It has been nearly 2 years since I moved to China.  And now, I’m moving again.

On October 1, I’ll be moving back to Kobe, Japan.  

But that’s not all. 

In January, I’ll be moving to Jakarta, Indonesia.

 (via google maps)

I’m very excited about this.  This is a huge career move for me. I’m very underqualified for my next role, but my next boss requested me instead of someone else who has prior experience in the role.

I’m also excited about living in Indonesia.  My experience in Indonesia has only been a trip to Bali a few years ago, but I enjoyed it a lot.  I love beautiful beaches, diving and surfing, and I’m looking forward to doing a lot more of that in Indonesia.

I’m also very excited about this from a beauty blogger standpoint.  In the past 6 months, I’ve been checking out the beauty blogger scene in Jakarta. The beauty bloggers there are very active, and there seem to be a lot of local brands that are exciting. I’m really looking forward to becoming friends with them.

I’ll also be much closer to Singapore and Australia, and I’m really looking forward to spending more time there.!

Thank you for all of your support over the last 2 years. My life in China has been pretty tough, especially not being able to send/receive packages.  I’m planning on sending out a few thank you gifts to my fellow bloggers who have supported me.  I’ll also be doing a few mini giveaways!

xoxo, K

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An Announcement as I sit in Kansai Airport

A quick personal announcement as I sit waiting for my flight to London…

I’m moving in mid-October.  Yes, in a month.

I’m moving out of the country, so there is a lot to do in a few days.

Where am I moving to?  I’ll give you three hints:

(1) I’m not sure how reliable mail is there
(2) Makeup is expensive there  *looks at Sheila and Macnunu*
(3) I’m not sure if I can blog there

Yep, I’m moving to Mainland China.

If I owe you a package, please remind me – I’m rushing to get things sent out.  Please let me know if I should be expecting  something from you.  My mail will not be forwarded, so anything that gets to me after my move will be returned unless I make arrangements beforehand.

This was a really sudden decision, and I’m running around trying to get things in place.  Taxes, getting rid of my car and major appliances, applying for a visa in China… these are all quite time-consuming for me!

Thank you in advance for your continued love and support while I settle down.  Hopefully I’ll be able to set up my VPN and continue to blog!

xoxo, K

PS:  I’m traveling to the UK for 1.5 weeks and then to China for a week.  I’ll try to post about my trip when I come back, but I have scheduled posts until then!

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I splurged a bit and got a new Coach bag recently!

I have a black Coach shoulder bag that I use the HECK out of, and I wanted to get something else so that I could give it a rest. 

So… being me, I got ANOTHER black Coach bag! (No surprise for a girl who has 20938479754 black shirts!!!)

I love the silver Coach charm!  I like these black leather Coach bags the best!  I think a bag which doesn’t have the Coach logo all over it is more versatile!

I also got some leather gloves! 

These are made out of REALLY soft leather!
They also have a cashmere lining!  Great for cold weather!
Leather gloves are a MUST for me when I drive in the winter!  These are SO nice!!
And finally, a Coach scarf!
I mainly got this to accessorize my bag! 
I’m really picky when it comes to bags, but I think I’ll really like this one!
Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!
xoxo, K
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HK, Rilakuma, and other Japanese goodies

Golden week has officially started. This is a two week period where we have 4 National Holidays. Basically the entire country is on vacation.

I have to go to work on Wednesday (on a holiday) since I’ve got a global review with really high-up folks in my company who work in the US… A high-pressure conference call at night on a holiday… OH JOY.


I haven’t done a post all weekend long. You can blame blogtv for that!

BIIIG thanks to paperdollrevenge, M, Wuz, Kasumi, L, KT, Jen, Danni, Mayaari, Sanny and all the other girls who spent time chatting with me! It gets kinda lonely in Kobe sometimes!!!

But as a good blogger, let me give you a goooooood taste of Japanese goodness…

Here is a shelf in my nearby grocery store

Yes, you heard me right. Tons and tons and tons of HK stuff in the grocery store (NOT a supermarket!)

This picture does not nearly show how long this shelf was. The shelves were stocked from head to toe, and it would have taken 3-4 more pictures of this size to show how big the selection was!

LOOK at this very very very very very cute HK mirror!!!

In the bath / shower section, I saw these REALLY cute pump bottles…

This for all of the Rilakuma fans out there!!!

And what would a Japan post be without some sweets?

Espresso Kit-Kats
I hear ya Jess…

And of course…
It’s green tea season again, so green tea cookies!!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

xoxo, K

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Wish list

Note: This is not a “could you buy me this in our swap?” wish list. It is a “Oh, I need to buy this next time I’m in the US!” wish list so that I don’t forget what to buy on my next trip

MAC 109 brush / 129?
MAC 219 brushMAC eyeshadow – Brule, Green Smoke, Swish, Stars ‘n Rockets, Cranberry, Silver Ring, Gorgeous Gold, Swimming, Expensive Pink, Pink Venus
Microplane zester (this one)

My Bath & Body Works wish list is here
MUFE  HD Microperfecting Primer- Neutral
Smashbox Photofinish primer light
L’Oreal Voluminous  Waterproof Mascara – Carbon Black
Cover Girl Lash Blast Waterproof (I can only wear waterproof mascaras!)
Urban Decay’s 24/7 Pencil Liner – Zero
Stella by Stella McCartney Eau De Toilette
Lush – Brazen Honey Fresh Face Mask, Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask, Herbalism cleanser, Angels on Bare Skin cleanser
Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector

xoxo, K

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