Monthly Favorites #57: September, 2015

Here are my favorites for the past month. It was SUPER hot this summer in Japan!!  It has cooled off dramatically over the past few weeks, but I am still using a lot of products which are designed to keep me cool!


On to my favorites!


MAC Blot Powder

I usually buy one compact of MAC Blot Powder every time I go to the US. It keeps my skin semi-matte in the hot summer months. It doesn’t last long when I sweat, though, so I end up carrying it around in my purse so I can reapply it.

MAC Blot Powder


Daiso Eyebrow coat (link goes to my review)

This is a product which I used to use religiously when I was first starting out my blog. I stopped using it for a while after I started growing out my eyebrows, but I recently started using it again. It really helps whatever product I used in my eyebrows to stay put.

Daiso Ever Bilena Eyebrow Coat


Daiso Eyeliner coat

This is a product I found out about recently. It is a liquid which you apply on top of your eyeliner to keep it from rubbing off. I apply it to my bottom lash line so that my eyeliner lasts all day.

Ever Bilena eyeliner



Shirt Cool (link goes to my review)

I don’t think I could have survived this summer without this product. I apply it to the insides of my clothing, and it keeps me cool for about 30 minutes.

shirt cool


Gatsby Ice Deodorant Body Paper (link goes to my review)

This is a great product for wiping away stickiness, and it keeps me feeling cool afterwards. I have 3 open packets of this – one at home, one at work, and a travel size packet in my purse.

Gatsby body paper




What have you been loving this past month?



xoxo, K

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