the way my nail polish chips away! Ewwww…

The other problem I have is that my lips are darkly pigmented. I have pretty typical Japanese coloring, and the last time I was color matched at MAC I was NC 20.

But this is the color of my lips:
And this is my naked lips! It looks like I’m wearing something, doesn’t it????

Because of this, I have a very hard time finding lipsticks which show up on me. If they do, they are usually really red or something…

Lately, I have begun to wear concealer on my lips, but for previously mentioned reasons, I have to be very careful or else the concealer will flake off…

Here’s a picture of my concealed lips!

For my LOTD pics, I’ll try to show one with concealer and one without!

I like the shape of my lips, and I like that I can wear just a gloss on my lips and it will still look good. Still, I’m envious of all the girls who can just pick up a lipstick and it will look the same applied to their lips as it does in the tube!

Do you have anything special you need to do when you apply makeup?

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Review: Bling eyeshadow in Pink

Here’s a quick review of the eyeshadow that I bought in my last mini haul. I said it was Elle Far, but I guess it wasn’t!
I wouldn’t call it “Bling” eyeshadow, because it certainly isn’t shimmery and the package only contains a small holographic label on it! The colors are very natural and not very pigmented.

There’s a small mirror on the lid. You can see my fingers in the reflection!
This palette contains 5 colors.
Top row: White, light pink, brown
Bottom row: nude cream shadow, bright pink

Swatches – from left: bright pink, brown, light pink, white, nude cream
I did not use primer on my arm and these are in natural sunlight.

There seems to be shimmer in the color but it does not show up. The white and light pink have a pearlish finish to them which makes them great for highlighting.

I’m not sure how to use the nude cream shadow. It does not have any color at all and it is thick and oily. I tried using it as a base, and actually it worked quite well… so I guess I’m using it right???

Surprisingly, when I used the cream base, my eyeshadow did not crease at all! This was very surprising considering that eyeshadows ALWAYS crease on me!

The colors were very wearable and did not make me look like I’d been in a fight, hahaha! The pigmentation was medium and can be blended well. An EOTD is coming up soon!

This palette is 105 yen ($1) from Daiso. I was highly impressed with the quality. Yeah, it’s not MAC or Dior, but it is as good as many of the drugstore brands.

I bought this palette since I just wanted to try pink eyeshadow, but I’ve ended up wearing this almost everyday, even more than my beloved Kate palettes! I guess this was a great buy!!!

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