Review: MKB Aqua Cleansing Oil

Although I don’t always care about whether a product is brand name or not, it is rare that I prefer the store brand version more than a brand name product. However, I really like the MKB Aqua Cleansing Oil so much that I have mentioned it several times in past favorites videos!


MKB is the store brand line from Matsumoto Kiyoshi, a major drugstore chain in Japan. MatsuKiyo, as it is locally known, is easy to find in many large cities due to its distinctive yellow store front.

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What it does: (from Matsumoto Kiyoshi)

Not heavy or oily. Removes even mascara thoroughly. Can be used in the shower.


Price: 615 JPY (about $6) / 250 ml. The bottle is about the same size as other cleansing oils.


Availability: This product is available at the more than 700 MatsuKiyo stores throughout Japan, as well as on MatsuKiyo’s website.


What I thought:

I originally bought this because it is much cheaper than brand name oil cleansers. I really like this product, so much so that I have not been buying any other oil cleanser for a while!

The product comes with a pump, and I typically use 1 pump for my entire face. The oil is a bit thicker than other brands, but I feel that this makes it easier to apply to my face without the product dripping. It removes makeup quite well, but I found that I needed to be a little bit more thorough when I used waterproof mascara.

I also use this to clean my makeup brushes, because it rinses clean without any residue.


Would I repurchase? Yes! 


Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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