EOTD: my first attempt to wear blue! (REALLY)

I’m getting a lot of new traffic, thanks to Wuzzy and KT! Thanks so much!!! But I’m sure my new readers are thinking, “is this really a beauty blog? I only see stuff about food!!”

SOOOO today I’ll finally post another EOTD!!
I don’t usually wear bright e/s, but reading all these beauty blogs has stimulated me out of my rut!!

Wearing blue scared me! No one wears brights to the office!!

Ooooh blurry pic, sorry!!

What I used:

– cream eyeshadow as base (not pictured)
– B all over, blended out with C (but it doesn’t show up…)
– D on the outer corner
– A under browbone
– Kate gel eyeliner in BK-3

I have NEVER worn blue eyeshadow before! I am really unsure of how to use it!!

Is there a look you’ve never done, or a color you’ve never worn before?

xoxo, K

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EOTD: Purple and pink

Sorry for being totally MIA… I’m trying to catch up on all the blogs in my reader!!!!

Wow, an actual EOTD! I’m just as surprised as you!!
I am a total newbie when it comes to e/s application…

Since I’m going to work today and I’m still a little scared of wearing bright e/s to work, here’s something that’s very soft with only a hint of color:

I used the Kate Gradical Eyes Palette in PU-1, a purple palette.

  • Base – Cream shadow (Daiso)
  • Lid color – C
  • Inner corner – dark pink color from Daiso palette
  • Outside corner – A, blended with B
  • Liner – Kate gel eyeliner in BK-3 (Black with blue sparkles)
  • Mascara base – Daiso
  • Mascara – Cover Girl Volume Exact Waterproof mascara in Very Black (not sold in Japan)

It was a total PAIN to get a good picture of my own eye.

For all my beauty blogger sisters, how do you take your EOTD pictures?

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