Review: Biore UV Perfect Milk sunscreen

I have posted every summer that I religiously wear sunscreen.  This is something I had to teach myself to do, since I really didn’t like wearing sunscreen as a child.  I remember sunscreen being a thick, white lotion which made me feel sticky and greasy.

I didn’t wear sunscreen as a teenager, and as a result, I was a very tan kid.  Once I graduated from high school, I suddenly started wearing sunscreen.  Fortunately, sunscreen is not the thick, white, greasy lotion that it used to be.

My favorite everyday sunscreen for my body is the Biore UV Perfect Milk. It has SPF 50+ and PA+++. I always try to use the highest protection sunscreen that I can, because I am pretty sure I am not using enough or reapplying it frequently enough.  In Japan, sunscreens are only available up to SPF 50+.  When I was younger, products which said something like SPF 95 were available, but currently the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association regulates that sunscreens can only show up to SPF 50+.

What it does: from the Kao website (Kao is a major Japanese consumer goods company, and owns the Biore brand)
Leaves your skin feeling smooth even though it wears well against sweat and water!  UV milk protects your face, neck, arms and whole body against strong UV rays. Waterproof and wears well during sports, ocean or mountain activities, and blocks UV rays for a long time. Absorbs well into your skin, does not become white, and blocks UV rays while remaining transparent.  Does not feel sticky, and keeps your skin feeling like your natural skin.

Price:  The price of drugstore sunscreen products varies wildly.  The normal price on this product is probably around 700 yen ($7), but sunscreens are usually marked down during the summer.  I can usually find this product at around 500-600 yen ($5-6).

Scent: This product has a very faint sunscreen smell.   I could only smell it if I put my nose very close to my arm.

This product is an extremely runny liquid.

Availability:  Biore is a widely available drugstore brand in Japan, and this product can be found in most drugstores, supermarkets, and online.


  • Blends extremely well and does not leave any white residue
  • Absorbs well into my skin. After applying, I only feel like I applied moisturizer.
  • I can reapply this product without feeling greasy or sticky


  • This product is very runny, so I need to rub it in quickly.
Would I repurchase?  Definitely!
Hope you enjoyed my review, and please leave a comment sharing what your favorite sunscreen is!
xoxo, K
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