Review: L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush

Beauty blogging introduced me to loose eyeshadows. I love the pigmentation and the colors that I can get from using loose eyeshadows, but they tend to get pretty messy.  When I first heard about the L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows, it sounded like the best of both worlds – I could get the pigmentation and color I wanted, without the mess.  It has been LOVE every since!

Before my most recent trip to the US, I heard some buzz about the Amber Rush color. A neutral Infallible? Sounds great to me!



What it does: (from the L’Oreal website)

For the 1st time ever, L’Oréal Paris introduces an ultra intense eye shadow that lasts from day until dawn—a full 24 hours. This revolutionary formula fuses the ease of a powder with the velvety caress of a cream to create a unique hybrid that glides on effortlessly. And with its unique technology, your eyes are enhanced with pure, magnified pigment. Make a lasting impression without batting an eye.

Intense, maximized color. Luxurious powder-cream texture. 24-hour long-lasting hold. Waterproof, crease resistant, fade resistant

Price: L’Oreal lists this product for $7.99.  As with all US drugstore products, the price may vary depending on where you buy it.


This product applies as a very rich coppery color.



Availability: This and other L’Oreal products are widely available in US drugstores (such as Walgreens, CVS, etc) and supermarkets (Walmart, Target, etc)


  • As with most other Infallible eyeshadows, this product has very good pigmentation.  The swatch above is one swipe on my bare skin!
  • I find that this product is best applied with my fingers. That means that with just one finger, I can get a great eye look with this product.
  • This is a great product to bring with me on vacation or when I don’t want to spend too much time getting ready in the morning.



  • None, really, unless you count the fact that I keep wanting more of these!


Would I repurchase?  Yes!  Let me rephrase that – I would repurchase this if I ran out, and I will definitely be buying more of the Infallible eyeshadows.  But these each contain a lot of product, and I’m not even close to hitting pan on the ones that I have had for a long time!

If you would like to see my previous review on the L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows, please take  a look at this review from 2012!

Hope you enjoyed this review!


xoxo, K

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