Final haul in London!

I hauled a little bit more before leaving London!

I debated with myself on whether to haul some more…
Many thanks to my best friend who urged me to go back!!

I went back to Lush with the intent of buying just one thing.
Of course it didn’t end up like that!

Here’s what I got!

Mask of Magnaminty
The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask
Brazen Honey Fresh Face Mask sample

I am really liking the Brazen Honey Fresh Face Mask so far!
This was a VERY generous sample.
I’ve used it 3 times so far and it’s only half finished!

Am I the only one who wishes that Lush would sell their Fresh Face Mask in smaller containers?
Especially since they have to be used up in 3 weeks?

I also got some more of the L’Oreal 6Hour Glam Shine lipglosses.
I LOVED the one I bought the other day!!!
AND this was a 3 for 2 (or BOGO half off in American terms)!

105 Hold On Rose
102 Always Pink
300 Golden Tattoo

I also bought some things at the MAC counter at the duty free!!!!!
168 brush
187 brush
Scrumptious Olive Eyeshadow
Fashion Groupie Eyeshadow
Dreammaker Eyeshadow

Fashion Groupie and Dreammaker are from the Starflash collection!
I was looking for a gold eyeshadow and a purple eyeshadow.
These two just happened to be the ones I liked.
Who cares if they are from an old collection!!!

AND it was only 8.50 GBP ($14) at the duty free, which is the same price as an eyeshadow refill pan at the MAC Pro store in London!
(Can you tell that I had a bad experience at the London MAC Pro store? I’m not going in to that but I guess it’s true what people say about certain MAC SAs!)

I’ve been wanting the 168 brush since Nikki from Askmewhats reviewed Nars Orgasm blush.
The blush I’m using now hadn’t been showing up properly on my cheeks even though it was well pigmented when I swatch it with my finger.
Nikki said that she uses an angled brush, so I wanted to get the 168.
Yay, I LOVE it!!!!

The 187 was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper at the Duty Free than in Japan, where it is a whopping $70!!!!

Ooops, I guess I babbled too much!
Next post – my day in Cologne, Germany!

xoxo, K
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London Day 2!

Day 2 was a day of shopping!
Sorry for the delay in posting this!

I went to London Westfield with Jamilla and Eve!

As Jamilla blogged, my haul was kind of small!
Don’t worry – I made up for it the next day!

From Boots & Superdrug!
Barry M dazzle dusts in 24 Old Gold, 39 Tan, 51 Mushroom, 97 Dark Chocolate
Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon No. 1
From Lush
Angels on Bare Skin
and a sample of Dark Angels

Other drugstore things:
Gosh Twin Eyeshadow sticks
L’Oreal 6 hr Lipgloss (recommended by both Eve and Jamilla!)

Sleek Divine eyeshadow palette in Storm
This was also recommended by a lot of people.
Wow, this is really great, especially for the low price of 5 GBP (about $8)!
I have been using this everyday of my trip and doing a different look everyday!!!

And every blogger meet up has a lot of gifts from all the wonderful ladies…

Pretty earrings from Eve!

I asked Jamilla if I could buy her MAC Nylon eyeshadow.
This is what she gave me:

Oh wow!!! And she wouldn’t let me pay for the eyeshadow!!!

MAC paints!

A Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Nude

MAC cream base in Root

Dior Addict High Shine lipstick in Casual Beige
Not pictured: MAC lipstick in Roleplay

MAC eyeshadows in Nylon and Mulch
Day 3 is coming up!!!

xoxo, K

PS: I’m sorry I haven’t posted the winner of my giveaway yet! I will post it very soon!!

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EDM haul!

My recent haul from Everyday Minerals came a little while ago!
Nothing too new!

EDM has changed their packaging since I last ordered from them (sometime in March?)
The new lids have “Base” “Cheek” etc on them.

The samples are cute as well. They have “Try Me” on them!!!

Flat Top Kabuki Brush

I looove this brush! I already have one and this is a backup.
I’m going to keep it in my locker at work!

Golden Light Foundation – Intensive
Light Olive Foundation – Intensive
Intensive Medium Concealer
Natural Reflections Light
Blush – Snuggle

Both Golden Light and Light Olive match my skin tone.
Light Olive might be better for me in the summer, since it makes me look less yellowish.

Remember when I asked everyone for recommendations?
My order for NR and Snuggle comes from everyone’s suggestions!
I got the other blush everyone recommended (Waffle Cone) in a blog sale!

You gotta order the sample set!
Just more Golden Light / Light Olive foundations…
Also, the multitasking concealer and the Blush in Nick Nack!

I always decant the full sized foundations/blushes to the sample jars.
They are just so much easier to handle!

Since I ordered during a special, these three samples were also included!
Peach Concealer
Bird Bath Eyeshadow
Mystic Night Eyeshadow
Can’t wait to try them!

Beauty blogging really opened up my eyes!
I had been using liquid foundation for the past 5 years!
Now I have mineral makeup… and BB creams… and I’m avoiding regular foundations!
WOW! Thanks to everyone in the beauty blogger community who taught me so much!!!

xoxo, K

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My Korea Haul Part 3!

OK, OK, OK, this is SUPER late!!!!

I was only planning to make two posts about my haul in Korea!
However, I went and bought something at the duty free!!!!

The duty free at Korea is priced in US dollars!
They do take Korean Won (as well as Japanese Yen, Chinese RMB, etc), but the exchange rate at the store is not very good!
It’s best to pay in US dollars, or to exchange money to Korean Won at the foreign exchage before shopping!!

On to what I bought!

The Face Shop White Tree EX Whitening Mask

The Face Shop Wrinkle Stop Neck Treatment
I’ve used this for a while and I’m really liking it!

The Face Shop Wrinkle Stop Eye Cream

The Face Shop White Tree EX Eye Serum
(Notice a pattern? Yeah, I need to take care of the skin around my eyes/neck!!!)
ANNNNDDD the highlight of my shopping!!!!

MAC eyeshadows and a 217 brush!
Satin Taupe, Honey Lust, and Carbon!

I was not planning to buy any MAC stuff at all!
BUT guess how much these were????
Eyeshadows: $16
(I know that is more expensive than the US, but they are normally $25 in Japan!!!)
217: $18
(even cheaper than the US!!! This is normally $32 in Japan!!!!!)

I was going to get a 187 brush (it is a whopping $70 in Japan!) but they didn’t have any… Oh well!!!

One non-beauty related item:

A Starbucks mug

I collect Starbucks city mugs from cities I’ve been to on business trips.
Instead of the Seoul one, I got this one with ancient writing (similar to Kanbun in Japan).
Is it just me, or are the recent ones kind of simple? They used to be a whole lot cooler…

Off to go play with my MAC shadows!!

xoxo, K

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Haul: May 3rd

This is a small haul I did last weekend.
There isn’t anything very special about this haul, but I just wanted to share what kinds of things I “normally” buy over here.

Kracie bleaching cream
It is for bleaching your leg/arm hair, but I use it to bleach my eyebrows.
Paperdollrevenge commented that my eyebrows are light and the hairs are short.
I like to color my eyebrows lighter than my hair, so I use bleach to do so.

Rohto Hada Labo Shirojun Toner/Lotion
I called it Hada Ken in the video, but actually it is “Hada Labo”.
For whitening and hydrating my face. I’ll show how I use it in another post.
I think this kind of toner/lotion is a fundamental part of skin care for Japanese girls.

Moisturizer with H-acid and Vitamin C for whitening
This is a really light moisturizer, which is a really good thing for me!
I tend to skip moisturizers when the weather is warm, but I know I shouldn’t!!

Shiseido Razors for facial hair

Venus Divine razors

You can see that I’m pretty good about changing my razors every month!

Cezanne Smooth Loose Powder in 01 Lucent
Just a cheap loose powder to tide me over!
Spare rubbers for my eyelash curler!

Super cute oil blotting papers from Kose!

And another book of super cute blotting papers from Kose!

Let me know if you would like reviews on any of these!!
The oil blotting papers look really promising!

xoxo, K

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