Review: Lush Rockstar Soap

Recently, I went into Lush to find a new shower gel to use… and I realized that I had already tried all of the shower gels that were available in Japan! I picked out the Rockstar soap to try instead.
Lush Rockstar Soap

What it does: (from the Lush US website)

Vanilla candy soap for rock stars. There’s nothing hard rock or heavy metal about this soap. We’re serious about soap, but not too serious not to love our pink sudser. It’s unabashedly a best-selling pop hit that everyone, boys and girls, can’t wait to get their hands on. While you may object otherwise, once you try our pink, vanilla-scented cream soap you’ll be singing a different tune. Scented with real vanilla (the gorgeous stuff that comes from pods, not labs), and decorated with soap stars embedded inside you’ll want to give Rock Star a regular rotation in the soap dish.

Lush Rockstar Soap

Price: $7.95 for 3.5 oz in the US, 3.50 GBP for 100g in the UK, and 550 JPY for 100g in Japan


Availability: Lush products are available at Lush stores. Lush UK ships globally as well.


Scent: Although this product says that it smells like vanilla candy, I felt that the scent was similar to berry scents.



  • This product makes a good, thick lather
  • It’s pink! It smells sweet!



  • I felt that this soap melted easily and did not last long
  • It is a bit too harsh for this time of the year. I needed to apply body lotion immediately after I got out of the shower.


Would I repurchase? No. While it’s not a bad soap, I felt that the scent was not unique enough. I also didn’t like that it seemed to melt easily in my shower compared to other soaps from Lush.


Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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