Advice: EDM?

I washed my EDM FTK & LHK brush recently and it took nearly a day to dry… I was so tempted to blow dry them!!! hahaha

Today I need advice from the lovely beauty blogger community.

I am thinking of placing an order to EDM for their Personal Custom Kit Full and I need your help to chose a few more products!

I switched to MMU about two months ago after ordering a sample kit from EDM and it is SO much easier for me!!! Their samples are very generous and they last about a month on me!!

For those of you who haven’t used Everyday Minerals yet (yeah, I know everyone and their mother has used EDM, but who knows?), they have a kit which allows you to pick 6 products for $34+shipping.

Considering most of their full-size foundations are $12 and most of their brushes are around $10, this is a big savings! If I buy more than three things, I should just get a custom kit!

I’m going to get the following things:
– Full-sized foundation (Light Olive Intensive)
– Full-sized blush (Waffle Cone)
– Flat Top Brush (I LOVE my FTB, but I want another one as a backup)
– Full-sized Concealer (Intensive Medium)
Any more suggestions?

– Natural Reflections Light
– Blush – Snuggle
– Golden Light Intensive Foundation (I have one already)

Things to think about:
– I am thinking of getting the EDM e/s brush, but since it is less than $6 ($34/6 items = around $6 per item), I think I’ll get it separately
– I am a little wary of highly pigmented blushes, especially red/berry colors.
– The Mint Concealer did not work for me. It washes me out and makes me look ill!
– I’m wary of their e/s since I do not think I can use them up. I have the Golden Globes Palette which I LOVE, but not sure of the Sandcastle eye palette.

Thank you in advance for your help!!!

xoxo, K

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Japan Drugstore event samples – part 2

I’ve been getting similar comments so let me mention it here… I LIVE in Japan! I’m not visiting!!!

Part 2 of the samples I got at the drugstore event!

Toner with H. acid!!

Facial wash! Kyoko Kano advertises these. She’s like an older version of Paris Hilton in that no one is really sure why she’s famous…

Guess what these super kawaii butterflies are???? CONDOMS! Heehee!

I was going to post the wonderful things that the other bloggers gave me, but I’m super tired… Tomorrow, I promise!!!

And my jewelry today:

Grey pearl necklace. It goes with EVERYTHING

Black earrings. I’m not sure what kind of stones they are but they are SUPER shiny <3 data-blogger-escaped-br=”br”>
xoxo, K

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Japan Drugstore event samples – part 1

The event was really so-so. It was fun, but people were a bit stingy with samples… Anyway, I got to meet a bunch of nice bloggers and that was SUPER fun!

Here are a few of the samples I got:

Eco bag for the show. Let’s cut down on the plastic bags!!!
Facial masks! This brand is so great!! It makes my skin feel like a baby’s!!!
Body soap!
Facial soap!

Maybelline liquid mineral foundation samples!

More tomorrow!!!

Here’s my jewelry today:

Pink Pearl earrings
matching pink pearl necklace

matching Pink pearl bracelet

And the pink bag I keep them in!

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