Weekly Reads #230: November 21, 2015

weekly reads
 Wow, it’s almost Thanksgiving in the US!  I made oyster stuffing a few years ago, and it was yummy! Although ingredients such as turkey and cornmeal are a little difficult to get in Japan, I like making a few traditional Thanksgiving dishes here and there.  What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
 What were your favorite posts this week?
  • 5 beauty ingredient trends, via British Beauty Blogger. You may see more of these ingredients in your beauty products.
  • Things I do when I stay at a hotel, via Beautyholics Anonymous.  I stay at hotels quite frequently, and I definitely have a routine.
  • Lush Christmas 2015 collection is here, via Musings of a Muse. I’m so happy to see some of my old favorites are still here!
  • Reader feedback, via Wardrobe Oxygen. This was an amazing read, and shows that what “professional bloggers” say is good for your blog may not always be right for you.
  • A winter tights tutorial, via Capitol Hill Style. Unfortunately, I don’t like tights (my mom has a hilarious story about how use to I take off my tights every time we went to someone’s house. Hey, I was around 5 years old)… but I like wearing skirts and I need to wear tights in the winter!


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