Review: Lush Sonic Death Monkey shower gel

Once in a while, I notice that my entire line of bath products is full of flowery scents.  When that happens, I go on a look out for some products which are entirely the opposite in terms of fragrance. I don’t want any flowery scents, I don’t want any fruity scents, and I definitely don’t want any candy or bakery scents.  On a recent rampage to clear my bath of sweet scents, I started using the Lush Sonic Death Monkey shower gel.

I am really not sure why I picked this up. Lush describes this product as containing chocolate and coffee, and while I love both, I know that I do not like smelling like food.  I was also trying to stay away from sweet scents, but here I was trying out a chocolate scent!
What it does: (from the Lush UK website)

A coffee and chocolate shower gel with a citrus kick. Fresh organic lime juice is astringent and toning on the skin, whilst the coffee, cocoa powder and hibiscus flower infusion is sure to get you going in the mornings. The invigorating fragrance hits just the right balance between sweet, sharp, rich and robust. Sweet orange, tangerine and hemp oils tone and nourish the skin, and are beautifully offset with the comforting aroma of Fair Trade vanilla absolute.

Price:  The Lush UK website lists this product as 11.95 GBP (about $20) for 250g.
Availability:  Lush is a UK brand that is available in 50 countries around the world
Scent: This product smells like licorice to me.  It smells woodsy and mildly spicy.
  • I like the scent.  It does not smell overly feminine and would be a good unisex scent
  • The scent does not linger on my skin (which I like)
  • This product rinsed clean, and left my skin feeling clean but not stripped
  • This product is extremely watery
  • This product does not lather very well.  I could not wash my whole body with the same amount I use for other shower gels, and had to reapply it.

Would I repurchase?  Maybe. I like the scent and I will continue to use this, but I felt that I needed to use more of this product.  If you apply your shower gel directly to your body without a washcloth, you may see better results.


Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

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