Weekly Reads #282: March 11, 2017


weekly reads
 What were your favorite posts this week?

Clinique is collaborating with Crayola, via Pixie. The box is adorable.

How to stay warm while looking cute, via Putting Me Together. Heat tech is warm and cheap.

Have you ever gone beauty dumpster diving, via Makeup and Beauty Blog. I’m kind of not surprised that this is a thing.

Gold boots? via Looks Good From The Back. I own both gold and silver flats, and I love them!

Bacon dust popcorn, via Macheesmo. Including how to make bacon dust.

How to steam fry vegetables, via Simply Recipes. Better than steaming.

A reusable tampon applicator? via Brit+ Co.  I’d love to see this – period stuff is just so full of waste!

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