Review: Milani eyeshadow primer

Eyeshadow primer is one product that I always pick up when I am in the US. There doesn’t seem to be a product in Japan which claims to keep your eyeshadow from creasing. Considering that most Japanese people have what you would consider hooded eyelids, I would think there would be a need in the market for one.

My go-to eyeshadow primer is the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Ever since it was repackaged to a squeeze tube, I have really enjoyed using it. However, it is a little bit too creamy for me since I have oily eyelids.  I have tried other primers as well, such as the L’Oreal De-Crease, but it too was too creamy for me.

Since I have such little faith in new eyeshadow primers, I am not sure why I picked up the Milani Eyeshadow Primer, but I am glad I did!  To share the conclusion first – I loved this, even more than the UDPP!


What it does: (from the Milani website)
Maybe we’re biased, but this is the best eye shadow primer out there, bar none. Why is it so incredible? For starters, how about the 8-plus hours of performance it delivers? Or the fact that it turns every shadow – regardless of formula – into longwear? This lightweight, nonsticky color-intensifier and crease-minimizer goes on nude and once it dries down, it’s invisible. You’ll know it’s there, though. And so will your shadow.


Price: Will vary, depending on where you buy it.  Milani’s website lists this product for $6 for 0.3 oz. Compare that with UDPP’s $12 for 0.2 oz!  This product is 1/3 of the cost per weight!


Availability: Milani products are available in US drugstores, and at Milani’s website.



  • This is a thicker product than the UDPP, which works better on my oily eyelids.
  • This product makes my eyeshadow last longer and crease less than UDPP.
  • It is WAYYY cheaper. The tube looks smaller than UDPP, but apparently it isn’t.



  • Milani is harder to find than some other US drugstore brands, and I had an especially hard time finding this product.


Would I repurchase? YES, and I’m sorry that I didn’t buy another one!


If you have oily eyelids like me, definitely try this out!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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