Review: Noevir Cleansing Crystals

This is a review of the Noevir Cleansing Crystals. Although Noevir is a Japanese brand, I received this as a gift from a non-Japanese friend. This product itself is not available in Japan!

Noevir Cleansing Crystals

What it does: (from the Noevir website)

Cleansing and masking has never been this easy or convenient. Noevir has formulated gentle cleansing crystals based on an enzyme exfoliation method, it’s very effective and gentle to the delicate facial tissue. The crystals are nonabrasive and contain various enzymes to digest protein and dissolve excess oil to leave skin looking radiant. A unique combination of squalane, herbal and botanical extracts replenish essential moisture to keep skin fresh and glowing. For all skin types. For those with excess sebum, dull complexion, uneven skin texture, blackheads, whiteheads, and clogged pores.


Price: $33





  • This is a powdered cleanser. With a facial net, it produces a good lather
  • With regular use, I felt that the skin on my face had a better cell turnover than before.
  • I usually suffer from acne in my chin area in the summer, but I had less acne than usual when I used this product.



  • It’s pricey for a product which is simply washed off of the skin


Would I repurchase? maybe.  While I liked the product, I felt that I could find something similar at the drugstore.


It was very surprising that I couldn’t find this product in the Noevir Japan line! I’m glad I had a chance to try it, and that it helped my skin to be clearer!


xoxo, K

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    1. Very funny, right? I looked everywhere on their website but they don’t have any powdered cleansers!

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