Review: Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

While I was in Hawaii, I spent almost every day scuba diving.  A side effect of this was that I had constant beach hair! I kind of gave up on shampooing all of the salt water out of my hair since I was only going to be back in the ocean the next day. Instead, I embraced the texture I got!

In fact, I loved it so much that I decided to keep using salt spray in my hair.  Salt sprays give my hair an effortless, windblown look with more volume.  This is a review of the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, one of the most iconic salt sprays available.


I always go back to this product in the summer. It has been featured in my 2014 Favorites post, as well as a previous post on Must Haves for a Summer Resort.




What it does: (from the Bumble and Bumble website)

 Salt-infused for sexy, windswept, beachy texture (whenever, wherever). Adds body, has light hold and a matte finish; excellent for all hair types.


Price: $27 for 4oz, or $15 for 1.7oz

Availability: This product is available at Sephora, Bumble and Bumble’s website, and through select hair salons

Scent: This product has a light floral scent. Although I can smell the product when I mist it on my hair, I do not notice the scent as the day goes on.



  • This product adds volume and texture, making my hair look like I just got back from a day on the beach
  • Styling with this product is really easy and effortless. I spray it onto damp or dry hair, and let it dry.


  • This product is sticky. Once I apply it to my hair, I make an effort not to touch it.
  • I could probably make a decent salt spray for my hair by myself, which would be much cheaper.


Would I repurchase?  Yes, I have repurchased this product already.


I really like this product, especially since I cut my hair. When I had long hair, this was a great product for making beachy waves and for adding volume to a ponytail.  Since I cut my hair into a bob, I have loved it even more!


Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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