Review: Real Techniques Powder Brush

When I first started getting in to makeup, I did not know a thing about makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are just recently becoming popular in Japan – quite odd considering many famous brush brands are Japanese.  My first brushes were all from MAC.  While I loved their eye brushes, I wasn’t too keen on their face brushes. Many of them were a little prickly, did not dispense product evenly, and were just plain expensive.


I feel like the quality of cheaper makeup tools has improved a lot over the past few years.  One such affordable brand for makeup brushes is Real Techniques.  This is a review of the Real Techniques Powder Brush.



What it does: (from the Real Techniques website)
Evenly apply powders and mineral foundations for smooth, high-definition results.  Look pixel-perfect even in harsh light. Ultra-plush, synthetic bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free. Self-standing for easy storage. Extended aluminum handle is light and easy to use


Price: $10

Availability:  For international shoppers like me, Real Techniques is now available from the Real Techniques website.  If you live in the US, Real Techniques is sold at Ulta, Walgreens, and some other discount stores.  A full list is available on the Real Techniques website.



  • This is a great brush, even without considering the price.
  • I get an even dusting of powder
  • The brush has a good weight, which makes it easy to handle
  • Cruelty free


  • This is not the softest face brush I own. That would be the Ecotools Bronzer brush, which is from another great affordable brand


Would I repurchase? Yes!  This is a great brush to use with setting powder.


This is a great brush, and I really recommend trying it out if you haven’t already. Yay for great brushes at affordable prices!


Hope you enjoyed this review!


xoxo, K

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4 thoughts on “Review: Real Techniques Powder Brush”

  1. The buffing brush is much better. It’s an absolute favorite and so are the eye sets. The shocker is the sponge, I have 2 of the Real Tech and 3 Beauty Blenders. I no longer use the beauty blenders at all. Hope you picked up one of those.

    1. I like the buffing brush as well! I haven’t tried the sponge, but I see a lot of reviews online! Thanks for letting me know!!

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