Review: Bath and Body Works Wild Madagascar Vanilla Body Lotion

I’m finally on the last of the Bath and Body Works products that I picked up while I was in Hawaii. In the winter, I don’t wear body lotion as the fragrance tends to make my skin itch. As the weather has turned warmer in Japan, I have really been getting back into my stash. This is a review of the Bath and Body Works Wild Madagascar Vanilla Body LotionBath and Body Works Wild Madagascar Vanilla Body Lotion
What it does: (from the Bath and Body Works website)

Vanilla like you’ve never experienced! An intoxicating blend of the world’s most desired vanilla, perfectly enhanced with African pear, wild jasmine and white sandalwood
Top Notes: African Pear, Sparkling Clementine, Ruby Apple
Mid Notes: Wild Jasmine, Wild Gardenia, Heliotrope Petals, Golden Plumeria
Dry Notes: Madagascar Vanilla, White Sandalwood, Creamy Musk


Price: $12.50 for 8 fluid ounces. I bought the travel size, which is $5 for 3 fluid ounces


Availability: Bath and Body Works products are available at free-standing BBW stores


Scent: This product has a fruity vanilla scent.  I definitely pick up on the pear.



  • This is different from typical vanilla scents, which tend to be very sugary
  • This body lotion works well for me in the spring and early summer, when I want to moisturize my skin lightly
  • I like how the scent name is descriptive of the fragrance. *cough* Endless Weekend *cough*



  • I wish Bath and Body Works would come up with a thicker body lotion!


Would I repurchase? Maybe. This may be my favorite new scent! But Bath and Body Works is always coming out with new scents, so by the time I get to the US again, I may buy something else!


Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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