How to find out when iPhone/iPad apps are discounted

Last week, I posted about a few of my favorite apps.  I’ve always been very wary of paid apps, especially since many iPad apps tend to be $5 or more.

Apps tend to be discounted sometimes. But how can you find out when the app you want is discounted?  For this, I like to use AppShopper.

AppShopper (free)
AppShopper is an app to keep you up to date on App Store updates, freebies, and discounts. Create a wish list, and it will provide push notifications on when the app has been updated, discounted, or the price has increased.

As you can see from this screen shot, most apps do get discounted sometimes.  I also like to use the app activity screen to see how frequently an app gets discounted or updated.

I’m always on the look out for a new and interesting apps. Please let me know if you have any recommendations!

xoxo, K

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Favorite iPhone / iPad apps

Since getting my first iPhone 2 years ago, and getting my first iPad just a month or so ago, I have really been enjoying different apps. I rely on my friends’ recommendations for apps, so please share any favorites that you have!

Here are my favorite iPhone apps. I’ve excluded any games because this really depends on your preferences!

Social Media

Twitter (free)
I use the normal Twitter app because it is now integrated with iOS5. Some people prefer to use other Twitter apps. A must have for chatting with blogger friends!

Facebook (free)
Another staple to keep in touch with friends. Unfortunately, this app does not let me switch between different accounts seamlessly.

Weibo (free)
This is China’s version of Twitter.  Most of my colleagues at work are on it, and we also use it for events at work!

Skype (free)
Thanks to Skype, I can keep in touch with my family back in Japan.  The call quality is good enough, and it is not blocked in China.  

Pinterest (free)
I enjoy seeing what other people are interested in! The Pinterest app streamlines pins into one column, so it is great if you are overwhelmed by the normal Pinterest layout. You can follow my pins as well!  Surprisingly, Pinterest does not have an iPad app – Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, and Skype all do.


Yelp (free)
For many of you, Yelp may be more of a social media site. For me, it is a great way to find a place to eat when I go to the US. Before I travel, I will read reviews on Yelp, and then bookmark the places I want to go. This also helps me once I’m in a new city – finding a place to eat when you are hungry can be frustrating!  With Yelp, I can easily find some place I’ve bookmarked that is close to my current location. I write reviews as well – feel free to friend me!
Foursquare (free)
I use this in a similar way as Yelp. I also like reading the tips to figure out where I can get free wifi!

NYC Mate (free)
This is a convenient app for visiting NYC. It shows all the routes of the subway, the trains (both Metro North and LIRR), and the buses for all of the boroughs. It also shows the construction and rerouting that is going on as well (which can be totally confusing at times). I like it because I can access the map itself offline.
I really advise getting a map that you can see well on your phone. Opening a map in the middle of the street screams tourist!
City Mates also provides similar apps for several other US cities as well.


Ease into 5K ($2.99)
This is an app to help you with the Couch to 5k running program. I’ve been religiously using this for about a year.  Even when I stop running for a while, I feel like I can start up again as long as I start on the appropriate week of C25k.

100 Pushups ($1.99)
A similar concept as Couch to 5k, this helps you to gradually improve your upper body strength.

200 Situps ($1.99)
Another app that is similar to Couch to 5k for improving core strength. The name is a little misleading; this app will help you with crunches, not situps.


Kindle (free)
If you are reading an ebook with pictures, the Kindle app for iPad is fantastic. The iPhone app is perfect for reading something when you have 10 minutes to kill! I like downloading books from Project Gutenberg for reading classics – I read the entire Anne of Green Gables series!

Period Plus (free)
This is an app to keep track of your menstruation cycles. Input your period days, and it will tell you when you can expect your next period or when you will ovulate. The only thing I wish it would do is to give me a push notification 2 days before my period is supposed to come!

imoco ($4.99)
This is a very specific app for Japanese cell phone users – this lets me use Docomo mail on my unlocked iPhone. In Japan, people send emails through their cell phones instead of texting.  This service has been around since the late 1990s.

What are your favorite apps?  I’m still looking for an iPad app to take notes. Anyone know of an app that transcribes handwritten words into text?

Next up: an app that helps you buy apps cheaper!

xoxo, K

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