Review: Lush Sea Spray

I recently did a review of what is probably the most iconic salt spray, the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. After I started using a salt spray daily, I started looking around for a more affordable option.  I was surprised to see one at Lush! This is a review of the Lush Sea Spray.

(you may have noticed that my recent pictures are a little dark. I was experimenting with lighting in my apartment.  I also found that if I edit photos at night, I tend to not compensate enough for the lack of light!)


What it does: (from the Lush UK website)
Get that beach hair look with this salty spray that gives a light hold and adds shine, leaving a neroli, orange flower, grapefruit and rosewood scent. We’ve used carrageenan, a seaweed extract, together with glycerine to hydrate the hair. Mineral-rich fine sea salt gives that volumised, beachy head look, counteracting the flattening effects of soft water and softens the skin on the scalp too.


Price: 9.95 GBP for 100ml (3.3 fluid ounces) in the UK, $12.95 in the US, 1750 JPY in Japan.

Availability: Lush is available in nearly 50 countries.  Lush products are also available for purchase online from the Lush UK website, which ships internationally.

Scent: this product smells of rosewood, which I can smell as I spray it into my hair, but not necessarily when in my hair afterwards.



  • This is a great alternative to the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, which is $27 for 4 fluid ounces
  • I found the spray on this bottle to be easier to use than the Bumble and Bumble one.
  • As a product, I did not feel that it is different from the Bumble and Bumble product. I get an effortless look with volume when I use this spray!
  • Surprisingly, at today’s exchange rate, the product is cheaper in Japan than in the UK.


  • The product is still quite expensive in Japan. I’ll have to keep looking for a good homemade salt spray recipe!


Would I repurchase? Yes! I am so glad I found a cheaper alternative to a product I love!


Hope you enjoyed this review!


xoxo, K

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