Review: Shatsu Kooru (“Shirt Cool”) – a cooling spray for your clothes

When I came back to Japan last year, it was EXTREMELY hot. Japan is hot and humid from mid July to mid September, and last year was considered the hottest year in history.  Although it is not quite as hot in Japan this year, I still use many products to keep myself cool.

One product I have been really enjoying this year is “Shatsu Kooru” (“Shirt Cool”), a cooling spray that I spray on my clothes.  The cooling sensation lasts for around 30 minutes, which helps when I walk to the train station.

IMG_5497_finalWhat it does: (from Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals website)
Spray on your clothes, and the menthol will keep you cool every time you sweat.

Price: 500 yen (a little less than $5 USD) for 100ml

Availability: this product is widely available in Japanese drugstores during the summer

Scent: this product smells like straight up menthol.  Apparently there is a floral scented version as well


  • I love the (very strong) cooling sensation!
  • This works better than the Seabreeze deodorant for keeping me cool
  • the cooling sensation lasts for a while, which is probably prolonged because the product is applied to your clothes instead of your skin
  • Does not leave any stains or scent on my clothes


  • This product works by reacting to moisture (=sweat), so it will not work that well on areas of your body that do not sweat
  • This product is quite strong. If you are not a fan of strong menthol, try the mild version


Would I repurchase? Definitely!  This is a summer staple for me, and I apply it every morning before I leave for work and every evening before I go to sleep.

Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals makes many creative (and sometimes strange) products. This one was a hit with me!


xoxo, K

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