Review: Skinfood Fermented Soy Milk Wrinkle Care Sleeping Mask

I have mentioned before that on most days, I apply a lotion mask on my face every night. Some nights, I come home so tired that it is a struggle just to remove my makeup, and I really cannot handle preparing and applying a lotion mask.  This is where sleeping packs come in handy.

Sleeping masks (aka sleeping packs) are facial masks that are formulated to go to sleep in. This means you can go to sleep without washing it off.  I have reviewed other sleeping packs before, the Skinfood Fermented Pomegranate Whitening Sleeping Pack, the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex, and the Laniege Firming Sleeping Pack.  This is a review of another Skinfood product, the Skinfood Fermented Soy Milk Wrinkle Care Sleeping Mask.

What it does: (from the Skinfood website)
An anti-wrinkle sleeping mask containing adenosine and soy milk ferment extract forms a protective layer onto skin and provides continous moisturization overnight, making skin smooth, resilient, and moist by morning.

To be honest, I really don’t know. The Skinfood Fermented Pomegranate Whitening Sleeping Pack is 14000 Korean Won (around $13.50 USD), so I suppose this is a similar price.

Scent: When pumped out, this product has a slight floral-herbal scent, which I did not notice when I applied it to my skin.

Availability:  Skinfood is a very popular Korean brand. In Seoul, I found many free standing Skinfood stores. Skinfood has also expanded to 13 other countries including Japan and the US. However, I have found that purchasing online is usually cheaper than in the stores in Japan.


  • Very light, watery texture
  • Absorbs quickly.  Once I apply the product, it is absorbed into my skin within a few minutes
  • Does not have any residue.  I can’t handle products which make my skin sticky!
  • I love the hygienic pump.
(picture from a previous blog post, when this blog was still called Bihada Diaries…)


  • During the dry winter, I still needed an additional moisturizer
  • I don’t see how this reduces wrinkles. All products which are moisturizing reduce wrinkles, but I didn’t see any dramatic results

Would I repurchase? Maybe. I found that the Skinfood Fermented Pomegranate was more moisturizing. It is still a great product, and if you are interested in sleeping packs, I recommend you try this out.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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Revisited review: VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Apple AHA Peeling Gel

(purchased product)

Every year in the summer, I get small pimples on my chin. I have gotten them since I was in high school, and even after consulting several dermatologists, the conclusion is that my skin can’t handle the heat very well. One of the ways I try to minimize the damage is through exfoliation. The VOV Daily Fresh Apple AHA Peeling Gel is one of the most effective exfoliating masks that I have tried! I reviewed this once before (in 2009!!!) and I fell in love with it after trying it again.

What it does: (VOV does not have an English website. I originally tried this because AHA is a known chemical exfoliator)
Price: According to my previous review, these were $1 each in Korea. I bought mine from Sasa in Hong Kong for about 10 HKD ($1.30 USD)
How to use:
This product comes out as a whitish gel. I apply the gel to my face and leave it for a few minutes before washing it off. Amazingly, this product started peeling off immediately after I started applying it, probably because my skin was in dire need of exfoliation!
  • This is the most effective exfoliator that I have tried. I could immediately feel the difference in my skin! It was much softer and smoother after using this product.
  • This is a very affordable product, at least in Korea and Hong Kong. (note: not all Sasa stores in Hong Kong carry VOV masks. I pick them up as soon as I find them)
  • I don’t have to peel this mask off. (I don’t like masks that I need to peel off of my whole face – they hurt too much!)
  • As with most other chemical exfoliators, this product may sting your skin. Use this carefully if you have sensitive skin.
If you are like me and impatient to see the effects of skin care products, this is a good product for you!
Hope you enjoyed this review!
xoxo, K
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Review: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX – an easy way to pamper your skin

This is a review for the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX. I received this as a gift from Anastacia.
Sleeping packs are a very convenient way to pamper your skin. Just pop it on, and then go to sleep! No need to rinse it off!!  Previously, I’ve done a review of another sleeping pack, the Skinfood Fermented Pomegranate Whitening Sleeping Pack, which is also a great product.

What it does: (from
Light gel-type texture provides intensive hydration, vitality, and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation

Price: Around 25,000 Won in Korea. If you live outside of Korea, iMomoko has this for $28.

Scent: Apparently, this product is marketed as having a relaxing scent that will help you sleep. I thought it smelled like soap.  It’s not a strong scent, and it’s not a bad scent, either.


  • Sleeping masks are super easy and convenient to use. After you’ve showered or washed your face, apply the product to your face in a thin layer.  Then go to sleep!  Rinse your face in the morning.
  • Light enough for me to use in the summer
  • Absorbs into the skin very quickly
  • Not sticky. This is so important for me since I can’t sleep if my skin feels sticky!
  • Alcohol-free! 


  • If you have extremely dry skin, this product may not provide enough moisture for you
  • Dipping your fingers repeatedly into a jar is not sanitary.

Would I repurchase? Maybe. I liked this product, but I thought the Skinfood Sleeping Pack was more moisturizing.  It’s still a great product!

Hope you enjoyed this review!  If you have any sleeping packs that you recommend, please let me know!

xoxo, K

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Review: Skinfood Fermented Pomegranate Whitening Sleeping Mask

This is a review for the Skinfood Fermented Pomegranate Whitening Sleeping Mask

I got this when I went to Korea.  Blair recommended it to me. (thanks, Blair!)

What it does:

A skin-brightening sleeping mask containing arbutin and pomegranate ferment extract forms a protective layer onto skin.  It provides continuous moisturization overnight and suppresses the formation of blemishes and dark spots, making skin look clear and radiant by morning.

After emulsion or essence, apply desired amount evenly onto face and gently massage to absorb.
(from the Skinfood website)

approximately 14000 Korean Won (about $11.50)

– Light enough to use in the summer and moisturizes enough that I can use it in the winter
– Not sticky
– Very light, watery texture

– Absorbs very quickly
– The packaging has a pump which is more sanitary than a jar

– I did not experience any whitening effects
– It’s expensive in Japan

Would I repurchase?  I would if I went to Korea! 

I really liked this, and if I lived in Korea, this would probably take the place of my nightly moisturizer.  I was wary of sleeping masks at first.  I thought, “I slather this on my face and then go to sleep?  Won’t it get all over my sheets?”  However, this sleeping mask gets absorbed into my skin very quickly.

Hope you liked this review!!

In related news…
Skinfood has recently opened some branches in Japan, and one of them is in Kobe!  I stopped by last weekend, hoping to pick up some stuff…

In the end, I didn’t buy anything since it was REALLY expensive!  I was surprised!  The Mushroom BB Cream, which is about 13000 Korean Won (about $11) in Korea, was $25.  That’s more than twice the price!  I can get the same BB cream cheaper online.

xoxo, K

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Love from Anastacia / Empanadas, Coleslaw, and Kit-Kats

I got some love from Anastacia!

She very kindly sent me the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack!
 Wow, I’ve been really interested in trying this!
She also included some face masks from the Face Shop!
Thank you so much, Anastacia!
Some quick food porn:
This is the newest LE Kit-Kats  (Strawberry & Cranberry flavored)
I’ve been making this really easy, really tasty coleslaw lately!
Just shred cabbage, blanch it, and mix with oil-free dressing.
Blanching it (or alternatively, microwaving it for one minute) will reduce the volume and make it easier to eat, while retaining the crunchy texture.
I really like Japanese oil-free dressings (like this one) because they are really fresh-tasting and not overly sweet!
I also like to add a bit of ponzu and concentrated soba sauce!
I can eat up a whole plateful of this!!  
I’ve been making empanadas again!
THESE ARE SERIOUSLY GOOD!!!!!  The filling contains ground beef, onions, tomatoes, chopped olives, and chopped hard boiled eggs.  I’ll add more olives and more boiled eggs next time!
I’m also getting better at making the pastry!
I love to stash them in the freezer so that I can pop one into the microwave in the morning.
Hope you’re having a great week!
xoxo, K
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