My hangover recovery routine

Many expats who move to Japan are surprised at how much Japanese people drink. Public intoxication is not against the law here, and actually, it is expected in many companies that you will get roaring drunk in order to bond with your colleagues.


I’ve had my fair share of drinks, and I’ve found that I get more hangovers as I get older.  Here are my tips and tricks to recover from them!


(I found this picture online. Who wakes up with a hangover and still has perfect lipstick and mascara????)


Water, water, water


Prevention is definitely the key. I try to alternate between alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks (my favorite is club soda), but I often forget.

Once I get home, I force myself to drink a bottle of water before I go to sleep.  My body is so dehydrated from drinking that it needs all the water it can get.  This bottle of water is a huge help to me in the morning!

I also keep a bottle by my bedside in case I wake up in the middle of the night.



Bowl with yoghurt

In general, I find that eating when I am hungover helps me feel better.  I try to eat light food, like yogurt, a smoothie, or some toast.



Go outside


I know, I know… I want to sleep off my hangover too.  But I have found that taking a walk outside makes me feel much better, and it is easier to get back into my normal routine.  On the other hand, when I try to sleep it off, I feel hungover until the late afternoon.


In the end, there are no magical cures for hangovers.  I drink water, eat, and try to metabolize the remaining toxins in my body!


How do you recover from a hangover?


xoxo, K

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