Review: Cotton Labo Mekuru Cotton Large Size

I recently did a blog post on skin care products which I have repurchased.  I noticed that I never did a review on the Cotton Labo Mekuru Cotton squares, even though I have gone through countless boxes of them!




I like to moisturize my face every day with a cotton facial mask. In the past, I have used regular cotton which I split into thinner sheets. Because of the popularity of these lotion masks, Cotton Labo and other brands sell cotton which is made up of 5 thin sheets, which can be separated to make a lotion mask.

I especially like this type because the sheets are bigger than normal cotton squares.



Price: Varies, Amazon Japan lists this as 900 JPY (about $9)


Availability: This product is widely available at drugstores in Japan


What I thought:

If you like doing lotion sheet masks (also known as essence sheet masks), where you put cotton drenched in essence all over your face, it is easiest to use cotton squares made for that purpose.  There are a few brands which make these cotton squares, including Muji.  I like Cotton Labo ones the most because they can be stretched out to cover my face.

The product I reviewed here is the large size. Cotton Labo also makes the same product in smaller squares as well.


Would I repurchase? Yes, I usually have a few backups on hand!


Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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