Quick giveaway!

CLOSED: Help me decide what to buy in London!

I thought I’d do another quick giveaway once I hit 200 followers, but since I’m almost there, I decided to hold one anyway!

The winner gets this:

Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Masks!

I really love the Hada Labo series! They are very affordable but really make my face moisturized! Mika has done a review on the facial wash here.

Here’s how you can win this:
– In the comments, please suggest something for me to buy in London
– This contest is open to everyone who is publicly following my blog.
– You can suggest anything you want. I tend to buy things which are under $20.
– It would be great if you can suggest a UK brand, but anything is OK! Some “normal” American products are not available to me in Japan. (For example, I’m planning to buy Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara)
– You do NOT have to post this on your blog! I’ll only be checking the comments!

The deadline is September 10th, 12 noon Japan standard time!

Here is my shopping list so far:
– MAC 168 brush
– MAC 188 brush
– MAC 237 brush
– at least one MAC eyeshadow
– Chanel Glossimer (and I haven’t decided the color yet)
– Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara
– Lush Angels on Bare Skin
– something from GOSH (but I have no idea yet!!!)
– Barry M Dazzle Dust (yes, you ladies have convinced me!!!) – probably in Antique Gold
– Wine Gummies
– various clothes at H&M
– go to Camden Market on Saturday!
– Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon No. 1
Please help me break my no-buy!!!
Just kidding, I’ll get back on my no-buy after I get back from vacation!!!

Thanks for joining!

xoxo, K

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Thank you again for participating in my contest!

I was originally going to buy just a few things while in Korea, but after looking at the list, I will be buying 80% of the things that were suggested!
My shopping list now has $150 worth of Korean products!!!!

But unfortunately, I cannot make everyone a winner…
I have to pick a few people…

I copied all of the comments to a word file, deleted all of the names (to be fair), and read through the recommendations. The winners are the ones who REALLY stood out!

Here are the winners:

1st place – Anastacia for The Face Shop Clean Face Oil Free BB cream! I was so excited to try this! BUT… I couldn’t find it!!!!

2nd place – Blair for The Skin Food Fermented Pomegranate Whitening Sleeping Mask! I am in LOVE with sleeping masks and YES I’m looking for whitening things!

Honorary mention – Sarah (yousquishedmypuppy) for the EXTENSIVE suggestions INCLUDING prices!!!! Thank you for taking the time to look up prices for me! This is very important for me!!!!

Also… Sabine please contact me!!!!!

Please email me with your name and mailing address by July 3!
I am currently in China on a business trip so I will ship the prizes when I get back !
Shipping will most likely be on July 6. Sorry for the delay!

Thanks again to everyone who joined this giveaway!
Please stay tuned for a post on my haul!

xoxo, K

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Closed! SMALL GIVEAWAY: What should I buy in Seoul?

My giveaway is closed! Thank you so much!!

I’m going to Seoul on Sunday, June 21.
(Yes, this time it’s for REAL!!!!)

I need your advice. What should I buy?????? It’s a super general question, I know.
I’ve decided to make it into a giveaway, a la Jamilla.

I emailed her and she was sooooo sweet and let me borrow her idea!

SOOOO here’s my SUPER QUICK, SUPER EASY giveaway!!!
What you need to do:
Please suggest a Korean product for me to buy in Seoul!

Deadline: Saturday June 20, 11:59 Japan Standard time
Yes, around noon, not midnight!
(click here to see the time in your location)

The 1st place winner will receive this:
Lux Super Damage Repair Hair treatment!!!
(I will get a new, unopened one of course!!!!)

The 2nd place winner will receive this:

Mandom Barrier Repair Mask Hyaluronic Acid(5 sheets)!!

Here’s how it goes:
1. This contest is open to anyone following my blog! Not following me yet? Click the “follow” button! Please follow me publicly!

2. In the comments, please suggest a beauty-related product for me to buy in downtown Seoul

3. Anything is OK!!!! I am on the lookout for BB creams, primers, pressed powders, and any skin care items (lotions, emulsions, masks, etc), but I’m open to anything!

4. Please suggest an affordable product! I’d say I’d buy things which are under 20,000 Korean Won (about $16 USD). Not sure of the price? Suggest it anyway!

5. Please suggest a Korean product. I’m not going to buy Fancl/Kate/MajoMajo/etc since I can get that in Japan!
6. Please be as specific as you can. “Why don’t you try the Skinfood Banana Yogurt Mask?” is much clearer to me than “Why don’t you try one of the Skinfood wash off masks?” (I already have the Banana Yogurt Mask as well as the Kiwi Yogurt Mask)
Some questions you might ask me:
Q: “I don’t know what to suggest!”
A: If there are any Korean products which you want to try, or that you’ve tried and you like, please suggest them to me!

Q: “I don’t know how much this product is in Won! It’s $30 on ebay though!”
A: Korean things will probably be cheaper in Korea! Please suggest it anyway!

Q: “I think this is a great product, but it’s an eyeshadow/lipgloss/etc”
A: Sure, suggest it to me!

This is just a great chance for me to thank everyone who has befriended me on blogger!

Thank you so much for your love!!!

Hope you have fun thinking of a product for me!!!
xoxo, K
PS: I will try to announce the winners on June 23, but I may be late… I will go on to China from Seoul and as you know, I have very, very limited access to blogger there!!!!!!!
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