Weekly Reads #281: March 4, 2017


weekly reads
 What were your favorite posts this week?

St Ives sued over apricot scrub, via Musings of a Muse. Definitely a product we love or hate.

The top 10 most disappointing products of 2016, via Temptalia. Especially if they are hyped up

How to stay warm and stylish, via Wardrobe Oxygen. Uniqlo Heattech!

Favorite foundations and concealers, via B for Bun Bun. I also like how the MUFE HD foundation looks on me, but it also breaks down very quickly.

Tips for updating your wardrobe, via Putting Me Together. I’ve started wearing sweaters again this year.

5 ways to fit exercise into your busy life, via Oh My Veggies. I like walking to work.

7 Things Healthy People do Before Starting Their Day, via Spoon University. Getting fresh air and sunlight is very important to me.

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