Beauty Blogs Backstage: Jeweled Thumb

For November’s Beauty Blogs Backstage, I interviewed Ivy from Jeweled Thumb!

– It’s almost holiday time! Are there any holiday makeup sets or releases that you are excited about?
I think the better question is what I’m least excited about! I think most everything, though I’m not the biggest fan of the MAC Tartan packaging.

– What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
Sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top so they get all caramelized and yummy!

– The year is almost over! What is your favorite product of the year from the drugstore?
Definitely Revlon Photoready! I usually can’t get a color match in drugstore foundations, but this one is fantastic and definitely easier on the wallet than higher end brands.

– Where do you want to go for your next vacation and why?
Anywhere really! My husband and I haven’t gone on a proper vacation since we bought a house in lieu of a honeymoon. I’m dying to go to Europe. I doubt my husband is reading this but *hint hint*!

– What are your pet peeves about makeup?
unclean testers (or when you see someone applying mascara or lip gloss directly from the tester wand!), cleaning brushes, people who open drugstore cosmetics to ‘test’ when there are no testers, false lashes used in mascara ads, probably more that I can’t think of right now!

– What is one product that you tried because of the hype on the beauty blogger community?
I want to say I’ve tried every hyped product, but there’s still money in my bank account so that probably isn’t true. I’ll just list a few, MAC Jazzed lipstick (good but dupable), NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, MUFE anything, BB Creams, Zoya, Illamasqua …

– What one product really impacted you this year?
I really don’t think I have one! I’ll say a really good moisturizer. I’ve tried a few great ones and it really makes a huge difference!

I really love B3; it’s such a great way to meet new beauty bloggers and find great new blogs!

xoxo, K

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Beauty Blogs Backstage: Retrodivas Beauty

For September’s Beauty Blogs Backstage, I interviewed Meredith from Retrodivas Beauty! See her interview of me here.

1. I see that you were at this year’s NY Fashion Week! How exciting! What was the best news (new trends, new products, etc) that you heard at NYFW?

I don’t know if it’s the best news for those who love color, but neutrals are going to be super big this spring, with bronzer taking a center stage. Also, we will be seeing a lot of luminescence – glowing, dewy skin that is going to show every imperfection, so start tweaking that skin routine now!

2. What was the best part about this year’s NYFW?

I’m not sure I could just pick one thing! It was so exciting to have the entire operation move to Lincoln Center – there is so much more room and the shows can accommodate more people, which is nice. Seeing celebs in the shows is always fun, as well as watching the stylish people outside the tents. So while I loved the shows, I loved the people watching more.

3. What is your absolute favorite makeup brush? (Yes, you can pick more than one!)

The one makeup brush that I can’t live without is my Lancome Concealer Brush #8. I use it for everything from concealer to eye shadow.

4. Your blog has so much information about new products. What is the best product you’ve discovered so far this year?

Without a doubt, it’s my Cle de Peau concealer. It’s not new this year, but it’s new to me, and I can’t stop talking about it.

5. What do you do to stay in shape?

Yoga and bellydancing.

6. Your blog is such a wealth of information and I’m amazed at how much I learn each time I read your articles. What is the best beauty trick/tip that most people don’t seem to know about?

I think the biggest mistake people make with makeup is not understanding their own skin. Knowing what undertones you have is key to choosing the most flattering colors. Knowing if you are a warmer tone or a cooler tone is absolutely instrumental in choosing the best shades. I also wish I could run around with a simple blending brush and teach people to blend their eyeshadow!

7. As a fellow (former) New Yorker, I really love the city. What is your favorite place in New York City?

Oh, I love the city. And while I’d like to say that my favorite spot is the beauty counter at Barneys, hoping for a glimpse of Simon Doonan, the truth of the matter is that I am happiest at The Peanut Butter Company in the West Village having a big peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a chocolate malted milk.

Want to join the fun?  Come visit Beauty Blogs Backstage!

xoxo, K

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Beauty Blogs Backstage interview: Jaimi of Plays With Color

I recently joined Beauty Blogs Backstage, where beauty bloggers interview each other each month.  This month I interviewed the lovely Jaimi from Plays With Color!

1. In your first post, you said that you are just starting with
makeup.  What got you interested in it?

 Really, the main thing was realizing that I actually looked a bit older with makeup on!  I’m 31, but look a lot younger, and I’d like to be taken more seriously and treated as though I’m my age out in the workforce.  (Then again, bright pink eyeshadow doesn’t make anyone look older by any means, but it’s a lot of fun!)

2. What is one eyeshadow that you recommend to everyone?
That’s a toughie!  I tend to have the best luck with anything I have by Fyrinnae, and if I had to narrow it down to one color, I’d probably pick Nijiro.  It’s an ivory with rainbow sparkle, and it’s a WONDERFUL highlight color for my skin tone.
(Note from K: Nijiiro means “Rainbow Colored” in Japanese.  How fitting!)


3. What is the next new (or new for you!) beauty-related thing you’d like to try?
 I have a tendency to concentrate on my eyes and totally forget about my lips, or do them with just a nude to avoid thinking about them, so I think this fall I’m going to try to find a good strong-but-everyday sort of lip color.  I’ll start in the berry family and work my way out from there.

4. What is your go-to look, and what is it about that look that makes it your go-to?
I’m not sure I’ve really developed a go-to look yet!  My main criteria for a go-to look are that it’s fast, takes little-to-no thought, and looks polished.  Nothing I do with makeup falls under the first two criteria!  I’m still new enough at this that I have to concentrate to put mascara on in order to not poke myself in the eye (though to be fair, the fact that it’s really hard to see without my glasses could be a factor there too!)  If I want to do something fast, it’s usually a light neutral eyeshadow (just the one color–enough to even out the color around my eyelids, basically), mascara, and a nude sheer lipstick (usually MAC Slimshine in Bare, but I have a couple of others I use every so often).  Possibly some blot powder, but that takes more thought with my skin in order to not look, well, powdery.

5. If you could be a celebrity for one day, who would you be?
Hmm, I’m not sure I’d really want to BE one….there are a bunch I’d love to meet, but really because I’d want to have a conversation with them, not to experience their lives!  I think I’m going to go with Lindsay Lohan for this one, not because I actually want to be her, but I’d love to be able to get into her head and figure out if her lifestyle is actually making her happy or if it’s something she feels she has to do for one reason or another, but doesn’t really enjoy.  From the outside, I’m not sure which it actually is.

6. What is the most difficult thing about being a beauty blogger?
 I haven’t really gotten into a habit of commenting on other beauty blogs, so I haven’t really made my way into the community yet.  I’m sort of shy in person, and I think this is a way that it manifests itself into my internet life as well.  I want to have something to say other than “ooh pretty!”, but sometimes I have a hard time thinking of something else to say and so I don’t comment at all.

7. What is the best thing about being a beauty blogger?
 This has happened so rarely, but when I’m 100% satisfied with a makeup look and am excited about posting it.  I enjoy posting, but I tend to do a critique of what I’ve done most times, so when I’m genuinely happy about what I’ve done and excited to share it, it’s an awesome moment for me.

Thank you to Jaimi and Beauty Bloggers Backstage!  This was a fun interview, and I’m looking forward to next month!

xoxo, K

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