Weekly Reads #283: March 18, 2017


weekly reads
 What were your favorite posts this week?

What can you get at Sephora for under $10? via Musings of a Muse. Not a bad way to find new products to try.

9 laundry tips, via Work Edit. Most people in Japan line dry their clothes.

Tips and products for little black girl’s hair, via Clumps of Mascara. Adorable.

The best professional tops for layering, via Bridgette Raes. I always need to try on tops.

Funfetti mug cake, via Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. I need to try this.

A Spin Instructor Shares How to Make the Ultimate Workout Playlist, via Brit+ Co. Music is a great motivator for me.

10 unspoken rules for running in Charleston, via Spoon University. Many of these are good rules for any city.

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